Google Must Include Real-Time Search
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It’s not much of a secret that Facebook has been looking over Twitter’s shoulder and imitating the occasional feature for quite some time.  Now, it seems that Google may be doing something similar, as Larry Page made an interesting comment about real-time search recently.

Page put in an appearance at the Google Zeitgeist conference near London, and Loic Le Meur, the founder and CEO of Seesmic, asked his opinion of Twitter.

European Union Scrutinizes Google Book Search Deal
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The Google Book Search team may have access to all sorts of literature, but the simple term "clear sailing" is probably fading from members’ vocabulary.  Another obstacle has come up as the European Union has decided to study if a recent settlement complies with local copyright law. 

Google Introduces Real-Time Gadget APIs

Aside from announcing its new collaboration platform Google Wave today, Google has also introduced a set of real-time gadget APIs. These APIs allow Google gadgets hosted in different users’ browsers to communicate with each other.

Are Your Social Network Photos Really Being Deleted?
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PC World is pointing to an interesting study that has found that some popular social sites are not really deleting your photos when you think they are. When the average user deletes a photo they have posted on Facebook for example, they assume that photo is gone.

The Sad, Short Life of Della

Earlier this month, Dell launched a subsite specifically tailored to attract a female clientele. But apparently, Dell was wearing the wrong outfit, because the relationship between Dell and Della was a short-lived affair. In fact, if you go to the link for the Della site, you are automatically redirected to Dell’s Lifestyle home page, making it appear that Della never even existed in the first place.

Hulu Labs Opens Its Doors
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It looks like Hulu users will now get to have a hand in the site’s development.  Hulu Labs opened today, and this new portion of the site will both let people try out experimental projects and solicit their feedback.

Senate Looks Into Deceptive Online Marketing

Senate Commerce Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.VA.) has launched an investigation into certain ecommerce marketing practices that generate thousands of mysterious monthly charges to consumer credit cards.

The source of these monthly fees comes from a group of marketing companies that obtain consumers’ billing information through agreements with popular online retail sites.

There’s Gold in Your Social Media Profiles
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WebProNews attended a recent Social Media Club gathering in Louisville, KY. Among the speakers at this event was the famous Chris Brogan, who talked about (among other things) Friendfeed, and why your social media profiles have value. Do you agree with the things Brogan says in the following clip? Share you thoughts.

Google Dominates Canadian Search Market

Google grabbed 80.17 percent of all Canadian searches for the month of April, according to Hitwise.

MSN ranked second with 8.84 percent of the search market followed by Yahoo with 7.34 percent. Ask received 2.75 percent of searches, while the remaining 41 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1 percent of Canadian searches.

Use Google Reader from Your Desktop
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This week, Google launched a Google Reader gadget for Google Desktop. The gadget allows users to track their feeds and Google Readers subscriptions directly from their desktop.

To use the gadget, you (of course) have to have Google Desktop installed. Then to use it just:

Google Talks HTML 5 and Innovation
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On Wednesday, Google held its Annual Developer Conference, which this year dealt a lot with the acceleration of the open web platform. There was a specific focus on HTML 5, which Google says is enabling developers to build uniquely powerful web apps.

Google announced the following new products at the conference:

Group Says In-Game Advertising Will Increase By 2,000%

Market forecasts are to be taken with a pinch of salt, but when a new report suggests in-game advertising is going to see a 2000%+ increase over 5 years, you may as well grab a handful of the stuff.

ClickZ shares a new report by analyst firm Screen Digest and media firm GroupM that predicts the nascent in-game advertising industry will come through the current soft market and emerge victorious.

It Would Take ‘Boatloads’ Of Cash For Microsoft To Buy Yahoo

How would you define "boatloads?"

One dictionary suggests "an indefinite quantity that is above the average in size or magnitude."

Well, thanks to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, we now have another definition of "boatloads"–its the precise amount of money it would take for her to sell Yahoo to Microsoft. Not a penny more, not a penny less!

A Marketing Agency Poses As A Police Department

It was only a matter of time before something like this would happen. Social media in the hands of most people is harmless. A marketing agency in New South Wales, Australia is about to enter the pantheon of social media for an ‘experiment’ it conducted. Of course, most who reach this status are put there for their contribution to moving the medium forward.

MySpace’s New Music Feed

 Music helped build MySpace and the top ranking social networker is continuing the tradition.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Offer More Instant Results

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft sure do a good job of looking out for sports fans and film enthusiasts.  Although each company uses a different name for its feature, all three recently highlighted ways in which users can receive the latest information.

Time Warner Plans For AOL Spinoff
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Time Warner said Thursday that its board is moving ahead with plans to separate its AOL division and make it an independent, publicly traded company.

"We believe that a separation will be the best outcome for both Time Warner and AOL," said Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Gov’t Still Doesn’t Know How To Deal With Internet Sex
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The way state attorneys general have been dealing with sex in the digital age lately shows government officials have no idea how to deal with sex in the digital age. Two cases in point: craigslist erotic services listings and teen sexting.

AT&T To Roll Out Faster 3G Network
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AT&T said today it would upgrade its 3G network to offer considerably faster mobile broadband speeds. The network upgrades will begin later this year and be completed in 2011.

AT&T said it would expand its 3G mobile broadband network from 350 metropolitan areas to about 370 by the end of 2009. The expansion will be covered by its previously announced capital expenditure budget of $17 billion to $18 billion for the year.

No “End” In Sight For Web Campaigners

Other than involving their respective Web campaigns, these two tidbits are only semantically related—you can file them both under odds and ends. While artist stages the inaugural “Intellectual Property Asshole Competition,” fans of unfortunately named and since changed Butt Hole Road have waged an Internet campaign to change the name back to the rude original.

AP versus Shepard Fairy

Google Livens Up Conference With Android Phone Giveaway

Early bird registration fees for the Google I/O developer conference were $300 per person, and whatever attendees first thought, the odds seem good that they’re now feeling pretty thrilled about that price.  It turns out that, in addition to sessions, product demos, and some meals, they’ll be receiving free Android phones. 

Intel Says It Has Plenty Of Cash Flow

Intel said today that the record $1.45 billion fine imposed on it by the European Commission for violating antitrust rules, will not force it to reduce investment or cut its dividend.

"There’s still plenty of cash flow from operations to invest in our business, pay the fine and pay the dividend," Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith said at an analyst event in London on Wednesday.

"As we’ve said in the Q1 earnings call, we are not having any conversations about cutting the dividend."

Carol Bartz Answers User-Submitted Questions

Two weeks ago, readers of the official Yahoo blog (creatively titled Yodel Anecdotal) were asked to submit questions for Carol Bartz, the company’s still-newish CEO, to answer.  Those answers came back today, and they include several interesting tidbits.

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