Paulina Gretzky’s Fiance Reportedly Suspended From PGA Tour

    August 2, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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According to a report from Golf.com, Paulina Gretzky’s fiance, golfer Dustin Johnson, has been suspended from the PGA tour for six months. He has reportedly tested positive for cocaine.

The golfer, who has been engaged to Paulina Gretzky since last summer, has had quite the troubled history with drugs. He tested positive for marijuana five years ago and cocaine once before in 2012.

He will be on the mend now, however, hopefully with the help of Paulina Gretzky. He announced, a day before the cocaine news was released, that he was taking time off from the tour in order to “seek professional help for personal challenges”.

“I will use this time to seek professional help for personal challenges I have faced,” he said in a statement. “By committing the time and resources necessary to improve my mental health, physical well-being and emotional foundation, I am confident that I will be better equipped to fulfill my potential and become a consistent champion.”

UPDATE: The PGA Tour has issued a statement,

“With regard to media reports that Dustin Johnson has been suspended by the PGA Tour, this is to clarify that Mr Johnson has taken a voluntary leave of absence and is not under a suspension from the PGA Tour.”

Paulina Gretzky’s fiance continued, “I respectfully ask my fans, well-wishers and the media for privacy as I embark upon this mission of self-improvement.”

I’m sure Paulina Gretzky is standing by her man and will help him through this rough time, but she did ruffle a few feathers when she removed a photo of Dustin Johnson helping her make a putt that was captioned “Best Caddy Ever”. However, there are still many, many photos of the couple lurking about Paulina Gretzky’s social media pages.

Dustin Johnson’s hiatus from the PGA tour comes as no big surprise to the people who are around him the most. No word yet if Paulina Gretzky is shocked by the news, but his buddies and those he works with aren’t.

“It’s one of the least-kept secrets on Tour how much [Johnson] likes to party,’’ one PGA Tour source said.

“He’s always lived fast,’’ another source blabbed. “Maybe he realizes now it’s time to slow down.’’

Hopefully Dustin Johnson can salvage his life and career for the sake of his future with Paulina Gretzky!

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  • honeybooboo

    What is that Dust in Johnson’s nose?

  • Jami J McShannon

    Paulina Gretzky’s fiance, golfer Dustin Johnson, has been suspended from the PGA tour for 6will months. The golfer has tested positive for cocaine. How long is 6will months?

  • Walter Duranty

    Shouldn’t this headline read, DJ, PG’s fiancé? Or is he such a nobody that only PG’s name draws one to the item?

  • bobyy

    He’s been banging other golfers wives for years—the guys a fraud with a complex that needs residential drug and emotional treatment—wasnt loved at home apparently, loved only for his golf, not his person–thus the acting out and searching through drugs and affairs—its quite common with his ilk, only the others in that ilk usually arent millionaires…Gretzky’s dopier than I thought if she stays with the puke and he doesnt go into RESIDENTIAL INTENSIVE in patient go away for a long time, kind of treatment…dudes a joke, a punchline and a low life right now—probably best he doest go away…and Ms Gretzky, try and be a little more like your dad instead of your hollywood mommy. Janet Gretzky is to blame for this kid. As if she doesnt know or probalby do coke herself and know he cheats and is quite public about it…supposed good girl wants daredevil—get ready to pay the price with that wish Ms Gretzky……………He SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSss…

    • stonebreaker

      i take it that you are quite close to the family, to know all these details

    • Mike Kaddaras

      let he who is without sin cast the first stone

  • Richard Law

    I have followed Dustin’s career since he was at Costal Carolina and we spend half a year in Myrtle Beach.He has so much talent and what a waist on drugs. I wish him well and know that his future is bright if he is serious about getting off that stuff. Richard Law Good luck Dustin

  • Meg G

    Such a shame. Talented, millions in endorsements, in the PGA….has all of those things going for him and is on the verge of destroying all of it. Time to grow up and get control. Even his girl needs to do the same thing. She is the daughter of a beloved sports icon, she doesn’t need to look like a stripper all of the time. She is so pretty, no need to be looking like that.

  • Deqwanne Jackson

    She’s coke head trash herself.

    • Craig Mead

      Chances are you are correct…… She def. know’s he does drugs you can’t hide that stuff it always comes out. Either she is doing drugs her self or she know’s and doesn’t care.

  • edward

    They both doing coke when he break up with her everybody will find out, why you think she staying with him she doing just as much as he is. she know what he was doing she had her dollar bill roll up with her head bent over the table

  • Perkins Waitress

    I will bet you she dumps him before too long and she is the catalyst for his affinity of the booger sugar.

  • Ricardo

    Palina walks, talks and looks trashy.
    DJ is like many others who do coke, etc.
    They are convinced that they can’t get hooked !
    DJ is finished !! Endorsements will disappear and
    fans will be trashing him at events !!
    “The Great One” sh read the riot act to his “child” !!

    Also—-a few years back DJ was involved in a “weapons matter” !!
    It was swept away and covered—and he was “pardoned” —-LOL—-
    $$$$ has a way of doing that !! LOL

  • gail silmser

    I am sure Paulina knew that he was using cocaine. He would never go for treatment if he had not got caught. I am sure she uses cocaine . What a joke the two of them are. She would be a no body i not for her famous father. I wonder how proud he is of her?

  • al daya

    she has a very nice body but face so so

  • Craig Mead

    Chances are she does drugs to.. I hung out with enough people back in the day to know. That you can’t hide this stuff it always comes out. And she either knew about and didn’t care much or she does it to, I’m sure they are recreational users as they both seem very healthy and not drugged out if you will. He is very talented and I hope they both get help together whether or not she is doing drugs to. To much talent to waste on drugs… Rumor also has it he’s not very faithful or liked much in the industry ….

  • paulchief1

    Snorting a big fat line before I line up my putts and then going home and doing Gretzky’s daughter to me is one very fine day.

  • mrcontinental

    Not according to the PGA. Are you certain of this?

  • MichaelMooresucks

    What? I guess the PGA lied to us. More shi(t)(t)y journalism.

  • Shemar Moore’s bae

    Oh well, I guess Paulina will now have to find someone else to support her habits. If he gets clean, then she will have to as well. Oh Wayne, Wayne, Wayne…. You must be bowing your head in shame right about now….

  • David Payne

    So, lets get back to posting half naked photo’s of this woman and call it a day.
    and yahoo its called the “Devils Dandruff” lol

  • Kelly G

    Hope he has saved lots of money or Paulina will be taking off to find another rich athlete.