Moore To Release Election Film Online For Free
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Controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore will be releasing his newest film exclusively online beginning September 23.

The documentary "Slacker Uprising" follows Moore’s 62-city tour of the swing states during the 2004 Presidential election as he rallies young voters to show up at the polls.

Online Job Demand Rising Again
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Monster.comThe number of online jobs went up according to the Monster U.S. Online Jobs Index. The increase marked the end of a three-month decline, indicating that employers are preparing for the fall hiring season. In August, online job availability went up in 14 of the Index’s 20 industry categories and in 13 of the 23 occupational categories measured. Still, the index is 14% lower than it was a year ago.

Metallica OK With New Album Being Pirated?
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In a display of hypocrisy that seems like it could almost be taken directly out of a lyrical interpretation of a track from Metallica’s own "…And Justice for All" album, the band’s drummer and well-known music piracy combatant, Lars Ulrich, has now said that he doesn’t care if Metallica’s new album is pirated.

Comcast Appeals FCC Network Management Order
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Comcast has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission over its ruling that the company is mishandling some customers Internet traffic.

Comcast said in a filing Thursday with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, that it would comply with the FCC decision, but its was appealing the decision and the findings that the company was in violation.

LinkedIn, CNBC To Integrate News And Other Content

LinkedIn.com – a social site for professionals – is partnering with CNBC to integrate news and other content. LinkedIn has over 27 million members but until now has had very little community-buildling or social networking features.

Currently on LinkedIn you can email other professionals, ask them questions, and give or get recommendations from people in your network. Now you’ll also be able to share information with them – something that is happening informally anyway.

Google Chrome Does Not Own Your Stuff
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Some tempers flared up yesterday before being rather quickly tamped down by Google. The appearance that Google was claiming ownership of any material posted through Chrome was just due to some lazy lawyering.

Twitter Founders Accused Of Bending Over For Google
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A bit of a Twitter spat erupted yesterday regarding Twitter making links on bio pages nofollow. Well, a spat would technically need to be two sided; it was more of a rage against the machine* with the machine remaining mostly silent.

J.P. Morgan Analyst Lowers Online Ad Forecasts

To the question of "how low can you go," J.P. Morgan analyst Imran Khan could reassure people by answering "we’re not in the negatives."  Yet Khan did see fit to drop his 2008 growth estimates regarding display and search advertising.

Obama Increases Lead On McCain In Online Advertising
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Senator Barack Obama’s campaign ran a more sophisticated online operation during the first six months of 2008 and Obama leads Senator McCain in site visitors, candidate searches, and display ads, while the McCain campaign leads in video views, according to a study from comScore Ad Metrix.

SEC Looks Into Hyperlink Liability
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Is there any legal liability inherent in linking? According to a Security and Exchange Commission policy proposal, the regulatory agency thinks companies should be held liable for linking to false or misleading information that could affect the company’s stock price from their website.

Online TV Viewership Doubles
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Online TV viewing has been increasing in popularity. About one- fifth of American households who use the Internet watch television online, double the number from 2006, The Conference Board and TNS said today.

Being able to watch content on their own time and their own convenience are the main reasons people go online. Other reasons include skipping commercials and portability. About 72 percent of households log on for entertainment purposes daily, and in one in ten cities entertainment is the most popular Internet activity.

How Corrupt is the Digg Home Page?
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DiggA top Digg user with a popular ratio of 34% has been getting paid well for promoting articles on Digg. His/her popularity has allowed numerous stories to reach the Digg Home Page, and when that happens he/she gets paid even more.

LinkedIn, CNBC Connect
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The LinkedIn network is all about business.  CNBC has the word right in its name ("Consumer News And Business Channel").  So a new partnership between the two entities seems logical as well as productive.

Facebook Ads Rubbing Some the Wrong Way
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FacebookYesterday I posted an article on SmallBusinessNewz about targeted ads insulting customers, in which I referenced a Washington Post story from writer Rachel Beckman.

Georgia Info Added To Google Maps

Anyone wanting to learn about where $1 billion in U.S. aid is going is in luck; although the info might have been more relevant when Russian tanks were still rolling around, Google’s finally added some data to its maps of Georgia.

Amazon Looks for Bigger Piece of Online Video Pie
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Online video competition has just gotten a little more heated. Amazon Video On Demand is making over 40,000 movie and television show titles available for streaming. Before, customers could only download titles and watch them on a PC via Amazon’s Unbox or on their TiVo box. Now you can do that or stream the titles to watch them instantly.

NFL And NBC Putting Games Online
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The NFL and NBC announced today that the 17-game Sunday Night Football schedule will be streamed live on NFL.com and NBCSports.com, a first for the league.

To attract fans to view games that are already broadcast on network television, NBC will have a number of extra features available online including additional camera angles, in-game highlights, picture-in-picture technology, live statistics and other interactive elements.

Facebook Users Split on Redesign
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If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve no doubt checked out their redesign, which is optional at this point. Some love it, and some hate it. Compete has analyzed the amount of New Facebook users taking advantage of it when compared with those that ditched it in favor of the old design.

Google Getting Aggressive with Advertising
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Google is trying to get advertising agencies to warm up to it after years of not being their favorite entity. After all, think of all the marketing dollars spent on search engine advertising (and SEO campaigns for that matter) that agencies missed out on because of a certain search giant.

Google Shows Off

Canadians Pleased With Major Search Engines
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The majority of Canadians who go online are satisfied with their search results from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Live Search, according to a new study by Ipsos Reid.

Eight in ten (80%) online Canadians said they are receiving the best results from their primary search engines. Sixty-six percent said their search results are objective and three-quarters said they could usually find what they are looking for on the first page of results.

When it comes to paid advertising within search results 62 percent of Canadians say they are skeptical of paid ads.

Social Networks Still Unheard Of In Many Quarters
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It seems that a surprising number of people couldn’t care less about Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks with hundreds of millions of users.  Namely because, according to new statistics from Synovate, a whole lot of people are completely unfamiliar with social networking.

Man Charged With Selling Stolen Bras On eBay
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A New York man has been arrested on charges of selling $80,000 worth of stolen Victoria’s Secret bras on eBay.

George Tutaya, 41 of Queens, used a number of eBay seller names including bestfordivas, shopforless2 to sell 2,000 bras. The bras, which retail for $40 to $80 were purchased by shoppers at a discounted rate of $25.

Wikipedia Inadmissible in a Court of Law
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A court has ruled that Wikipedia entries are not legitimate sources for dictating a court ruling. Shockingly, it was a U.S. Appeals Court that decided this in response to a previous ruling, rather than being taken as a given in the first place. Ars Technica explains:

Gannett Takes Control Of CareerBuilder
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This development can be seen as something that’s either good for the Internet sector or bad for the economy in general.  Or both.  Regardless, Gannett has paid $135 million for another ten percent of CareerBuilder.com, which brings its total stake up to 50.8 percent.