Traditional Media vs. Bloggers

OK, so the headline is admittedly a bit sensational, but it got you reading, didn’t it? I’ve been meaning to share some observations and thoughts on the changing media landscape for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Until now.

7 Million Search For iPhone In April 2008

According to comScore, the company that measures searches on the web, we searched seven million times for the Apple iPhone during the month of April, 2008. They also are reporting that Google delivered a disproportionate number of iPhone-related clicks.

Facebook Wins Lawsuit

Social networking site ConnectU sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea. They allege he used the source code they hired him to create for their site.

Legal P2P Might Be Coming To The UK

 The UK may have legal music via P2P licensed at the broadband ISP level by the end of the year, according to the Register. The British government apparently pushed for talks between ISP’s and the music industry as a preferred solution to legislation.

New California Law Bans Mobile Phones While Driving
· 20

Beginning on July 1 a new hands free mobile phone law goes into effect in California.

Motorists face a $20 fine plus fees for a first offense and a $50 fine plus fees for a second violation. Drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using a mobile phone or a hands free device while operating a motor vehicle.

Drivers will be allowed to use a mobile phone while driving to make emergency calls to a law enforcement agency, a medical provider, the fire department or other emergency agencies.

Significant Blogger Updates Being Tested
· 5

It’s not always a good idea to try experimental features; gosh knows enough final products aren’t remotely stable.  But a few new things have been made available within Blogger in Draft, and they’re definitely worth checking out.

Giving Props To Essential SEO
· 5

Search engine optimization covers an array of topics, from a decent title tag to the world of viral video and social media connections. It’s the basics that matter most.

Google Seeks TV Connection With Media Server

Google Media Player became the latest UPnP driven application to offer a way to view images and videos stored on a computer on one’s television.

No Surprise: Powerset Sells Out To Microsoft

A reported price tag of $100 million will deliver the much-hyped Powerset and its natural language search technology to Microsoft.

ComScore: Apple Fans Searched Heavily For iPhone

April 2008 saw 1.3 million people perform nearly 7 million searches for terms related to Apple’s iPhone.

Scotland May Jail Indecent Emailers
· 2

While it’s strangely comforting to know daft, prudish politicians aren’t restricted to petering along on American marble, join me in echoing any middle-fingered dissent arising in Scotland (and you know their kilts are flying up over this one) around lawmakers’ plan to criminalize people who "communicate indecently" via email, text message or other media.

YouTube Partner Program Takes In New Countries
· 1

In many ways, money is YouTube’s main problem.  YouTube can’t make it, Viacom wants it, and most users don’t receive it.  But that third issue should soon cease to apply to at least a few folks in Germany and France.

Yahoo Announces New Game Plan

Can the phrase "fresh titles all around" solve anything?  Well, Yahoo appears willing to find out.  A corporate realignment has been announced, but not much meaningful-looking movement is taking place.

ICANN Approves Expansion Of Domain Names
· 2

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has voted to approve lifting restrictions on the classification of domain names, allowing for new customized Web addresses.

A unanimous vote by ICANN members at a public meeting in Paris paves the way for businesses and individuals to adopt domain names based on any combination of letters. Previously domain names had been limited by geography.

Microsoft Announces Plan To Acquire MobiComp

A little less than one week ago, Steve Ballmer ruled out a making-up-for-Yahoo acquisition spree.  This afternoon, his word remains technically good, since MobiComp is just one company and has little to do with traditional search and advertising.

Twellow Is Twitter Awesomesauce
· 2

Since Twitter launched, there was one question to rule them all: What’s the point? The point of Twitter is still debatable, but a few hundred thousand people funneled in anyway, people from all kinds of backgrounds and interests, people with all kinds of connections. Only one problem: To find people, you had to depend on luck, or at least stumbling through a maze of faces and followers with the hope of finding someone interesting or relevant.


Evri Gives A Peek At Data Graph
· 1

The firm once known as Hypertext Solutions began allowing people to take a look at its take on natural language and search.

YouTube Helps Google Grab 80% Of Video Traffic
· 2

News just gets better and better for Google in terms of audience reach. While a search ad deal with Yahoo gives the company potentially 90 percent of the search market (and probably some antitrust headaches), YouTube and Google Video combined attracted 79.16 percent of US online video traffic in May, according to Hitwise.

NBC.com To Release Online TV Data

NBC will become the first major broadcast network to release traffic data for the online streams of its full episodes on NBC.com including demographic figures.

The program-specific streaming data will be released through Nielsen Online VideoCensus. NBC said the initiative is part of an "effort to deliver transparent metrics that provide more effective 360-degree planning and analysis tools."

Search Marketing for Non-Profits

Jim Evans contacted me a while back hoping I could help him with his master’s thesis on search marketing for non-profit organizations. I helped him a little bit, and he graciously agreed for me to post his work for my readers. It’s long (about 70 pages) but it’s a great overview of search marketing research. The most interesting part to me, however, starts on page 37, where Jim talks about Google Grants, a program that provides non-profit organizations with free advertising in the paid search listings.

Sorry ConnectU, that Facebook settlement is all yours

There won’t be a second look at a settlement ConnectU’s founders agreed to despite claims of new evidence against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

Planet Discover Finds Local Success Normal
· 1

Bringing a sharply focused local search experience to local media sites means making disparate data play nicely together. Planet Discover CEO David Lenzen wields the pointy stick and tells WebProNews more about it.

Report: 2011′s Online Ad Market To Be Worth $106B

The worldwide Internet ad market will be an exciting place for the next few years, according to a new report from IDC.  By the time 2011 rolls around, online advertising still won’t have replaced traditional methods, but a whole lot more money will be involved than what we see today.

Senators Oppose Laptop Border Searches
· 3

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) have the power to search, copy contents or seize laptops or mobile devices when travelers re-enter the U.S.

U.S. Senators Russell Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat, and Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, are calling on the CBP to amend its policy that allows frequent searches of laptops, digital cameras and mobile devices at the borders.

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