A Lawsuit Concerning Facebook, a Marketing Company, and a Pizza Joint

I am a big fan of pizza. Maybe it’s my New York / New Jersey roots but there’s nothing like a really well done pizza with (insert favorite topping(s) here) sitting in front of a ballgame of some sort. You get the picture right?

Washington Post And Bloomberg To Launch News Service
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The Washington Post and Bloomberg are partnering to launch "The Washington Post News Service with Bloomberg News" which will provide content to newspapers, websites and other subscribers.

The move comes a day after the Post ended its partnership with the Tribune’s Los Angeles Times.

Google Alters Site Verification in Webmaster Tools
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Google has made some changes to the way Webmaster Tools users verify their websites.

Before, the user’s verification meta tag was based (partially) on the email address of their Google account, which meant that if they changed the email address in their account settings, their meta tags would also change, and they’d become unverified for any sites that used the old tag. Google has made a new version of the verification meta tag, which is unrelated to the email address to prevent this from happening.

Digital Sky Buying More Facebook Shares

Two helpings of Facebook shares apparently weren’t enough.  Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies has gone back to the well for a third time, spending perhaps $100 million to buy still more shares in the social networking company.

New Twitter Numbers Show Tweeting Increase

Last month, we looked at Twitter’s numbers for user registrations and total tweets for the month of August, and found what appeared to be the first month of the year in which tweets sent by Twitter users decreased. User registrations also appeared to decline for the second time of the year.

Norton Goes Viral With Dokken and Kimbo Slice
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Norton, the makers of the popular security software, has rolled out their latest advertising campaign, and let’s just say it’s an interesting one. The commercials feature 80′s metal band Dokken and famed street fighter Kimbo Slice.

Be honest, you did a double take with that last sentence didn’t you? No you read it correctly.

Get More Links in Your Actual Google Results
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Google has started adding links to specific parts of webpages in the snippets on search results pages.

Google gives the example of the result for the Wikipedia entry for "Trans Fat." The snippet provides links to History, Chemistry, Presence in food, and Nutritional guidelines. These are all sections of one page that the user can go straight to from the results page.

Google Gives Advertisers More Tracking Options
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Google has announced a new feature for the Google Content Network called View-Through Conversion Reporting. The feature is designed to help advertisers better measure the value of their display ad campaigns.

Your Facebook Friend Does Not Really Need Money

There has been an increase in the number of hijacked social networking accounts, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

One of the most common scams involves hackers planting malicious software onto a users computer. It starts by someone opening a spam email, sometimes sent from another friend’s hijacked account.

UK High Court Serves Injunction Via Twitter
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The UK High Court has found a new use for Twitter: serving legal injunctions.  It seems that an anonymous Twitter user was satirizing/impersonating another man, and the High Court decided that the easiest way to contact him (or her) was through the site.

MySpace Music Goes Down Under

Today MySpace announced the launch of MySpace Music in Australia and New Zealand. This release represents the first for MySpace Music outside of the United States.

The launch brings a new e-commerce partnership to MySpace Music with iTunes providing the music downloads locally, a MySpace spokesperson tells WebProNews. She also shares the following stats for the US version of MySpace Music:

Source: Nielsen Netview / August 2009

eBay Rethinks Customer Service In Europe
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eBay’s approach to customer service in Europe is about to change in a big way.  eBay announced today that it will eliminate a full 400 positions in Germany, while at the same time, the company intends to hire 100 new employees in Ireland and establish what it calls a "European Centre of Excellence." 


LinkedIn Makes Profile Organization Easier
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Today LinkedIn launched a new feature called the Profile Organizer. This lets users save profiles of interest and keep them handy in one organized location.

With the Profile Organizer, users can save the profile into a designated folder, add contact info, and write private notes, only visible to them. To save profiles, just click the "save profile" link that appears by people’s profiles. There is also a "save profile" option that appears in LinkedIn searches, and it works the same way.

Google’s Search Options Increase
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Earlier this year, Google launched its search options feature. This is a clickable link on search results pages, which provides a list of options to let you refine your search by a number of different parameters.

British Spending 30 Hours A Week Online
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British Internet users are now spending an average of 30 hours a week online, according to a new report from uSwitch.

On a work day, the average person now spends 5 hours online, 2 hours for work purposes and 3 hours for leisure, including online shopping, managing finances and socializing.

During weekends Brits spend an average of 3 hours a day online. Not surprisingly, 18-24 year olds already spend 7 hours a day online during the week and 5 hours a day on the weekend.

Ask Continues Breast Cancer Awareness Efforts

Update: Ask has transormed its homepage into a Breast Cancer Memorial as the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month has arrived. The Ask.com homepage will continuously change throughout the day as tributes are added in honor of survivors, those living with breast cancer, and in memory of those lost to the disease.

Google Gives Forums More Links on SERPs
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Google has introduced a new feature to search results, making it easier to find forum posts related to topics you search for. When forum sites have more than one relevant discussion going, Google will link to them under the main result.

Microsoft Introduces My Health Info
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Microsoft has introduced a new service in beta on MSN called "My Health Info" that helps people manage their health information on the Web.

My Health Info offers users a number of tools and widgets to upload, organize and monitor health information stored in their personal Microsoft HealthVault accounts. The service allows users to research medical issues, read health news, receive advice from medical experts, learn about nutrition, and monitor health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Google Releases Website Translator Gadget
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There are all sorts of reasons for English speakers to view foreign websites (for info on the latest performance car parts available in Japan, for example, or for local coverage of any news event), and presumably a few people who don’t speak English would like to see our sites, too.  Google’s introduced a translation gadget to help them.

Google Revamps Mobile Local Search Experience
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Google has launched a new version of local search for mobile. This version heavily utilizes Google Maps to make organization of results easier on your phone.

The new local search for mobile lets you find business listings on Google Maps while you’re on your computer, where you can "star" them. Once you star them, you can easily find your starred listings grouped together from your phone, making it easy to keep the listings you need while you’re out, together. This can potentially make errand running a lot easier, as demonstrated in the video below.

Grateful Dead Archive To Move Online
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UC Santa Cruz has received a major grant to help digitize the Grateful Dead Archive at the university library.

The university was awarded a National Leadership Grant of $615,175 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

The grant will allow the UCSC Library to digitize materials from its Grateful Dead Archive spanning from 1965 to 1995. The project will include a new website titled, "The Virtual Terrapin Station."

Good Chunk of Holiday Spending Will Be Online

Nielsen has shared some findings from research involving how American consumers intend to spend their money during the upcoming holiday season. About 42% expect to spend less.

eBay-GM “Click And Buy” Experiment Ends
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eBay and GM have finished trying to sell new cars together, at least for the time being.  The California-only "Click and Buy" experiment that benefited from one extension has now wrapped up according to the revised schedule.

Mobile Web Usage Up 34%
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Web visitors using a mobile device increased 34 percent year-over-year, from 42.5 million visitors in July 2008 to 56.9 million in July 2009, according to a new report from Nielsen.

Overall, year-over-year growth among the 13-17 and 65+ age groups outpaced the growth of the total mobile Web audience, with a youth increase of 45 percent and seniors climbing 67 percent in July.