Paula Deen Makes Online Transition After Being Dropped By Food Network

By: Val Powell - June 30, 2014

Last year, Food Network dropped cooking show host and celebrity chef Paula Deen after learning that she used racial slurs in the past. On Friday, the television network said that Deen’s contract will expire at the end of this month and they are not interested in renewing it.

The Southern cook made guest appearances on several Food Network shows in 1999. By 2002, she was able to secure her own show Paula’s Home Cooking and later had other shows, such as Paula’s Best Dishes.

Deen was the center of attention when she admitted that she used the n-word in the past. Lisa Jackson, a former manager at Deen’s restaurant, filed a complaint that exposed Deen.

Deen took to YouTube to apologize for her racist comments. She said, “I want people to understand that my family and I are not the kind of people that the press is wanting to say we are. Your color of your skin, your religion, your sexual preference does not matter to me. But it’s what’s in the heart, and my family and I try to live by that. I am here to say I am so sorry. I was wrong, yes, I have worked hard and I made mistakes, but that is no excuse.”

A few weeks ago, the Food Network also dropped Deen’s son Jamie Deen. His show, Home for Dinner With Jamie Deen, has not been in production since 2013.

Despite being dropped by the Food Network, Deen is not losing hope and is gearing to come back with the launch of her digital network in September. “Guess who’s going digital, y’all! I’m so excited about my new online network and can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on,” Deen said in a statement.

The Paula Deen Network, which is backed by a $100 million investment from private-equity firm Najafi Cos., is a subscriber-based network that will be broadcasting cooking videos of Deen in front of an audience. Subscription fees have not been finalized.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Deen said that going digital is the next step for her, as she wants her fans to be able to reach her anytime and anywhere. “iPads are so much lighter to tote around than a TV. In a network program, you only have 22 minutes. The fans are going to see things they have never seen before,” she said.

Deen has a strong brand name that should serve her well in her new endeavor. She has 1.25 million Twitter followers and 4.25 million likes on her Facebook page.

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  • sammy

    good for paula, the food network showed they had no loyalty. they have been trying to replace her southern cooking show–and it has gone wrong.No offense to the new southern girl who won last year’s show– but she is boring to watch, I knew she was going to win from day one because of bobby flay. she flirted and he bought it. They (food network) have become a game show than a true cooking show network. Turn on PBS and you will actually find some good shows to watch.

    • JUDIE


      • michelle

        your just as disgusting as they are with your attitude it makes you no better than them

        • James Garsko

          Go and complain against thise BLACK music artists that scream out the n word in their videos? Why do they get away with it and you condemn others?

          • 500c

            We are all equal, but …… some are MORE equal than others?

          • Jillxz

            Unfortunately yes.

      • Frannie B

        If you think that “Other Network” was so right. What the world are you doing on her web page. Sorry Judie you are an IDIOT.

      • Say it ain’t so

        I stand behind paula deen 100% because who amongst us 7billion in the world have never made a mistake. I know i’ve said stuff that’s worse than what she said so what. You move on that’s it.

  • Ahwee

    Go get uhm Paula! Show them what you are working with!

  • Deborah

    Paula you are a original, down to earth person. Love your
    cooking and recipes!!! Food Network jumped the gun when hey fired you. Its America isn’t it. I wish you the best….

  • Fitzgirl

    I agree! I was so disappointed in the Food Network. No support and no investigation – just dropped her like a hot potato. I dropped my subscription to Food Network magazine. And I’m really tired of the Bobby Flay/Giada marathon – boring! Ready for some fun with Paula!!

    • JUDIE


      • James Garsko

        Your a moron! She made a mistake…have you never made a mistake and asked for forgiveness? So then why are you trying to hang this woman? She messed up give her a second chance! you HATER!

  • Andrea

    So, no network will pick her up and she expects people to PAY to see her?

    • Say it ain’t so

      If i had a network i’d hire her in a second the world be damned.


    bet you won’t post this….SHE meaning Ms. Deans should be banned from the internet as well as TV…she is a radical racist and if I were her, I would be embarrassed to show the world my face anywhere much less the internet. She just doesn’t get it!! We as white people are also so ashamed of what she is, and says. GO AWAY PAULA AND CRAWL BACK UNDER THE ROCK WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

    • James Garsko

      WRONG! Go forward PAULA and show your face! None of us a perfect including the mystery person that hides behind the screen name “JUDIE”

    • Say it ain’t so

      I don’t think you’re white, you’re either black or hispanic & i got proof: you can’t put a proper sentence together.

    • Jillxz

      Oh for Pete’s sake lady , get real. Paula Deen is far from being a racist . You’re just talking to hear yourself talk , cause no body’s listening to you.

  • barbarita lopez

    I like Paula and think that what happened to her was really unfair so I am in her corner wishing her the best of luck she is a charming great lady

    • James Garsko


  • James Garsko

    What a disgrace on those people and companies how they treated Paula Deen. If they were upset over her using the n word….why then they do not complain at the black artists that use the n word in their videos and music???

    This was a witch hunt and who of us haven’t used the n word? Bunch of hipocrates..and the ones who use the n word the most are the very same black people that complain about it!

    Regardless i am happy that Paula Deen is moving forward….no one is perfect in this world and never will be. Go Paula! As for her sons,if I was them I would quit the food network and drop them as they dropped Paula Deen!

  • onegr8singer

    Didn’t someone mention something about “A pig with lipstick??” I dont care HOW she “reinvents” herself—–she just is irrelevant.Sorry.

    • Frannie B

      onegr8singeer when you saw a pig with lipstick were you looking in a mirror.

    • susan york

      Not irrelevant to me. I love her products and will buy them online if I can’t get them anywhere else. Everything she puts out is wonderful.

  • Jillxz

    Jamie Deen is her OLDEST son , not her youngest. Bobby is the younger son.