Paramount Follows Up “Paranormal” Marketing with More Social Fun
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Paramount, the company behind the distribution of the smash-hit Paranormal Activity is now showcasing a new film-meets-social media project. Paramount’s Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE) division has teamed up with Adobe, MySpace, Mountain Dew, and Blockbuster on the production, distribution, and marketing on a new "supernatural thriller" web series called Circle of Eight.

Plan For Impressive “Yahooplex” In Motion

Either Yahoo learned nothing from the real estate bubble, or the company’s got something pretty fantastic up its sleeve.  Or it’s just sending out feelers, not preparing to pour concrete.  Anyway, a fresh report indicates that Yahoo’s taken a step towards building a large, new campus.

Google Says Search Ads Boost Brand Awareness
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Google conducted a joint test with Levi’s and found that paid search ads raised consumer awareness of the Levi’s brand, regardless of whether or not they were clicked. In the test, 53% of "in-market" consumers named Levi’s when asked which brand of jeans came to mind when a Levi’s search ad was in the top sponsored position.

That seems pretty likely anyway, but only 30% named Levi’s when there was no Levi’s search ad on the page. You can’t deny that 23% is a pretty significant increase.

StumbleUpon Goes Search with New Incarnation
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Update: Starting today, all StumbleUpon users can access the new interface, according to the company.

Original Article:
StubmleUpon launched a big redesign today. The new version of the site comes with a variety of new features, which the company says are designed to make it simpler, searchable, and more social.

Google Ranked World’s Most Attractive Employer
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It’s a good bet that mailmen (and/or mail servers) are still delivering huge numbers of applications and resumes to Google.  A very large survey has confirmed that university students regard the search giant as the world’s most attractive employer.

Universum contacted almost 120,000 students from Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, the UK, and the US regarding which companies they’d most like to work for.  The result: Google won in both the business and engineering categories.

You No Longer Need the Google Toolbar to Use Sidewiki
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Last month, Google introduced Sidewiki, a feature of the Google Toolbar that allows users to comment on any page on the web. The comments could only be viewed by others who have the toolbar and the feature installed. That was until now.

NFL Player’s Tweet Is Going To Cost Him $600,000

You’re already careful about what you say on Twitter, right?

I mean, you read my advice on reputation management, so you know not to go around tweeting defamatory tweets in the name of "fun."


Usage of Mobile Web and Apps Doubles in 2 Years
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According to AdMob, which claims it is the world’s largest mobile advertising platform, mobile web and application use has doubled over the past two years. In September, the firm received over 100 million ad requests from 14 countries, and over 10 million ad requests from 64 countries.

AdMob released its Mobile Metrics report for September, which highlights the rapid growth in usage of mobile web sites and apps on new devices in the past year.

Facebook App Developers Face New Obstacles
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Facebook has released a developer "roadmap," which it says will simplify communication for users and developers, improve app discovery and engagement, and provide developers with more comprehensive tools for building or expanding their business with Facebook.

Microsoft, Yahoo Miss Agreement Deadline

The proposed Microsoft-Yahoo deal seems to have hit a small and oddly unspecified bump.  The companies missed an October 27th deadline by which they hoped to have some details ironed out.

Google Aims to Make Finding Music Easier

Google began rolling out its new music search feature late yesterday. The feature enables search results with links to audio previews of songs provided by MySpace (which just acquired iLike) or Lala, when a user searches for music-related queries like the name of a song, artist, or album. The results also include links to purchase full songs.

Hitwise Weighs Potential Impact Of Google Music

Rumor has it that a new Google Music service will launch today, and the excitement is almost palpable as the announcement window provided by normal business hours narrows.  Or not.  Anyway, Hitwise took a look at Google’s relationship with music sites.

Customer Satisfaction With ISPs Rises

Overall consumer satisfaction with high-speed Internet service providers (ISPs) has increased from 2008, mainly due to improvements in performance and reliability, according to a new report by J.D. Power and Associates.

The study measures customer satisfaction with high-speed Internet service based on five factors: performance and reliability; cost of service; customer service; billing; and offerings and promotions.

Google to Give People More AdSense Filtering Options
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Back in August, Google gave AdSense publishers more control over what ads appear on their sites by launching an upgrading the category fitlering feature and extending the feature’s beta to the US and the UK.

So in essence, if you don’t want certain kinds of sites showing up in ads on your site, you could block them. Google shows how the different ad categories contribute to your income, so you can take that into consideration.

Pandora Tunes In To Facebook, Twitter

An extremely popular Internet radio service has finally acknowledged two of the top social media sites.  Thanks to a new feature, Pandora users can now easily spread the word (or note, as it were) about good music to their Facebook friends and Twitter contacts.

Yahoo Provides Homepage Overhaul Stats

The current top article on Yahoo’s homepage may be about a former NBA player’s "sad turnaround," but the story of the homepage’s recent overhaul is a happy one, according to Tapan Bhat.  Bhat shared some impressive statistics at Yahoo’s Analyst Day Meeting.

NASDAQ Launches Social Networking Site

NASDAQ, the world’s largest exchange company, has launched its own social networking site called NASDAQ Community, aimed at people in the financial sector.

"NASDAQ Community promotes market transparency and investor education through active engagement among people with shared interests," said John Jacobs, Executive Vice 

YouTube Launches Promoted Videos In Australia, Japan
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YouTube’s Promoted Videos program has spread again.  In addition to Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S., promoted videos are now available in Australia and Japan.

If you’re not familiar with the Promoted Videos program, the following video does a pretty good job of explaining its purpose (odd motorcycle accident metaphor aside):

Picking Your Online Reputation Battles
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Part of managing your online reputation involves your strategy for handling the negative commentary that you acquire. If you write articles on the Internet, use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets, or simply have a prodcut that people talk about, there is a very good chance you will encounter comments somewhere on the web that are less than favorable.

Beware the Emails of Halloween
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Symantec’s MessageLabs released its Intelligence Report for the month of October, and it reveals the that the spammers behind the biggest botnets – Cutwail, Rustock and Donbot – are using the upcoming major holidays and world events as the themes for their the latest spam runs. This is not particularly surprising news, but it is news that people should be aware of nevertheless.

Disney Rolls Out iPhone App

The app features Disney content including characters, music, video and games. Disney says content in the app will be updated regularly with the latest news and entertainment from the company.

The new Disney App offers a "Click2Life" feature, which works by allowing iPhone users to take pictures of images from Disney.com that will come to life within the app and turn into a 3D image.

L.A. Approves $7.25 Million Google Apps Contract
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The City of Angels has shown a great deal of faith in Google.  Late yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a $7.25 million contract that’ll have all branches of the city’s government adopting Google Apps over the next eight or so months.

Amazon and Walmart Engage in Price War Over Holiday Book Shoppers

Amazon and Walmart have been engaged in an online price war over holiday sales of bargain books. The whole thing began when Walmart announced that it would let customers preorder 10 of the most highly anticipated upcoming books for as little as $10 each. In a matter of hours, Amazon matched the price for all of the same books. Walmart then dropped the price to $9. Then Amazon did the same.

Google “Similar Images” Feature Goes From Labs to Actual Feature

Google launched a Google Labs project earlier this year called "Similar Images," as an extension to Google Image Search. It allows users to search for images using pictures instead of words. The project has now graduated from Labs and is now a part of Google Images.