'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' Set to Slaughter the Competition


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Who says only high-budget movies make a killing at the box office?

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, is poised to gross $25 million to $30 million in box office sales this weekend. With a production budget of only $5 million, it's safe to say this film will score a major profit.

In order to take top honors at the movies this holiday weekend, however, this Latino-targeted horror flick will have to take down Frozen and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, both of which have been raking in millions of their own.

Disney's animated family film Frozen has made a respective $275 million since its opening, and is projected to make another $20 million this weekend alone.

The Hobbit sequel has earned about $209 million since its opening, and has been No. 1 at the box office for the last three weeks.

The Marked Ones features Andrew Jacobs as “Jesse,” a young Latino in Oxnard. Much to his dismay, he is marked for possession by the demons from the previous Paranormal Activity movies.

Before you rush off to the theater, check out this review:

Celebs and fans alike went to Twitter to discuss their excitement and personal reviews of the flick:

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is the fifth production in this “found-footage” franchise that provides both scares and laughs simultaneously. Paranormal Activity was the first in the series, and was also created on a small budget, but scored big at the box office with $109 million in sales. The 2012 release of Paranormal Activity 4 was still profitable, but only brought in about $53.9 million in sales.

The Marked Ones is the only new release this weekend. Although Frozen and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug are its top competitors, it will still have to play against fan favorites Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, American Hustle, Saving Mr. Banks, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Wolf of Wall Street to earn the top spot.

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