Christian Science Monitor To Move Online Only
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The Christian Science Monitor said Tuesday that it is dropping its daily print format and will move to a daily online publication.

In April of 2009 the Monitor said it will introduce an updated version of its Web site, CSMonitor.com, and launch a weekly print edition and a daily online subscription.

Facebook Planning Overnight Hackathon
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Stay up a little too late, and you might get tired.  Stay up way too late – think weeks of insomnia – and you may start to lose it.  But somewhere in between, creativity strikes a lot of people, and Facebook’s planning an overnight hackathon to take advantage of this fact.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Take On Free Speech Restrictions

This is one of those posts where you get to tell me what opinion Marketing Pilgrim should take.

The WSJ is reporting that Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have agreed to follow a common set of principles that will govern how they do business in countries that might restrict free speech.

Google Adds Gadgets to Gmail
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Google is continuing on its roll of cranking out new features for Gmail. This time, it is a few projects from Gmail Labs that let you add gadgets to Gmail. So far, you can add the Google Calendar and Docs gadgets.

Nielsen Puts Google Down In September Search Rankings
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According to Nielsen Online, nothing earth-shattering happened in terms of search rankings between August and September; Google didn’t finally corner three-fourths of the market, and no major competitors switched positions.  There were some significant losses and gains, though, and they affected the top search companies.

Terrorists On Twitter?
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Terrorists. In your closet, under your bed, on Twitter. And Army intelligence, your big brother, is watching closely. Be careful throwing the word “Hezbollah” around in your tweets.

Google Weighs Larger Energy Investments
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Google is looking to put more focus on the energy industry in hopes of creating a business opportunity.

Local Customers Use Internet More Than Yellow Pages

A new study has revealed that print yellow pages are no longer the main way customers seek local information. The internet (through search engines, local directories etc.) is now the top way consumers look for local information.

Google Resolves Book Search Lawsuits

Google’s book-scanning and -sharing problems are, in short, almost gone.  Pending the approval of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Google has agreed to a host of steps that will satisfy the Authors Guild, John Wiley & Sons, the McGraw-Hill Companies, Pearson Education, the Penguin Group, and Simon & Schuster.

Election Coverage On Twitter

Here is a great use of Twitter and Web 2.0.

MTV Website Trying To Find People To View Music Videos

Mtv_music The original go to place for music videos has launched a new web site aime

Social Networking Happy Birthday Stats

Facebook, Inc.Image via Wikipedia

Is Social Media Good or Bad For Business?
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Business owners often struggle with the question of whether or not their employees should be using social media in the workplace. There are obvious reasons why they shouldn’t, but there are certainly potential benefits as well, and unfortunately not a lot of clarity to the matter. So let’s look at this from several different angles.


Google, Yahoo And Microsoft Adopt Human Rights Rules

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are set to adopt a new set of guidelines on how to do business in countries that restrict free speech and expression.

MTV Offering…Music Videos?
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MTVWith the launch of a single site, MTV has apparently put my biggest knock against the network to bed. That’s the lack of music videos of course.

Guy Goes to Jail After Pointing Cops to His YouTube Video
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What you post about yourself online can come back to haunt you. Who doesn’t know this? Well, a motorcyclist in the UK named Sandor Ferenci apparently didn’t until now. He posted videos of himself doing tricks and speeding at 130 miles-per-hour around Banbury, Oxfordshire before being arrested.

Google Increasing Ad Saturation
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If you can think of a way in which Google could monetize something, feel free to contact the company; it would probably be all ears.  Google’s made revenue-seeking moves ranging from quite smart to questionable recently, and the sheer volume of them is starting to add up to a significant grab.

Women Driving Online Video Growth
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The growth in the online video audience is no longer being driven by early adopters but has spread to other demographic segments that use it to access media.

Over the past six months, the popularity of online video has grown significantly with women and older consumers, helping to close the age and gender gap within the growing online video audience in the U.S. according to data from Ipsos Media CT’s Motion study.

Report: MySpace Closing Netherlands Office

Ever hear of Hyves?  MySpace has.  The Dutch social network, which boasts around seven million members, kept MySpace Netherlands from establishing much of a market share, and seems to have been a big reason Rupert Murdoch’s property decided to close its Amsterdam office.

Social Media Causing Data Leaks At Work
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For large companies, the costs associated with malware now amount to an average of more than $125,000 per month.

The costs of repairing malware attacks and corporate data leaks have increased along with employee usage of Web 2.0, and social media at work, according to a study commissioned by FaceTime Communications.

The use of social media applications is popular with more than 60 percent of all companies surveyed having eight or more these applications in use on their networks.

How Smart Are The Candidates?
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If you had to rely on the Internet to tell you how smart 2008’s presidential and vice presidential candidates are, your journey would end either without an answer (if you have a sufficient IQ of your own) or some wildly skewed perceptions (if you are, kindly, a trusting soul).

Cox To Rollout Wireless Service
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Cox Communications has announced it will offer its customers wireless service in 2009, including, digital cable, high-speed Internet and telephone.

The company says the move is a milestone as it was the first to introduce a voice, video and data bundle to the marketplace in 1997. Today, 64 percent of Cox customers by multiple services from the company and one-third subscribe to all three offerings.

Google Earth On The iPhone

When Google first launched Google Earth, you pretty much needed a cutting-edge PC in order to power it. My, how far it’s come! Today, Google has announced it has managed to stuff Google Earth into an iPhone/iPod Touch application–which you can download for free!

Here’s what you can do with Google Earth on your iCandy iPhone:

Google Street View Expected To Launch In Spain

You know the routine: small cars weighed down with large cameras are spotted in some city.  Then, without any warning, a Google Street View update occurs weeks or months later.  But it looks like photos of Spain should become public in the very near future, and a more comprehensive international release schedule may also have been made known.

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