Paula Deen Fans Send Butter Wrappers in Protest

    July 20, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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Just when you thought the Paula Deen stories were over. Just when you thought we could move on to Comic-Con, Trayvon Martin, and the Royal Baby. Just when you thought we had hit the low-water mark and Paula Deen was holed up in her plantation, licking her wounds, planning to fight another day … here comes another day – at least if Paula’s backers have anything to say about it.

A company called Butter For Paula has launched a campaign that they hope will turn poor Paula’s fortunes around. Since the whole “n-word” scandal that brought Paula down was about public perception anyway, and since that all seemed to hit with such speed that her fans never really had much of a chance to chime in, Butter For Paula asks Deen fans to speak up now. They ask them to vote with their butter.

The premise is outlined on the organization’s website.

For over 13 years, millions of Americans have invited Paula Deen into their homes, and shared meals with her through her television shows, cookbooks, grocery and kitchen items, and home furnishings.

These corporations have cut ties with Paula, and no longer broadcast her television shows, or carry her products. We have the power to demand that her status be reinstated, and it’s easier than you think.

Major corporations have been moved to action by social protests for decades. When you mail an empty butter wrapper to these corporations, you’re sending a very clear message, telling them that you expect them to reverse their decisions, and restock Paula Deen products. The customer’s voice is the most powerful form of communication with a corporation, especially when the customer’s voice represents millions of fans placing a few butter wrappers in the mail.

The organization feels that they have a shot at turning things around. They cite a statement by Vice President Eric Hoffman at Hoffman Media, publishers of Cooking With Paula magazine when he said, “Readers said if we dropped the magazine they would cancel subscriptions to other magazines we publish.”

The website asks that supporters mail a clean, empty butter wrapper to each of the corporations they list on their site, along with a letter conveying disappointment in their decision to drop Paula Deen.

Companies listed include Scripps Network (which handles Food Network), Kmart Corp., JC Penney Corp., Wal-Mart Corp., QVC, Walgreen, Novo Nordisk, and several others that dropped Deen in the heat of the scandal.

  • Lee

    We have yet hear what Paula plans to help her employees who jobs r in jeopardy. Why didn’t she say I’m going to have my sons handle my business while I assist repositioning my employees and handle my legal issues…instead of giving scenarios of how much she likes African Americans ….sending butter wrappers REALLY what a cause …the people who made the decision will never see a wrapper

    • pam

      those who have played judge and jury without knowing all of the details are the ones at fault for people losing their jobs

  • Jim Hutelmyer Sr

    Wall-mart, Sears, Kmart, the Food Network all made tens of millions off of Paula Deen and then dropped her within 24 hours. None will get another cent from me. The ultimate hypocrisy is a huge Paula Deen display for her products in my local (Arizona) Walmart. They were the first to dump her in 24 hours. The publisher of her home city newspaper said she has given hundreds of thousands to local causes for women, children, families, safe houses, food etc and never told a soul. It was a true gift… given with nothing expected in return. Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone.

  • salvatore del gaudio

    let who never used the ” n ” word throw the first vowel .

    • pam


  • nina

    I’m sure all the Paula Deen supporters who feel like she did nothing wrong are WHITE people who have never felt the pain of racism. I loved Paula, I watched all her shows bought her products. But she deserves just what she getting, it is the consequence for her action now she will learn to watch her MOUTH AND THINK ABOUT THE THINGS SHE SAYS AND HOW THE EFFECT A RACE OF PEOPLE!

    • pam

      all of my African American friends feel that although what she said might have been thoughtless it was not meant to be vicious and vicious is how she has been treated

      • Justme

        Thats bull. We all have made statements that we regret but for that to cost her millions is just ridiculous.

    • Jessica

      We all make mistakes. Answer this why is ok for African Americans to toss the N-word around in music lyrics and the CD’s are still on the shelves this is B.S. I will tell you all who claim to be victims of racism or being slaves really….ask a real slave what they went through I don’t know any. I’m sure those people would use this experience to stay strong on not blame the ignorance of a white woman.

    • Vicki Bera

      That is where you are wrong. My family is bi-racial. We have been subjected to racism. The vendetta against Ms. Deen isn’t about race, it’s about a mentally deranged individual who is trying to extort money instead of working for her livelihood. I have read all the depositions in this case; Ms. Deen’s, Ms. Jackson’s, Ms. Jackson’s domestic partner, several current employees of Uncle Bubba’s Restaurant, Bubba’s deposition. Until you have read all of this information, perhaps you should keep your opinions to yourself.

    • MIKE


  • Linda

    At least butter wrappers will not destroy others property or injure innocent people. When is our society going to put their foot down on disrespectful people and stop them for destroying what is not theirs.

  • Linda Walters

    The person who filed charges against Paula Deen is nothing but a parasite trying to suck a lump sum of money from a successful career woman who is very graceful and loving and whom the public loves in return.


    This is all ridiculous!!! I love Paula, she is no racist.

  • Carolyn

    Think of it this way this woman I paying for something that happened what 20years ago. Could you imagine later in the future you having to pay for something you did. Its sad to think they cut her for miatakes she has already had to live with and now relive