Patsy Ramsey: Daughter’s Case Remains Unsolved

    December 27, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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December 26, marked the seventeen-year anniversary of JonBenet Ramsey’s death. While her murder still remains unsolved, a new book titled Mr. Ramsey, Listen Carefully!: Facts, Fictions, Lies and Legends in the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey, that has been four years in the making, is nearing completion. The book, written by long-time investigative reporter for Boulder’s 9News Paula Woodward, is scheduled for publication next yera by Kensington Publishing Corp., and will discuss the mystery revolving around murder, that has had spectators intrigued for years.

Woodward began writing the book, with the cooperation of JonBenet’s father John Ramsey, four years ago. “I visited with him in Charlevoix (Mich.) in 2009 and asked him to participate in the book, and explained my reasons for doing the book,” she said. “I have cooperation from John Ramsey, from law enforcement people, from Ramsey attorneys, from people involved on the periphery. A lot of people seemed willing to talk. Some were anonymous, but they are known to me — and my editor, of course.”

According to JonBenet’s late mother Patsy Ramsey, the family had been attending a Christmas party the night before her disappearance. Supposedly, JonBenet fell asleep in the car on the ride home and her parents carried her upstairs to her bed. That was the last time they saw their daughter. The next morning, around 5:00 a.m., Patsy walked downstairs into her kitchen and discovered a ransom note saying that they had kidnapped their daughter and were holding her captive until they received a ransom of $118,000. The note said that they would make a phone call to set up an exchange of the money for JonBenet, however the call never came and neither did JonBenet. Eight hours later, John found JonBenet’s, partially clothed, body in the basement of their Boulder, Colorado home.

John, Patsey, and JonBenet’s brother, Burke, were immediately considered suspects in the murder, but have since been cleared as suspects. While many felt that JonBenet’s parents were responsible for their daughter’s death, Woodward says she’s not so sure. “That case was full of misperceptions, and nobody knows what I thought then and after reviewing it for four years, nobody knows what I think now,”

While Woodward did have the cooperation of many when writing her book, there were several people that thought it was best to leave the cold-case alone. “I think at this point, not much that can be said about the case or reported about the case or written about the case has any effect anymore,” said Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner. “This is really a cold case. Too much time has passed; too much has already been made public.”

District Attorney Stan Garnett agreed with Beckner. “There has been far too much speculation about this case, in the press, in books and on the Internet about what the evidence means, or doesn’t mean,” he said. “My views of that evidence, however, will only be stated in open court if a case is filed. Otherwise, my staff and I have nothing to say about another book on the Ramsey case.”

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  • Give It A Rest

    Give this a rest. It happened 17 years ago. No one will ever know the truth because there is so much corruption in our legal system. Innocent people go to prison all the time. Guilty people go free. If you are poor, you go to prison. If you are rich, you can get out of going to prison. It is that simple. I work in a courtroom. I see it every day. Why do you think so many people plead guilty? They are forced too because they can’t afford a trial. Then with the way they select juries — you get the dumbest people on juries. You never know what is going to happen so to reduce risk, people plea guilty.

    Watch what I say. Read these article on Jon Benet. All the crazy people will come out of the woodwork. Theories will range from the parents doing it to it being an accident to some conspiracy to unknown mystery attackers. The very same people making those comments would be the ones selected for a jury. All of them think they know everything but not one of them knows any of people involved in the case.

    I know I will get a lot of thumbs down. I don’t care. It is the truth. People comment on shit they know nothing about all the time. People are also hypocrites. The very same people who are heart broken over Jon Benet dying will be the very same people cheering when our drones attack the Taliban and kill some innocent 6 year old girl over there.

    Selective morality. It is the American way.

    Let this case rest. You are never going to know the truth anyway. The real world is not like some courtroom or cop drama on TV. It is nothing like TV. I know. I see it every day. Just pray you never get arrested or set up because I promise you this, if you don’t have money, you will go to prison.

    • @Give It A Rest

      Yep.. you are right … I know it …. you know it. But this is America. The most phony and superficial nation in the world. They lock up the most people in the world and make billions of the labor. But they call themselves free. They see the wide spread corruption in their government but they don’t think it happens in the courtrooms. The look down on their own prisoners and criminals when deep down inside they know their justice system is corrupt. They know there are many innocent people in their prisons and they do nothing about it. No my friend. America will talk about Jon Benet for decades. It gives people a chance to be holier than thou. American’s think they are moral. You are right. They are selectively moral and the rest of the world calls them deluded.

