Australia Initiates Google WiFi Data Investigation

Google’s attempts to appease the international community with regards to its collection of sensitive WiFi data don’t seem to have paid off.  Instead, the Attorney-General of Australia, Robert McClelland, announced this weekend that a new investigation has begun.

With Blogs vs. Traditional Media, Labels Should Not Dictate Trust

In a recent article, we asked, "Should mainstream media be held to different standards than bloggers when it comes to crediting sources?" This question stemmed from an incident in which Blogger Danny Sullivan broke a news story, only to have mainstream media publications run with it without giving him credit.

Yahoo’s New Integration with Facebook
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Late last year, Yahoo entered an agreement with Facebook, and we are now seeing the results. Yahoo has begun integrating Facebook deeply into its properties.

Yahoo users can now link their Facebook accounts directly to Yahoo, and view/share updates with their friends across both Yahoo and Facebook. Users can see their Facebook News Feed on the Yahoo Home Page, in Yahoo Mail, or on other Yahoo sites.

Twitter Crests 200-Employee Mark
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It’s a good thing Twitter obtained new headquarters in October of last year, or else employees would probably be compelled to stack their cubicles and/or do sardine imitations at this point.  A Twitter VP announced this afternoon that the company now has 205 employees, and that fact indicates a whole lot of hiring has been taking place.

Sean Garrett, Twitter’s vice president of communications (who himself just started in February), provided the current figure and a little context with the tweet you can see below.

A Social Tool for Actually Getting Things Done

Google launched the Google Apps Marketplace in March, and it didn’t take long for Manymoon to become the most installed application in it. Manymoon is a social productivity tool that helps businesses accomplish tasks online with their connections, and its Google app is only one of the options it provides.

Manymoon spoke at Google I/O a couple weeks ago, and CEO and co-founder Amit Kulkarni spoke with WebProNews about how businesses can use its tool:

Microsoft Gives Up On Bing Cashback
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Bribery, while useful, isn’t always an effective means of obtaining a large user base, Microsoft has discovered.  Microsoft announced today that it will retire the Bing cashback program because not enough people stuck around after taking advantage of it.

comScore Ranks The Top Mobile Carriers
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There were 234 million Americans who were mobile subscribers for the 3-month period ending in April, according to a new report from comScore.

 During that time, Samsung ranked as the top manufacturer with 22.1 percent share of U.S. mobile subscribers, up one point from the previous three-month period. LG ranked second with 21.9 percent share, trailed closely by Motorola (21.6 percent share, down 1.4 percent), RIM (8.4 percent share) and Nokia (8.1 percent share).

Walmart To Offer Online Degrees For Its Workers
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Walmart is partnering with American Public University, an online, for profit school, to offer its employees college degrees.

Walmart and Sam’s Club employees in the U.S. will be able to earn a college degree at a discounted price through a combination of academic credit earned for Walmart job learning and experience, and online course work via APU.

Barclays Trims Google Estimates

Sorry, Google shareholders, but a respected international investment bank has taken the view that Google won’t do quite as well as previously forecast.  Barclays lowered its estimates today, due at least in part to the fact the company won’t directly sell the Nexus One anymore.

More Americans Watching And Sharing Online Video
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More than two-thirds (69%) of adult Internet users have used the Internet to watch or download video, representing 52 percent of all adults in the U.S., according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Fifty percent of adult Internet users have viewed a comedy video online, up from 31 percent in 2007, and 38 percent have watched an educational video up from 22 percent.

Thirty-two percent of adult Internet users have watched movies or TV shows online up from 16 percent three years ago.

Google Gives In To European Regulators

Before long, certain European regulators will get to see exactly what sort of information Google amassed when the company’s Street View cars collected data sent over private WiFi networks.  Google has decided to start turning over the data by the end of the week.

