Pissed Off Guy Vandalizes T-Mobile Store With A Fire Extinguisher

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I'm sure that we've all experienced the blood-boiling anger that can arise from dealings with mobile carriers. Whether it's AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile, some bad news about your data plan or your upgrade or your warranty has probably pushed you pretty close to the deep end.

While most of us are able to control these unavoidable emotions for the most part, I guess it's no surprise to find that someone just snapped.

It's unknown exactly what set off this guy in Machester. Poor customer service? Bath Salts? Whatever it was, the end result was a smashed up T-Mobile store, handcuffs, and a viral vid.

The man's level of calm is kind of amazing, considering the destructive powers of his actions. After methodically tearing down signs, ripping display models from the wall, and coating the store with extinguishing agent, he just sits down and accepts his fate. I guess when you're mad an hell and just can't take it anymore, you simply accept what has to be done - regardless of the consequences.

Judging by the end of the video, at least the guy put on a hell of a show for a pretty big audience.

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