    • Krystal

      You’re correct, and also about the STUPID people that can end up on a jury. It would worry me if I was on a trial knowing my jury was going to be a selection of random idiots who are probably totally bitter about being there, or possible unemployed Trash T.V addicts. Maybe they should have an I.Q test before they select a jury.

      • richard

        Move to some place else than complain usually the complainers are the ones sitting on their ass doing nothing

        • @richard

          That is the common American response to a thought that is valid. Any time you criticize anything in America and your criticism is valid you always hear —- if you don’t like it, move someplace else.

          Whenever you hear someone say that, you know you spoke the truth.

  • notagain001

    want to know who murdered jonbenet?

    links cannot be posted

    google bing yahoo search

    I believe home-invading serial pedophile and killer Mr. Cruel murdered Jonbenet Ramse

    • Yep

      Mr. Cruel? What is this a comic book? Is Lex Luther involved? Do we need to call in Superman and Spiderman.

      There are actually very few pedophiles in the world. People throw that word around way too much. Heck, people call a person a pedophile when they look at a 15 year old girl who looks like she is in her 20’s and she is bigger than her mother. You then had those crazy Perverted Justice people setting people up and calling those people pedophiles. Funny thing is that it turned out that many of the Perverted Justice people were the actual pedophiles and the men they set up were innocent. Imagine that. People would actually set up other people for money and to be on a TV show. One woman who worked for Perverted Justice is actually connected to fraud in California and Neveda. The founder even changed his name and was implicated on child porn charges.

      I guess the moral is that there are crazy people out there. You literally had crazy people setting up others to be on TV and make money. Many innocent men went to prison and jail.

      Although, you might be right in this instance. Jon Benet was 6 so it is possible. I just find the name Mr. Cruel to be a little strange … and made up.

  • Johnb

    Police detectives go after the low hanging fruit. While they were hoping to make another easy bust, the trial got cold. Yes, it is is a “cold case” for sure.

    • @Johnb

      You are right. I work in a courtroom. Why do you think police do “stings”? They are cheap and you don’t have to really prove things. It is like the person wrote above. About Perverted Justice. Men went to prison for literally doing nothing. Never even seeing a person. All the police had to say is “we think” this would have happened.

      But those cases made lots of people money and lots of counties money.

      Real cases, with real people, are rarely solved and if they are, they are often solved wrong. Why do you think the innocence project has a backlog of several thousand cases? Most convictions are very wrong.

  • http://www.jonbenetinvestigation.com JonBenet Investigation

    Someone that knows the person that took JonBenét’s life may have noticed one or more of the following scenarios following JonBenét’s murder at Christmas 1996: Superficial wounds: Bruises scrapes or scratches on the face, neck or hands that were unexplained or for which the explanations changed. Absent: nonattendance at work, church, school or other routine habits or hobbies. Isolation: a spontaneous trip or sudden need to spend time alone. Change of physical appearance: sudden new hair style or alteration of facial hair. Intense interest: following case updates and news releases with heightened attention and focus. New or used vehicle: abrupt and perhaps seemingly impulsive change in the car or truck he usually drove. Relocation: a hasty change in geography relating to his living, working or regular friends and hangouts. Collector of memorabilia: saving images or videos of JonBenét from newspaper, television or the internet Vengeance: stating or hinting that the Ramsey’s – or JonBenét – are getting what they deserved. Complimentary toward killer: impressed with perpetrator as a criminal mastermind while attributing great intelligence, skill or even luck. Possessions: has items that came from the Ramsey home.

  • http://www.jonbenetinvestigation.com JonBenet Investigation

    This case will be solved.

    • Please

      Please. Solved. They may pin it or someone, but solved? Hardly. People actually think cops that investigate crimes are competent. Most of the stuff the police says is bullshit.

    • http://Yahoo Loretta Howell

      I pray you are right because the detectives, police. & everyone that was in on the case sure did a very poor job of trying to FIND the killer. I think they were paid off.

  • ammie lake

    Case was screwed up they sent the dad to the basement he finds his child and dead doing what any father would do he cut her down why didn’t the cops look into that room it was in plain sight of the cops they either were stupid or knew something that no one else did (the cops) l think they (cops) know who did it and won’t tell who it is.
    Same day this happened a black child a girl was found raped with gang carvings on her she the same age as the JonBenet. I often think of Girl X Chicago is a big city yet I think of that child everyday,