Yahoo Unveils New Search Design
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Yahoo discussed the future of Yahoo Search today. They are launching a new search design that goes along with the new look of the Yahoo Home Page, which was recently launched itself.

The new search has a three-column layout (Search Engine Land has a bunch of screenshots), with most of the changes occurring in the left-hand column. This is where filters and search applications reside.

Google on Online Ads Boosting Offline Sales
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Google is talking about how online ads can boost in-store sales at a couple of its different blogs today. The first one looks at the relationship between POS (point of sale) and O2S (online to store).

MTV Launches New Online Video Ad Unit
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Target and MTV Networks have partnered to launch a new online video ad unit called "The Scrubber."

The Scrubber is a custom video player that allows advertisers to insert product icons into the playback timer and highlight various items as the video plays. The unit is designed to be interactive, relevant and non-interruptive to the user.

Hulu’s UK Launch Now Expected In January
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It may be a while yet before people in the UK get a chance to watch Hulu.  Although the wheels are still in motion to take Hulu across the Atlantic, no content deals have been struck, and so what was supposed to be a pre-September launch now appears to be penciled in for January. 

Google Brings Video/Voice Chat to Your Home Page
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Google now has a video chat application that can be used from your iGoogle home page. This is just the latest feature Google has added to its ever-growing list of products/features that make it more like a giant social network.

Facebook Expanding Staff By Around 50%

While we continue to slog our way through the economy (is it getting better, staying the same or worse?) there are a few companies that are defying the general downward trends. Apple’s iPhone has let them weather the storm quite nicely. Apparently, Facebook is doing quite fine as well.

Yahoo Signs On PointRoll To Smart Ads Program
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Gannett’s PointRoll announced today it has joined the Yahoo Smart Ads program to help marketers focus on creating rich media ads and improve campaign performance.

 As a member of Yahoo’s Smart Ads program, PointRoll will use Yahoo’s reach and targeting capabilities to provide more customized, relevant and scalable rich media campaigns. PointRoll will also use its ShopLocal retail ad program to offer improved Smart Ads for retail advertisers.

Toshiba Launches Social Network for Employees
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Toshiba announced today it is launching a social business network called eXCHANGE, aimed at connecting its sales, service, administrative and corporate employees in the U.S.

Toshiba says eXCHANGE is similar to other social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIN or MySpace and it will offer members an online forum to share and seek information, including best sales practices, user generated information and product tips.

Swiss Privacy Commissioner Requests Street View Takedown

The Swiss gave Street View a chance.  But, following the release of some imagery on Tuesday, Switzerland’s Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner asked Google late last week to withdraw its offering.

Google May Face $15M Suit Over Blogger’s Outing
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Obeying a court order and revealing the identity of a formerly anonymous blogger might not work out so well for Google.  Rosemary Port, who was exposed as the author of the now infamous "Skanks in NYC" blog, has said that she intends to sue the search giant for $15 million.

MapQuest Launches Missing Children Widget
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AOL’s MapQuest has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to launch a new widget on MapQuest Local that includes missing child alerts and information from NCMEC.

Is the Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Anti-competitive?
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That Microsoft-Yahoo deal that has been so heavily anticipated since even way before it was announced may not go through as planned. At least that’s what one antitrust lawyer thinks.

Matthew Cantor, a partner with the firm Constantine Cannon LLP, told ComputerWorld that he believes the deal will not get past regulators – at least not as is.

Economy is a Bright Spot For Facebook
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Facebook is reportedly planning on expanding its staff by up to 50% this year. CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered this news to Bloomberg, saying the economy has provided a "great environment" for them, because nobody else has been hiring.

Craigslist Substantially Expands its Reach
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Craigslist has reportedly expanded the number of cities it offers its service in by a whopping 25%. Brad Stone with the New York Times claims to have been alerted by a spokesperson with the company on the matter.

Apparently Craiglist has added 140 new cities, including 87 in the United States, 8 in Canada, and 45 in non-North American countries.

Vint Cerf Circles Back To Google’s Smart Grid Efforts

Over the past couple of years, Google’s made several moves that implied a sort of fascination with electricity.  There was the RE<C ("renewable energy cheaper than coal") initiative, its fleet of plug-in hybrids, and the development of the PowerMeter, for example.  Now, Google’s checked in with an update about the smart grid.

Don’t scan this article for completion dates, price tags, or anything of that sort (and don’t bother clicking on the link and doing the same on the other side, either).  Google didn’t provide information along those lines.

Get More Acquainted with Google Wave
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Last month, an event was hosted by the Google Wave team called Google Wave Federation Day, which was described as an inaugural event for people looking to get involved by providing their own wave services.

At the event, Google discussed the protocol and system architecture behind Google Wave, and talked about how they need to get lots of developers working on it, because it is such a huge vision. That vision is for there to be many Google Wave providers, because as Google says, it won’t be complete without non-Google Google Wave providers.

Wikimedia Reels In $500,000 Grant
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It looks like everyone’s favorite source for info about sci-fi characters, historical trivia, and other random stuff will be safe for a while longer.  The Wikimedia Foundation, which is the organization behind Wikipedia, has received a $500,000 grant.

Yelp Releases A Blackberry App
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Yelp users, with a Blackberry, can rejoice today as the Blackberry Yelp app has finally been released. To download the app you simply need to visit Yelp.com from your Blackberry, and you’ll see the download link.

The Blackberry Yelp app

Google Adds Option to Email Task List in Gmail
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Today Google introduced a feature to Gmail, which allows users to email their task lists. This can be done by simply choosing the new "email task list" option found in the actions menu.

When a user clicks on this option, Gmail will open a new compose window with the contents of your current task list. It works in each task list view – My Order, Sort by Date, and Completed.

Twitter Rolling Out Commercial Accounts

Since Twitter is getting itself back in the industry news with trademark travesties, DDoS attacks and some sideways competitive compliments it makes sense that the conversation turn to the R word: revenue.”"

Analyst Predicts Big Gains For Yahoo Post-Microsoft Deal
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Maybe Yahoo’s deal with Microsoft was a smart move, after all.  RBC analyst Ross Sandler has stepped forward to say that it’ll have a positive financial effect on Carol Bartz’s company, boosting certain figures significantly above forecasted levels. 

Microsoft Should Avoid Branding Issue for Office Web Version

Update: Office.com is now live under Microsoft’s operation.

Original Article: Microsoft is reportedly now the owner of the domain Office.com. This could be a key component of Microsoft staying competitive with Google as they amp up their quest to get businesses and consumers to use Google Apps.

TweetMeme Bringing Analytics to the Retweet Table
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TweetMeme didn’t take the launch of Retweet.com lightly. As the new entity comes in to step right on their toes, TweetMeme points to some solid numbers, a list of differentiating features, and announces an upcoming analytics package.

What Americans Did Online In July

In July Americans went online searching for information about green initiatives related to automotive transportation driven by the launch of the federal "Cash for Clunkers" program, with visitations to green sites growing 15 percent in July to 17.5 million visitors, according to comScore.