KFC’s Free Chicken Deal Turns Sour


Looking at the State of Google
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Google held its annual stockholders’ meeting yesterday evening and to accompany that Co-founder Sergey Brin decided to re-share the 2008 Founders’ Letter, which was originally published on Google’s Investor Relations site. Brin says they wanted to make this more widely available so they posted it on the Official Google Blog.

Google CEO Sees No Conflict With Apple Board Seat
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Earlier this week it was reported that the Federal Trade Commission had launched an inquiry into whether the overlap of directors on the boards of Apple and Google violates antitrust laws.

Google Translates Comments with Google Friend Connect
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Google has launched an enhanced version of its comments gadget for Google Friend Connect. With the gadget, users can easily translate comments that aren’t in their language native.

Irish College Student Dupes Media With Wikipedia Hoax
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When fans across the globe read of composer Maurice Jarre’s death at the end of March, they were treated to a charming quote: “One could say my life itself has been one long soundtrack. Music was my life, music brought me to life, and music is how I will be remembered long after I leave this life. When I die there will be a final waltz playing in my head, that only I can hear.”

It’s cute, but the thing is, Jarre never said it. Irish college student Shane Fitzgerald did, on Wikipedia.

Yahoo Testing Favicons in Sponsored Ads
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Yahoo is testing the use of favicons in sponsored ads. When a user searches for your domain name, your favicon will appear in your sponsored result.

Yahoo looks at the example of Expedia. You can see how it looks in the following screenshot:

comScore: Retail eCommerce Sales Flat Year Over Year
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If any people with ties to eCommerce operations felt a sense of deja vu during the first quarter of this year, it’s completely excusable.  As it turns out, the year-over-year change in U.S. sales worked out to zero percent, making the situation pretty similar to the first quarter of 2008.

Google Aims to Increase Relevancy for Ads on TV
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Google is offering a look into its process for measuring and analyzing data from television ads. It’s interesting to see the metrics they use and how they are trying to make television ads more relevant to viewers.

Hulu Starts Offering More International Content
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After a long period of focusing on American content, it looks like Hulu’s going global.  One fresh deal has netted the site shows from the UK, while another partnership will result in the sharing of Bollywood films.  Plus, movement in the opposite direction – Hulu allowing access overseas – is being discussed.

Google Search Share Up 7%
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Google captured 72.74 percent of all U.S. searches in April, representing a 7 percent increase in market share year-over-year, according to Hitwise.

Yahoo took the two spot with 16.27 percent of all searches for the month, while its year-over-year growth rate declined 20 percent.

MSN Search was third with 5.68 percent of all searches conducted and a 9 percent decrease year-over-year.

Ask had 3.95 percent of the search market in April for a year-over-year drop of 5 percent.

4 New Updates Coming to Google Analytics

At eMetrics in San Jose, Google’s Brett Crosby announced 4 new features that are coming to Google Analytics. The features are aimed specifically at the more advanced users of the tool. They are:

Twitter Looking To Tweet Its Way Into The World Of Search

 Twitter is always making news.

Features of the New Version of Android

Google is in the process of releasing an upgrade to its Android mobile platform in version 1.5. Google is emphasizing the ability to upload YouTube videos right from your mobile phone.

Naturally, this makes it simple to record a video and upload it instantly. "What’s more, YouTube gives me full control of my privacy, so I can decide if I want to make my videos available to the entire Web or just a subset of invited friends," says Android Team Product Marketing Manager Jonathan Matus.

Google Remembers it Owns YouTube

Beginning today, people who sign up for YouTube will be given a Google account. Given that Google has owned the popular video service since 2006, it is a little surprising that this happened in the past, but it certainly makes sense that they would do it sooner or later. Note: I am not yet seeing an indication of this news on the YouTube sign up page, but I assume it’s in the process of rolling out.

Digital Downloads Coming To eBay, Live Nation, and Fairmont Hotels

 Perhaps if labels make it easier for fans to purchase, they will buy more music; or so the theory goes.  MySpace Music, imeem and Spotify are just a few of the sites adding buy buttons.  Now some new players who each already have millions of website visitors are entering the online music retailing game.

Virtual Stalking Ruins The Fun Of Social Media


Social Media Marketing And The FTC


Microsoft, Yahoo Deal Still Possible
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said there are still possibilities to work with Yahoo to "create a better search product."

Ballmer was speaking to students at Standford University, which has led to speculation he may be meeting with Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz to discuss a potential deal.

South Carolina Demands That Craigslist Shutdown Prostitution Acitvity On Their Site


Google Talks Chemical Leak, Carbon Footprint

Google’s trying quite hard to be a environmentally conscious company, and yesterday evening, its Green Energy Czar (yes, that’s a real title) wrote a blog post listing some efforts.  Unfortunately for the search giant’s image – and possibly for Mother Nature, too – a document released at about the same time revealed that the EPA’s looking into an alleged chemical leak. 

Connecting Digg with Facebook
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Back when Facebook Connect launched, Digg was among the names mentioned that would be utilizing the feature. Nothing has happened with that (at least publicly) until now. Digg has now gotten connected with Facebook Connect.

Study: Businesses Missing Out On Important Social Media Metric

An interesting study from Tealium has revealed that businesses are grossly under-counting their social media and PR traffic. The reason for this is that they are not measuring their "view-through" traffic according to the firm.

Last.fm Rolls Out Visual Music Player
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Last.fm has introduced its new Personalized Visual Music player that plays a slideshow of images related to the song.

Some of the images are uploaded by the Last.fm community. The Visual Music player offers users a continuous stream of artist images, music videos and other types of rich media of the artist being played.

Embeddable Google Trends Gadget Introduced
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It’s not easy to accurately describe a graph using words.  It’s not enjoyable to read an accurate description, either.  So, perhaps in an attempt to save bloggers and their audiences from either being ignorant or dying of boredom, an embeddable Google Trends gadget has been introduced.

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