Pamela Anderson Talks Charity, Rick Salomon

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Pamela Anderson was one of the celebrities that gave a hand to the Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners' Annual Charity Day in NYC.

The Baywatch star joined a long list of celebrities that were on hand at the annual event that raises money for charities all over the world. Others who participated included Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Stiller, Michelle Williams, and Annasophia Robb.

The event was founded in memory of the 658 Cantor and 61 Eurobroker employees lost in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, but has grown substantially and has raised over has raised $113 million dollars for charities over the years.

Pamela Anderson has been pretty active in charity and has a soft spot for a couple of them.

"I usually work with more international projects and more people on the front lines of animal endangerment or environmental work," Anderson said. "This is something really close to my heart. I’ve gone through many different things like this in my family so I think that this is such a great service."

Of course, Pamela Anderson was asked about her recently renewed marriage to Rick Salomon, who she first married back in 2007.

"That's the thing [about relationships]," Anderson said at Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners' Annual Charity Day in NYC. "You can make choices. You don't have to stay in anything that doesn’t feel right, you know? That’s the modern world."

So far, it seems to be going well for Pamela Anderson and her sometimes tumultuous relationship.

"It's good!" Anderson told Us. "We're good friends! I think that’s kind of what makes it special."

Will they be able to stick it out and top her marriage record?

She said, "What are the odds? I don't know. Who knows? Who knows? I think we're in it. I think we're doing fine."

What do you think? Can Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon make it work this time?

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