What the OExchange Protocol Means for Site Owners
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This week a new open protocol to simplify sharing, called OExchange was introduced. It was released by Clearspring Technologies, with support from Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn. We talked with Google’s Open Web advocate Chris Messina about how the protocol can benefit site owners and businesses.

First, to get an idea of what OExhcange is about, the announcement sums it up this way:

StumbleUpon Reaches 10 Million Users
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StumbleUpon announced that it has reached a new milestone. It has acquired its 10 millionth user.

The company broke away from eBay a little over a year ago. After that, it released its "web bar" feature as well as a new version of its Firefox add-on, a Chrome extension (which last month StumbleUpon claimed was one of the top 20 third-party extensions), and its content syndication service Su.pr.

Dish Network Moves May Prove Beneficial for Google TV
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Dish Network is making moves that may benefit Google. Dish Network was of course among the list of launch partners for Google TV, revealed at Google I/O a couple weeks ago. Dish Network will offer Google TV integration through its HD DVR boxes.

AOL CEO Discusses Google, Search Deals

AOL’s current search deal with Google will expire in six and a half months, and although it looks like AOL’s CEO, Tim Armstrong, would prefer to stick with the search giant, his options are supposedly not limited.  Armstrong talked today about how things could go in several directions.

Official “Facebook And Privacy” Page Launches

These days, remaining ignorant of privacy issues as they relate to Facebook is hard to do; even if the social network didn’t communicate about these things, every policy tweak is documented by hundreds of articles.  Just the same, Facebook’s chosen to get more open about its stance on the subject by introducing a Facebook Page about privacy.

Security Firms Respond to “Google Dropping Windows” Report
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Rumor has it that Google is not using Windows internally anymore, and security companies don’t necessarily find this to be a great solution if security is the concern. More than one has emailed WebProNews with reactions to this story.

Social Media Users Aim To Influence Others
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Nearly two-thirds (64%) of online Americans use social media, and the majority (84%) of social media users reveal information about themselves via social platforms, according to a new poll from Harris Interactive.

Study Suggests Over Half Would Buy Android Tablet if Cheaper Than iPad
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A new study from Retrevo (over 1,000 non-Retrevo users) looks at interest in the iPad ahead of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next week. The company emailed WebProNews with a round-up of significant findings.

So without beating around the bush, let’s just get to them.

Study Highlights:

Yahoo Names Raymie Stata CTO

Yahoo named Raymie Stata as its new CTO today. Stata is a 5+ year veteran of Yahoo! and formerly its chief architect, and will be taking on the CTO role to oversee all of the company’s advanced technologies and drive the technical direction of Yahoo, a representative for the company tells WebProNews.

MySpace Partners with Ad.ly on In-Stream Ads
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MySpace announced today that it has struck a deal with Ad.ly, an ad service that serves in-stream advertisements, known mostly for its Twitter-related efforts. The deal will let content creators across MySpace (including celebrities, filmmakers, musicians and "social influencers") reach their fans and monetize their activity via the MySpace stream and Ad.ly, MySpace says.

Google And YouTube Launch New Campaign Toolkits
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Google has introduced a "You Choose 2010 Campaign Toolkit" on YouTube and a new Google Campaign Toolkit, both aimed at helping candidates stay connected to voters.

The YouTube Blog offers more information on the variety of tools available to candidates and their campaigns.

LinkedIn Hires Ex-Google Exec As Canada Head

Anyone who considered LinkedIn’s physical expansion into Canada an odd or ill-thought-out move may want to think again.  LinkedIn has been able to secure Jonathan Lister, the former country manager of Google Canada, as its own country manager in Canada.

Facebook Launches New Politics Destination

Facebook has launched a new U.S. Politics page, which highlights the use of Facebook by politicians and campaigns, and according to an update on the page, shares tips and best practices, and news from Facebook. Facebook Public Policy Communications Manager Andrew Noyes emailed us with the news, which he notes is "just in time for the peak of the 2010 political campaign season."