‘Pawn Stars’ Star Chumlee Refutes Death Hoax via Twitter

    March 13, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Pawn Stars star Chumlee is not dead. As a matter of fact, he’s very much alive and well.

According to UPI, Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Russell, became the topic of a viral hoax that began circulating around the Internet earlier this week.

The publication reports that several claims suggested that the reality TV star had died of a heart attack. However, an article published to eBuzzd stated that his death had been confirmed.

The article, which has since gone viral, has received more than 140,000 Facebook likes. The news immediately began circulating on social media platforms and news outlets. Now, he’s taken time to personally address the death rumors and put them to rest. After receiving an immense number of tweets from fans offering their condolences, he tweeted back to set the record straight.

Russell’s Pawn Stars cohort and boss Rick Harrison also chimed in via Twitter with “a public service announcement” refuting the rumors.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Russell has been the center of death rumors. The 31-year-old famed pawn shop employee was associated with two different death hoaxes last year, reports Inquisitr News. The publication reports that eBuzzd was the origin of those claims, as well. One of the reports even claimed that he had died of a marijuana overdose. (image)

Many fans have actually believed the report to be true, as he does have a weight problem. However, none of the information in the report is factual. He has actually lost 75 pounds. Back In January, he spoke openly about the steps he’s taken to better his health.

“I’m going to the gym six days a week,” he said. “I’m eating right. Well-balanced diet. I drink a juice smoothie every morning.”

The popular reality series airs on the History channel. It follows the daily operations of World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a 24-hour family business located in Las Vegas, NV. By 2011, the show immediately became the network’s highest rated series attracting an estimated 7.6 million viewers.

Catch the latest episode of Pawn Stars on Thursday, Mar. 13 at 9 p.m. ET.

Image via Pawn Stars, Facebook
Image via Pawn Stars, Facebook

  • RedOak

    Glad he is alive. And it is Thursday, the day of the show. Also, I had heard he had lost a lot of weight.

  • ME

    hey Meaghan Ellis… ever proofread one of your “articles”???? you wrote “which could possibly justify him having a heartache.” …lmao.. his weight issues are going to give him heartache???? seriously? I hope to heck you dont get paid to “write”.

    • no

      my thoughts exactly. “…the article, which has since ‘went’ viral…”, “heartache”. I think this was written on a Smartphone with autocorrect. yikes.

    • Meg Kloepfer

      Please tell me this person isn’t paid to write. This is what I found… “The article, which has since went viral.” I’m a southerner and a high school dropout and I have a better command of the English language.

    • MadMike740

      grammar nazi

    • Katie Hawk

      So rude. Everyone proofread your inconsiderate comments before posting them? I’d rather read bad grammar than hurtful and disrespectful comments any day.

  • Richard Symonowicz

    A bunch of BONE-HEADS

    • S.MACK


  • Xavorin

    Three death hoaxes from the same source. When are people going to stop believing what this ‘ebuzzd’ site “reports”?

  • Melinda Arnold Fitzgibbon

    im just waiting on the conformation that he is part of the family. he looks just like the old man. love the show.

  • saltyseascott

    I used to love this show, I don’t anymore it seems Chum’s death scare was just a ploy to grab attention. They lost it with me when they showed no respect for themselves and others by their nasty behavior in parks. 6 comments hahaha.

  • Wayne Tremble

    get a hair cut chumley and make rick a wig, pawn shop people are just gypsys

  • no

    How did you get this article published? horrible grammar and misspellings? awful.

  • Maritza

    I like the show but Chumlee is not what I call a good employee, the lack of respect between them is not healthy and it does not portray a good
    working enviroment. They should get rid of Chumlee or change his image.

    • Rick

      It’s a TV show… he’s a character on the show. Not everything you see is real…

  • Maxx Pauliana

    Try checking your facts before writing (novel idea, I know). Austin lost A LOT of weight last year.

  • Plieku 1968

    Surprised all these fat fuckers haven’t died of heart attacks.

  • Lou Gephart

    This is one of the most poorly written pieces of crap to ever exist. Long live Chum…

  • Mad Hatter

    About Meaghan Ellis

    Meaghan is a Web content writer and aspiring author…… I wish she would aspire to learn to spell.

  • GrenadeCatcher

    Is this guy really that retarded or is he just acting that way for the show?

  • Mike Jonez

    Just a stunt by History to try to keep them relevant

  • pawnstarsrfags

    He is a fucking moron the rest are just gypsy thieves. Worth $30,000 I’m thinking $1100.00 all $100 bills! Rick funny looking and funny are not the same thing Haha ha you idiot. Old man you sir are a fucking dick why don’t you bring your sorry ass to New York and I will show you the top of the mark you stupid old fuck.

  • chum hater

    Crap, I was celebrating his demise. Chumlee has to be one of the fattest, ugliest, stupidest, laziest pieces of shit to ever walk this planet. If he died it would be no great loss, plus their would be lots more food and air for everyone.

  • Dan Gregory

    I’m glad he is alive and i hope he isn’t as stupid as he acts on the show.

  • MAT P.I.

    Pawn shops are slum shops, in general, however, I think Pawn Stars runs a pretty clean operation, and If they’re a bunch of over weight guys running a clean, successful business, than more power to them. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch the show. I sometimes watch the show, and I’ve learned a few things from it. One thing I learned is that, if you want to sell something worth a lot of money, go through a public auction. But one of Capitalism’s great inventions is the “middleman”, and I got no problem with that.

  • texrednek

    I enjoy the Pawn Stars show except for Chumlee. I guess the show producers are trying to create some humor with him, but to me he comes across as a stupid, sloppy, maybe partially retarded, disrespectful, fat, ugly, dumbass slob that should have been fired long ago or never even hired in the first place.