Userplane Opens Up Chat
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AOL’s social software provider Userplane updated its Chat App so that users can access it from any open platform social network. In English, that means users can chat across social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Ning, Bebo, and others.

Hulu’s New Video Search and Site Features
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Hulu introduced a couple of new site features today to make it easier for users to find the videos they are after. For the first one you can thank Hulu’s Beijing team according to a post on the Hulu Blog.

Google In Search Talks With Russian Social Network
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Users of Russian social network Odnoklassniki.ru are getting a taste of Google, according to a new report, with a search box becoming the subject of some tests.  If all goes well, the box should become a permanent feature, and Google will then gain access to a significant share of the Russian ad market.

Blockbuster Launches New Set-Top Box
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Blockbuster is introducing its own set-top box, which will bring movies directly to a user’s TV and provide access to on demand content.

The MediaPoint digital media player by broadband device maker 2Wire is available to Blockbuster customers for $99 and includes 25 movies. After the initial 25 rentals, movies are available for $1.99 each to $3.99.

Twitter’s New Values
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Twitter has acquired  "Values of n," a company founded by Rael Dornfest, former CTO of O’Reilly Media. Dornfest is known for being a pioneer in RSS and editing O’Reilly’s Hack books.

Microsoft Helps adCenter Customers Get Help

Getting support for any product is often a painstaking and time consuming ordeal. There are parts of Microsoft that I have personally had such trouble with.

Google Shrinking Holiday Parties, Payroll?
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Late last year, Google did the politically correct thing and wished everyone "Happy Holidays."  This winter, the situation within the company may be a little less joyous, as cutbacks of various types might be occurring.

Link Exchanges Black Hat?
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Tamar WeinbergTamar Weinberg at Search Engine Roundtable points to a post (actually

Apple Sued For Patent Infringement
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Apple has been named in a patent infringement lawsuit by EMG Technology who alleges that the iPhone infringes on a patent that enables the device to browse the Web.

The lawsuit was filed in the District Court for the Eastern District of Tyler Texas Monday and seeks unspecified damages against Apple for the alleged iPhone infringement.

Personalize Your Google Results
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Google has announced SearchWiki, which is a new set of functionality that users with Google accounts can use to customize their results on any given search. SearchWiki allows users to move specific results up or down in rankings so that they appear in the preferred order when the same search is done in the future.

LinkedIn Makes Search More Convenient
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LinkedIn has unveiled a new search platform that opens up more ways to find people across the social network. Most of the new features add to the convenience of searching.

Facebook Wins Huge Judgment In Spam Suit
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"You win some, you lose some" may well be Facebook’s unofficial motto.  Even as word spread this morning that the company had tried and failed to acquire Twitter, there’s fresh news that a spam lawsuit led to it being awarded over $873 million in damages.

Facebook Poll Gets Woman Kicked Of Jury

If you have to serve on a  jury in a criminal trial, you’d more than likely think very carefully about discussing that trial outside the jury room and what’s going on in court.

Google Makes TV Advertising More Attractive
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Google announced a new enhancement today to the program targeting feature in AdWords for Google TV Ads. The feature now allows you to enter a keyword into the TV programs search field on the Target Campaign screen, and it will bring up suggested shows that are relevant to your keywords.

Facebook Trying To Acquire Twitter Is Setup For Failure

Kara Swisher has written a tremendous post on Facebook’s quiet attempt at acquiring Twitter. It inspired me to share my thoughts on the subject.

Americans Internet Usage Increases
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The U.S. usage of TV, Internet and mobile continues to increase, in the third quarter the average person who used the Internet was online 27 hours a month, mobile users spent three hours a month watching mobile video and TV viewers watch approximately 142 hours of TV in one month, according to Nielsen’s "A2/M2 Three Screen Report."

Americans Internet Usage Increases

Searching for Microsoft’s Instant Answers
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Microsoft’s Live Search has been the object of some criticism lately since rumors have been swirling about a possible rebranding. That will likely continue in part due to the "instant answers" the Live Search team is touting today.

Market Smarter, Not Harder
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When economic times are rough, the temptation is to panic beneath the impression businesses everywhere are failing; true enough, it’s hard not to when even Google is said to be preparing layoffs. But smart companies come through these things by trimming fat, making sure their columns add up, paying attention to market forces and trends, and playing their strengths.

Warner Premiere Working On Web Based Series

Warner Premiere, the digital content production division at Warner Bros. is partnering with director Bryan Singer’s (Superman Returns) production company to create live action-webisodes.

Warner Premiere is in talks with Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Prods. to develop "H+" a science fiction thriller about the fallout of an act of cyber terrorism that kills part of the world’s population who has chosen to hardwire their brains to the Internet, according to Reuters.

YouTube Gets Some Company on the iPhone
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Blip.tv has announced that its hosted video clips can now be viewed on the iPhone through its Safari browser. Previously, YouTube was the only player that let users watch videos on both desktop browsers and the iPhone’s browser.

The technology team at blip.tv created this “magic” iPhone embed because Adobe’s Flash player is currently not available on the iPhone. Blip.tv explains that this technology allows show creators to use the same embedded player code to target desktop browers and the iPhone browser.  

Digg’s Record Election Day Exposes Holes

As you may have read, Yahoo News was the number one site for traffic the night of the U.S. Presidential election. While they may have had the most traffic of anybody on the web, they were certainly not the only ones to experience record numbers. Digg, for example received the most traffic in the site’s history.. Unfortunately for some users, this led to problems using it.

eBay Offers $1 Holiday Promotions On Cars, TVs
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eBay announced today that it is offering a special promotion to shoppers that will allow them to buy gifts such as a new car or plasma TV for a dollar.

eBay’s $1 Holiday Doorbuster deals starts today and runs though December 8. Each day during the promotion, eBay is offering two popular holiday gift items such as digital cameras, GPS devices, available in quantities of 50 each. The promotion also includes big-ticket items such as car or plasma TV for a dollar.

Twitter Declines Acquisition Deal From Facebook
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There are probably more than a few sighs of relief being breathed inside MySpace’s offices this morning.  A new report indicates that an attempted acquisition of Twitter by Facebook has failed.

Cyber Monday Deals Attract Online Shoppers
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More than 8 out of 10 shoppers will be looking for discounts on Cyber Monday and 69 percent will be searching for free online shipping according to a survey by Shopzilla.