Google Code Jam 2010 Registration Opens
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Another year, another Google-sponsored competition meant to identify the world’s best programmers.  People can now sign up to participate in Google Code Jam 2010, which will offer winners more than $10,000 in prize money.

Here’s a brief overview of the most important dates for anyone who’s ready to dive in: registration began this afternoon.  A 24-hour qualification round will take place on May 7th.  Additional online rounds will take place May 22nd, May 23rd, June 5th, and June 12th, and then the onsite finals will fall on July 30th.

Aircell Offers Monthly Inflight Internet Subscription

Aircell, a company that provides wireless inflight Internet access to a number of major airlines in the U.S., has introduced a new monthly subscription plan for its Gogo service.

The Gogo Monthly Subscription is aimed at frequent fliers and is available for $34.95 each month. Aircell says the service automatically renews each month.

Google Declares Another UGC Mapping Success

Thanks to the hard work of any number of individuals (along with Google’s willingness to trust them), certain areas of Google Maps will now be a lot more detailed.  An impressive 17 countries and territories have been deemed set to graduate from Google Map Maker to Google Maps.

Although you may not hear about it often, Google Map Maker serves an important function by allowing people to manually add details about roads, towns, and other things when traditional mapping data is unavailable.  It was introduced towards the end of 2008.

Google Maps Gets More Useful on BlackBerry

Google introduced a new version of Google Maps for BlackBerry devices today. There are quite a few significant features that come along with it.

Digg Updates iPhone App
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Update: Digg announced several changes to the recently released iPhone app today. These include:

Online Ad Revenue Hits Record $6.3 Billion In Q4

Though U.S. Internet advertising revenues, at $22.7 billion for 2009, showed a 3.4 percent decline from 2008, there are signs of a recovery in the industry, according to the latest report from the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The fourth quarter of 2009 hit a record quarterly high of $6.3 billion, a 2.6 percent increase year-over-year and a 14 percent increase over the third quarter of 2009.

“Trusted Companies” to Bring Greater Usefulness to Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has announced that the Yahoo Mail API now allows Read and Read+Write access to full message contents for any type of user. What this means is that developers can create more useful ways to use Yahoo Mail.

Hitwise Documents Bebo’s Decline

Anyone who’s shocked that AOL is giving up on Bebo will probably feel a lot more understanding after viewing new stats from Hitwise.  Indeed, the real question a graph seems to raise is not whether AOL’s right to back away, but whether any potential buyers will surface.

View the carnage for yourself below.  As you can see, Bebo’s had rather few "up" weeks in the UK since June of 2007, even though Ireland was traditionally one of the markets in which it was most successful.

iPad Impresses More as a Symbol Than a Device

Right now, it’s looking like the iPad’s strength is more about what it represents to the industry, more than the device itself. It’s about what mainstream computing may be turning into.

Is the iPad the future of computing? Share your thoughts.

PayPal iPhone App Hits One Million Downloads
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eBay’s PayPal said today its PayPal Mobile iPhone app has been downloaded one million times in less than three weeks.

Google Buzz Makes It To Gmail For Mobile
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Earlier today, we reported that Google Buzz is, in a sense, getting serious – it’s supposed to be integrated with Google Apps in the near-ish future for the sake of enterprise and government users.  But it’s getting sort of casual, too, landing in Gmail for mobile this afternoon.

MSN Launches Online Magazine For Women

Microsoft’s MSN has launched Glo, an online magazine aimed at women.

The new site is a joint partnership with BermanBraun and Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., which publishes Elle magazine and Woman’s Day.

Glo has the feel of a magazine and has navigation similar to MSN’s celebrity focused site Wonderwall, which BermanBraun also helped to develop.

Developer Shares Story of Being Threatened by Facebook for Crawling
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Pete Warden, a former software engineer at Apple, who is now working on his own start-up, posted an interesting story about how Facebook threatened to sue him for crawling the social network. I reached out to both Warden and Facebook for more details, but so far have only received response from Facebook, who calls  the incident as "violation of our terms."

AOL Prepared To Unload Bebo
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Less than a week ago, the former president of Bebo joined Facebook, and now, AOL’s admitted that the social network it bought for $850 million has been beaten by Mark Zuckerberg’s leviathan.  AOL intends to either sell or shut down Bebo in the near future.

Chrome’s Market Share Tops 6 Percent In March
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March was yet another good month for Google’s browser in terms of market share.  According to Net Applications, Chrome converted more than a few additional people, shrinking the gaps between it and the field’s two leaders, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

FCC Loses Net Neutrality Battle Against Comcast
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News broke today that the U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled against the FCC in a net neutrality case vs Comcast. The FCC had previously ordered Comcast to cease treating web traffic for different customers differently (which they had apparently done to slow down connections for users heavily engaged in bittorrent use).

Digg Dropping DiggBar, Unbanning Domains

Just yesterday, news of Digg CEO Jay Adelson stepping down came out of nowhere, and Founder Kevin Rose was announced to be stepping in. It didn’t take long for some changes to start being made.

YellowPages.com Rebranded as YP.com
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In local search news, AT&T Interactive has rebranding its popular YellowPages.com to YP.com. AT&T’s Jamie Carracher tells WebProNews, "YP.com will replace YellowPages.com as its flagship web property and brand."

This was actually revealed last summer, but is now being implemented.

McClatchy Taps WebVisible For Online Marketing
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Newspaper company McClatchy said today it is rolling out WebVisible’s online marketing platform to all 29 of its U.S. markets in an effort to boost advertising revenue.

WebVisible says its platform will give McClatchy’s local advertisers a better way to get found in newspaper listings, newspaper websites, search engines, or via mobile phones or navigation devices.

Quantify Value of Micro-Conversions to Avoid Bad Decisions
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As online marketing and search engine marketing in particular have evolved over the years, more and more metrics and data sources have become available to marketers. This is a great thing for analyzing campaigns and strategies, learning from them and improving upon them. However, all of this data can get extremely overwhelming, which is why it’s important to have strategies for the analytical process itself.

Google Buzz/Apps Integration Approaching

Google Buzz should get another shot at life in a few months’ time.  A new report’s indicated that the service, which has so far been a flop with normal users, will finally be integrated with Google Apps and given a chance to operate in more formal environments.

Google Ups Limit On Picasa Albums

To some people, 1,000 photo albums sounds like a lot; a handful each for pets, cars, significant others, and vacations would about cover it.  But serious photographers take lots of pictures, and for the sake of not stifling them, Google’s raised the per-Picasa-account limit on albums to a whopping 10,000.

Yelp To Display Filtered Reviews
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Local business review site Yelp said today it is taking steps to increase transparency about how user reviews are presented to consumers.

The move comes amid at least three lawsuits alleging that Yelp manipulates reviews based on whether a company advertises with the site.

Facebook Clarifies Stance On Third-Party Partnerships

Late last month, Facebook proposed some changes to its privacy policy, and in response, the social network received around 4,000 comments and a disapproving letter from a German official.  So late last night, a Facebook representative took some time to discuss the suggestions.