AT&T Combines Facebook, Twitter, MySpace in New App
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AT&T has launched a new social networking app, which combines access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and customizable news feeds. It’s called the AT&T Social Net App, and it’s available as a free download.

Google Voice Completely Banned From Apple’s App Store
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UPDATE: There is a Twitition floating around asking "Apple to unblock Google Voice App".

If you wish to sign it, go here.

Majority Find Online Health Information Reliable

The number of people looking for health information online has reached 154 million, representing 67 percent of the U.S. adult population, according to a new poll from Harris Interactive.

The majority (83%) of people looking for health information online indicate their search was successful and almost half (45%) say it was "very successful."

An even larger majority (87%) believes that this information was reliable, but only 28 percent said it was "very reliable."

Google Provides Tool for Speeding Up Web Pages
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Last month Google spoke about an initiative it was kicking off to call upon webmasters to help make the web faster. Larry Page once said he envisioned a web that could be surfed as easily as flipping through the pages of a magazine. This initiative is kind of an extension of that way of thinking.

China Bans Violent Online Games
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China has banned websites that feature online games, which glamorize violence, saying violators will be "severely punished," state media said on Tuesday.

China’s Ministry of Culture said such games violated regulation on Internet administration, because they "advocate obscenity, gambling, or violence," and "undermine morality and Chinese traditional culture," a posting on the ministry’s website said.

Time Warner Reclaims Google’s Stake In AOL
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Google may be great at search, advertising, and a lot of other things, but its investment strategies could apparently use some work.  Time Warner has bought back Google’s five percent stake in AOL – for which the search giant paid $1 billion in 2003 – for a mere $283 million.

Yahoo Provides Means for “Easy” Mobile Site Creation
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Earlier this year Yahoo announced that the Yahoo Blueprint Platform was being extended from  several hundred mobile devices in several thousand. Now the company has opened it up to third party developers.

The BluePrint is a platform on which developers can create mobile websites. It uses simple XML, and is the same technology Yahoo used to build oneSearch and the Yahoo.com mobile home page.

Reasons to Use Bing for Reference?
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Microsoft says that reference search sessions average over 9 minutes in length and over 6 queries per session before the user finds what they are looking for. With that in mind, the company is highlighting how Bing handles reference material.

There is clearly great emphasis placed on Wikipedia results, and I have to admit that as I began to read Microsoft’s explanation, I was starting to think, "Why not just cut out the middle man and search Wikipedia?"

The company says things like:

The News Goes 3D on YouTube

Last week, we took a look at YouTube’s testing of 3D videos after a thread was spotted in the YouTube Help Center where an employee was discussing the concept. This was part of his "20%" time.

Twitter Phasing Out The Term Updates In Favor Of Tweets
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Twitter has changed the word "updates" to "tweets" on user profiles. Though the change seems insignificant, it’s the first time the famed microblogging site has used the term "tweet" on their site.

Twitter changes updates to tweets

NPR Website Gets New Look

NPR has announced it has relaunched its website in an effort to make it easier to combine listening and reading, follow breaking news, comment on and share stories and find programming from local NPR stations.

The site is now organized to highlight news, arts & life and music. NPR says visitors to the sight will be able to follow news throughout the day, with top stories updated regularly. NPR’s news blog will offer discussions of the day’s news.

The site also offers a new search tool powered by Google that allows user to find programs or topics faster.

Google Analytics Gets Event Tracking Advanced Segments
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Google announced today that users tracking events on their site using Google Analytics can now define advanced segments to isolate event-related sites. The company points to an example of looking at how visits with events compares to visits overall.

LinkedIn Introduces Custom Profiles for Companies
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LinkedIn has launched new custom company profiles. These let companies and other organizations create rich, multimedia overviews of what they are all about for prospects to view and engage with.

The custom company profile displays content that company’s can easily tailor and update, and the content dynamically adapts to the viewers, based on their industry, job function, location, and seniority. This is good for targeting.

YouTube Letting Partners Serve Their Own Ads

Today YouTube announced that some partners who sell their own ads will be able to serve the ads directly into their videos, as YouTube is trying out FreeWheel, which manages video ad inventory. In the past, ads sold by partners were still served by YouTube.

EU Frees New Spectrum For Faster Mobile Services

European lawmakers agreed today to allocate more radio spectrum to the mobile Internet to provide faster service and boost the roll out of wireless broadband.

IAC Taps Silverman For New Media Venture

Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, is leaving the company in the fall to start a new venture with Barry Diller’s media and Internet company, IAC.

NBC has named Jeff Gaspin, chief operating officer of Universal Television Group, as chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment.

Twitter Corrects Follower & Following Counts
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Recently, Twitter announced that they were cleaning out spammers and addressing "data inconsistencies". What does this mean for you, the Twitter user? You might see a significant drop in your following and follower numbers.

Terrell Owens Asks for Michael Vick Support Via Twitter
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UPDATE: Michael Vick has been conditionally reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Vick will be able to participate in preseason practices, meetings and workouts. A full reinstatement will be looked at for Week 6 of the regular season.

Who’s Who in Facebook Page Fandom

InsideFacebook has an interesting page that showcases the popularity of Facebook pages with Vanity URLs. For those interested in celebrity social media statistics, it may be worth a look.

10 Days In Google Books Game Begins

Free stuff has a way of piquing people’s interest, and Google intends to capitalize on this fact with a new competition that is starting today.  10 Days in Google Books may drive use of the search giant’s literature-related service by putting Sony Readers on the line.

USA Today Launching Digital Edition

Gannett has announced it will launch an e- edition of its USA Today newspaper.

The e-edition will launch Monday August 3 and will be a replica of the print version of USA Today but will feature additional interactive content.

The e-edition will also include a Saturday-Sunday version called USA Today Extra, the first ever-regular weekend product from USA Today.

Twitter Documentary in the Works
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You’ve probably heard that there is a Facebook movie in the works, but now it appears that there is a one on the way for Twitter as well. However, where the Facebook film will be a mainstream hollywood-type movie with actors, the Twitter movie will be a documentary, and will be available for free to watch online under a creative commons license.

Twitter Blocked In White House
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Twitter may not have as many friends in high places as its fans imagined.  Robert Gibbs recently let slip that Twitter is blocked on White House computers.

This news seems a bit odd, considering that the BarackObama Twitter account was used so much prior to the election, and that it still gets the occasional update.  There’s an official whitehouse account that sees a fair amount of action, as well.

Google Gives Android Developers a Donut

According to multiple reports, Google is now offering developers a crack at some Android 2.0 features at the Android code repository. Android 2.0, which was codenamed "Donut," was discussed at the Google I/O developer conference earlier this year. To listen to what Google had to say, watch the following clip (the Android part starts a couple minutes in).