Pinterest Adds ‘Related Pins’ To Your Home Feed

By: Chris Crum - October 29, 2013

Pinterest announced today that it is going to start putting recommendations dubbed “related Pins” in your home feed.

While this means you will be getting content from boards that you aren’t necessarily following, it also means that you will have a new way to discover content that you might actually enjoy. The keyword is “might”.

Related Pins on Pinterest

“Related Pins are picked specially for you based on the unique things you’re into, such as other Pins you’ve saved or liked,” explains Pinterest software engineer Dmitry Checkik. “So if you’ve been collecting recipes for your big holiday feast, we might show you a related Pin for fool-proof pie crust, or the perfect double-stuffed sweet potato”

Pinterest says it will only show you a few of these at first, and will use the feedback you give them to improve on what it shows you in the future. If you click the “i” you can rate the pin with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Related pins on pinterest

In the comments of the blog post announcing the feature, users are already saying they dislike it, and are asking if they can opt out. While that’s only an early few, it’s not a great sign, especially since they are starting to include ads in the mix as well.

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  • Pam M

    First, congratulations on being the only tech writer I could find who actually tried to find out what the users reactions to these hideous Related Pins were. Check the responses on the Pinterest blog again. They are absolutely despised except by the few who think they can make some money off of them. Users have also registered their objections on Facebook and Twitter. Most have simply asked for a way to exclude them from their boards which Pinterest refuses to allow. So now at least half of my board is crapped up with garbage that I would never pin. Even if they improve their algorithms, I don’t want them putting THEIR choice of pins on MY board. If they use Promoted Pins in the same manner, my guess is that their users will end up being just people trying to sell to other people who are also selling.
    Most writers were incredibly lazy and just took Pinterest’s press release and put it out into the webverse verbatim. I’m glad that you did not.

  • Deedee Farr

    I hate it SO much, I’ve actually deleted ALL my boards and STOPPED pinning anything at all, and yet every time I revisit (wanting to see what my few friends/family … people chosen by ME to follow … may have pinned), there are again dozens of Related Pins that I have to wade through to even get to the ones I want to see. No one, I mean no one is happy with this new feature. It’s intrusive and invasive and down right annoying as hell! Many users will be leaving if this is not removed (or at least add a way to opt out) immediately if not sooner!!

  • Frustrated pinner

    Pinterest said they would show only a few related pins but as I don’t pin every day when I log in my feed is littered with pins. I follow a few people with similar interests to me and that was part of the fun of pinterest. After a period of not logging in I could view what I had followed. Personally, I liked having a browse in the various categories and randomly finding something that appealed to me. I want Serendipity not some algorithm processing what it thinks I like. Give me a button to turn this off please or send it to a separate area.

  • Linda Lane

    I didn’t even recognize my own board. If this isn’t stopped, I’m through with Pinterest.

  • Linda Lane

    I didn’t even recognize my own board. If this isn’t stopped, I’m through with Pinterest.

  • Linda Lane

    I didn’t even recognize my own board. I’ll quit unless it’s stopped.

  • Hate related pins

    I just spent 20 minutes voting thumbs down on dozens of pins I did not ask for. I want to see what my friends and family post, not what Pinterest shoves in my face. They already have a setting for whether you want to see related pins, and mine is unchecked, meaning I DON’T want them. So why are they pushing this on us? I’ll quit using Pinterest if this continues.

  • Monica Ballyurban

    I did not see any notification that they would start doing this.
    This is upsetting. The whole point was to create a board with things I like, not what the company THINKS I like.
    Very disappointing.
    I wrote to them once, and they were not helpful. I wrote back upset, and they then took off the offending pins, without saying anything to me.
    Sneeky all the way around.
    They took a fun thing, and made it a headache.

  • Karen

    I complained to Pinterest (multiple times), surprised I even got a response. It wasn’t very helpful at all, until finally someone told me to type in (after you’re logged in I’m sure) and then you only see the people you want to see. Phew … I was very close to chucking the whole place and never going back again. I just use that link ( for my bookmark and the problem is gone!

    Strangely, those “related pins” don’t seem to show up on an Android phone app or on my Android tablet app.