Facebook’s Value Is Decreasing

If you’ve forgotten, just nine months ago, Microsoft purchased a 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240 million. Doing the math from that, the total value of Facebook last October was $15B.

Online Advertising Spending Is On The Rise

As an internet marketer, any report of an increase in online ad spending brings a smile to my face. And a new forecast by ZenithOptimedia is the latest reason for happiness.

Presidential Candidates And Their Tech Policies

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which US Presidential Candidate has the best tech policy?

I went off to Google to answer that question. Here’s the searches I did:

McCain tech policy

Obama tech policy

Nobody Went Public Last Quarter
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For the first time in thirty years, Wall Street saw a quarter come and go with no companies going public. The second quarter of 2008 proved to be a disappointing one all around.

Adding on to residual distrust from the dotcom bust, venture capitalists and investment firms are reluctant to debut their startups to the public market during such a weak climate. Memories of Vonage’s embarrassing public offering two years ago don’t help the situation; venture capitalists feel going public during the current market’s mood would be anticlimactic.

New Digital Music Service To Help Fight Aids In Africa

(RED), the nonprofit organisation co-founded by Bono, is starting a new digital music service (via NYT) in September that will contribute a share of profits to

eBay Australia Sellers Oppose PayPal Plan

Last month the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) introduced a draft proposal to put eBay Australia’s plan to move to a PayPal - only system on hold.

Yesterday in Sydney eBay sellers gathered at a conference organized by the ACCC to discuss the draft proposal before the July 3 deadline for submissions. The sellers urged the ACCC to not to allow eBay to go to a PayPal only system in the country.

GoDaddy Auction VP Gets Slashdot Treatment
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There’s nothing improper about the VP of aftermarket domain auctions bidding up domain prices, says GoDaddy, but they’ve banned employees from participating in the future anyway, just to make everybody happy.

And likely, to make the all the dirty looks go away.

What looked like an idle comment in NamePros.com’s domain forum stirred up the hornets nest a bit. The comment from a senior forum member going by Stevie read this way:

Hitwise Provides Hope For Retailers

It seems like the economy gets a little scarier with every passing week.  Still, new Hitwise data shows that customers are ready to shop, and it even points to an approach or three that retailers should adopt.

Discovery Pushing HowStuffWorks.com

Discovery - owned HowStuffWorks.com is launching its first-ever marketing campaign in hopes of attracting more users and advertisers.

Discovery Communications purchased the U.S. branch of HowStuffWorks six months ago for $250 million. The marketing campaign includes 30-second spots on Discovery’s online properties along with its TV properties.

Google Apps Catches Big Customer

Google Apps is something we don’t hear about too often; compared to search, it simply doesn’t come up.  Google Apps is getting along just fine, though, and a new development involving Taylor Woodrow proves this point.

New Web Site Aims To Save Drivers On Gas
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With gas prices hitting record highs a new service is hoping to offer U.S. drivers some relief when they fill up at the pump.

A new Miami-based company, MyGallons.com is offering consumers the chance to purchase gasoline at current prices and then fill up later when prices will be inevitably higher.

Adobe Helps Google, Yahoo Search Flash Files

Site publishers who love Flash for its presentation but hate its near-invisibility to search crawlers should appreciate a recent announcement from Adobe.

French Court Slaps eBay With $63M Judgment
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Auctions of fake Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH) goods that a French tribunal believed eBay should have prevented resulted in a verdict against the online marketplace.

Google Converts Performics To Affiliate Network
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Google kept DoubleClick’s Performics affiliate business unit post-acquisition, and announced its rebranding today as the Google Affiliate Network.

24 Ways to Get a Customer and Keep a Customer
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Let’s start with the bad news, and there’s kind of a lot of it, before we move on the good news of how to fix it. About three-quarters of online shoppers are unsatisfied with their online shopping experience. The other quarter are, flatly, satisfied, in that even bad pizza is good pizza kind of way.

Sort of anticlimactic, isn’t it? The good news is there’s a lot of opportunity for satisfying customers, even making them very, very happy.

TV Web Sites Attracting Online Viewers
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Even with the growing popularity of watching television content online, the majority (94%) of adults still prefer to watch television on traditional TV sets, according to research from Nielsen for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM).

Yahoo Launches Olympic-Themed Everything

Whether you’re seeking in-depth reports or still aren’t sure when the Summer Games begin, Yahoo’s got you covered.  New websites and tools offer an almost overwhelming amount of information relating to the 2008 Olympics.

Report: Online Advertising Strong As Ever

The advertising industry as a whole isn’t looking so great.  Yet ZenithOptimedia found that, in comparison to traditional competitors, online advertising appears to be healthy and growing.

Internet Has Almost Double The Influence Of TV
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In the UK, Germany, and France the Internet has about double the influence of television when it comes to consumer decision making according to the Digital Influence Index, a study done by Fleishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive.

The study found that consumers use the Internet in a number of ways to make decisions. Consumers are more likely to seek opinions of others by visiting social media and product rating sites when making choices that have a major personal impact.

Google Signs Major Map Deal With Tele Atlas

Thanks to a new deal, it doesn’t look like Google’s going to be running low on maps anytime soon.  For the next five years, Tele Atlas will be providing the search giant content in over 200 countries.

Yahoo: Icahn’s Slate is Not the Right Answer
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Yahoo’s annual shareholder meeting in August should be a fiery one. The company filed a presentation today imploring stockholders to support Yahoo’s Board of Director nominees. As has been the pattern for communication between Yahoo executives and Carl Icahn, the presentation is blunt and clear in how CEO Jerry Yang and company feel about Icahn’s proposals.

They might as well have written, "Tell Carl to eff off, will ya?"

eBay Fined $61 Million By French Court

A Paris court has ordered eBay to pay $61 million (38.6 million euros) to luxury goods designer LVMH for allowing counterfeit merchandise to be sold on the auction site.

The decision comes about a month after a French court ordered eBay to pay $30,000 to luxury goods maker Hermes for its role in the sale of fake handbags.

Marc Andreessen Joining Facebook’s Board
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Relevant rumors first appeared about two months ago, and at this point, the move still isn’t official.  It seems a pretty sure thing, however, that Marc Andreessen has joined Facebook’s board of directors.

Rhapsody Launches MP3 Store
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Digital music service Rhapsody, said it will begin offering MP3 downloads without DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions starting today.

The MP3 tracks will be compatible with Apple’s iPod. Rhapsody vice president Neil Smith said that not being compatible with the iPod had limited Rhapsody’s reach. Previously the company had focused on its subscription service, which offered unlimited songs streaming for $13 to $15 a month.