Google, Microsoft Looking At BlackBerry Search

The nickname "CrackBerry" seems more appropriate than ever today as not one, but two major companies have turned their attention to the device.  Google Mobile App for BlackBerry comes from one corner, while a search deal is reportedly in the works between Microsoft and RIM.

Amazon To Offer Wine Online
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Online retailer Amazon.com will start selling wine produced in the U.S. by early October making it available to its domestic customers.

Napa Valley Vintners, a nonprofit organization representing more than 300 vintners in California, has started workshops for wineries that want to sell their wine on Amazon, according to Terry Hall, communications director for the group.

What Are Blogs Good For?

If someone asked you today what your blog does for your site and your business, what would you say? MarketingSherpa asked almost 4000 people the same question (free access for a limited time). The number one response? The blog “improves our web presence through search/feeds.”

YouTube Rolling Out HotSpots

AdvertisingAge reports that YouTube will roll out a feature called “HotSpots” as part of YouTube Insight. According to the report, this will let you know where viewer interest in a given video of yours picks up, or drops off:

Yahoo!’s “Integrated Mobile Ecosystem”
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Yahoo! MobileToday, Yahoo! announced some new enhancements to its Blueprint application development platform. For those unfamiliar with Yahoo! Blueprint, it is a mobile platform that allows developers to create applications that will run across a broad spectrum of mobile devices, eliminating operating system and browser compatibility issues.

Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley, and Google
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Google announced a collection of new iGoogle themes from well-known artists today. Among them are: Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley, Gucci, Burberry, Vera Wang, Bob Dylan, Celine Dion, Natalie Cole, and more.

An interesting mix to say the least. Google explains:

Wireless Revenue Reaches $14.8 Billion
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Wireless data service revenues for the first half of 2008 reached $14.8 billion, a 40 percent increase over the first half of 2007, when data revenue totaled $10.5 billion, according to the CTIA-The Wireless Association latest survey.

Wireless data revenues now account for 20 percent of all wireless service revenues, and represent money that people spend on non-voice services.

From Link Centric to Well Rounded
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I am tired of so many new and old SEOs talk about linking, the importance of it and how your efforts will be wasted if you don’t embrace it. I like linking and believe it provides a good way to build credibility on the search engines, especially for new sites, but I put it last on my list. That’s right I said last. I may be old school but I have found I can cut back my dependency (time) on the number/quality of incoming links if I follow some basic principles.

Facebook Says 30 Million Is Enough

During the optional switchover to Facebook’s redesigned site, 30 million Facebookers chose to do so. That seems to be convincing enough for Facebook to go ahead and migrate the remaining 70 million, starting to today.

Facebook says the rollout will complete within the next few weeks, so not all 70 million will be affected today. The company touts the redesign as one to leverage Facebook’s feed system, which sounds more like a farm mechanism than a social networking one.

Yahoo Announces oneConnect iPhone App
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The average iPhone has a lot of applications on it.  Some are free, some aren’t, and regardless, they make a bit of a mess taken all together.  Now Yahoo’s seeking to cut through the clutter – and carve out a place of importance in the U.S. mobile market – with an app called oneConnect.

YouTube Top Video Site In July
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Americans viewed more than 11.4 billion videos in July for a total duration of 558 million hours according to comScore Video Metrix.

Senator Calls Out Wireless Providers

U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), chairman of the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee, has asked the presidents and chief executive officers of the four largest wireless providers to explain the rising rates for its customers to send and receive text messages.

California May Object To Google-Yahoo Deal

Children in Slovakia are not, as far as we know, examining the Google-Yahoo search ad partnership, but it looks like just about everyone else is having a glance.  Reports indicate that at least one state’s attorney general is the latest person to pursue the issue.

Live Search Puts Translation Options in Results

Microsoft Live Search has rolled out a new translation feature in its search results. The feature is available through Live Search, IE8, the Windows Live Toolbar, and a translation bot for Windows Live Messenger.

More Experiments Join Gmail Labs
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A little over four months have gone by since Google launched Gmail Labs, and the company is now revisiting its collection of 13 experiments.  Or, to be more accurate, adding to it, with three new features.

AOL Opening Up To Third-Party Content

AOL has introduced a new feature on its homepage that allows users to access multiple email services from third parties.

The company says it is revamping AOL.com to offer users more choice and customization in an effort to attract more traffic.

Video Search Gets Serious
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Word on the street is that video search is about to get a huge upgrade, courtesy of a new site called VideoSurf. Video search has been a tough nut to crack for even the likes of Google, with relevancy problems plaguing pretty much every video search engine around.

NBC Decides Not to Miss Out On the Apple Pie

NBC UniversalYou can tell that NBC Universal (NBC U) really appreciates the opportunities that the Internet can present them with.

Yahoo! Rolls Out Search Index Update

Yahoo! SearchA lot of people seem to be seeing an increase in traffic coming from Yahoo! if this thread at WebmasterWorld is any indication. Some credit this to a September update to Yahoo!’s Search Index, and sure enough, today Yahoo! announced just that. Sharad Verma at the Yahoo! Search Blog says:

Health Information Sites See Rapid Growth
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Online health information sites have grown 21 percent as a category in the past year, more than four times the growth rate of the entire U.S. Internet population according to a new study from comScore.

WebMD Health continues to be in the top position of the category with 17.3 million visitors in July, up three percent over a year ago. Three other health networks increased the overall growth of the category, each pulling in more than ten million visitors.

No Apparent Stopping Point For Google
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If this were anywhere other than the Land of the Free we could take bets on how long it takes Google to grab 75 percent of the search market. What are we lookin’ at here, December? What are the odds Google grabs 80 percent by next August? Wait before you wager, there are new numbers in.

Google Barges Into the Ocean
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Google’s quest for global domination organization is taking a step further as it moves out into the ocean. Yes, Google intends to have a presence not only in outer space, but in the sea as well.

The News Revolution Started Yesterday
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Extinction probably isn’t the right word when it comes to assessing the state of journalism; evolution or revolution might be closer. Yesterday, Internet giants like Google and Yahoo, among others, announced enough traditional news media partnerships (and one citizen journalist partnership) that the volume of them became newsworthy itself.

Schmidt Aims Algorithms At Energy Crisis
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Green is the new black; math is the new cool; and Google CEO Eric Schmidt has some formulas for increasing energy efficiency, job creation, money saving, and how the Internet will fend off global warming.

Algorithms At Energy Crisis

Sound far-fetched?  Schmidt says, “It’s just a math problem.”