Peyton Manning Misses Practice, Will He Still Play?


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Peyton Manning has been playing through an injured ankle for a few weeks now, but it got much worse last week, during their win against the San Diego Chargers. Manning is a veteran quarterback, and will likely bounce back quickly.

He was missing from practice on Wednesday, however it is still likely that he will be able to play against the Chiefs in their next game.

If there is any game that the Broncos need Peyton Manning for, it would certainly be in their game coming up on Sunday night against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a surprise to most fans, the Chiefs have a record of 9-0 under their new coach Andy Reid, and quarterback in Alex Smith.

The Chiefs rank No.1 in scoring defense and sacks, while the Broncos lead the league in total offense in scoring. It is certainly a big game that Manning, quarterback of the 8-1 Broncos, would not miss unless something drastically changes. Broncos fans can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that they will still have their starter on Sunday.

He received a low hit from Corey Liuget last Sunday, and had an MRI in order to find out the seriousness of his injury on Monday. It does not seem to be serious enough to keep him off of the field, which is good news for the Denver Broncos.

Manning has been one of the elite quarterbacks throughout his career, and continues to be one of the smartest play-makers even at this stage of his game. He has been setting records as the quarterback of the Broncos, and had the best first month of any quarterback ever, dominating teams on a weekly basis. Although he missed practice on Wednesday, for the fourth time in three weeks, he has not missed any games yet, and says that this week will be no different.

Peyton Manning knows what it means to play in a big game, and will not miss the opportunity to do so against the Chiefs. He recognizes the importance of the game when saying "It's big game because it's a division game. I know there's a lot of other things that go into it, but it's an AFC West game. It's kind of different only playing our third division game this late in the season. That's why it's important."

Denver Broncos fans will be happy to know that Peyton Manning will be seen in Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, in what is sure to be one of the most competitive games of the season.

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