Google Books Gets A Little More Organized

Big libraries are neat – the idea of having so much information (and entertainment) available in one place is just inherently attractive.  The trouble is, big libraries can also be overwhelming, and so Google Books has tried to make its own virtual library a little more accessible by creating a list of available magazines.

Google Tests New AdSense Interface
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Google announced the beta testing of a new AdSense interface today. It is being tested with a small group of publishers. Google says the new interface was designed based on the top three requests from users:

CNN.com Launches News Trivia Quiz

CNN.com said Thursday it is introducing a new interactive online news trivia quiz called the CNN Challenge.

CNN Challenge will focus on both historical news events and the top stories of the week. New quizzes about historical events will be available every Tuesday and Wednesday, and a new current news quiz will be available every Thursday.

Yahoo Challenges YouTube On Music Video Front

Watching music videos on YouTube can be an annoying process insofar as, when you search for an artist’s name or album’s title, you’re sure to be shown all sorts of unorganized results and amateurs’ covers.  But today, Yahoo tried to make sure no one has the same problem when using one of its services.

New Bing Commercial Inspired By The Shining
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Microsoft must be really into Halloween this year, as they’ve relesaed two "Halloween oriented" commercials for their latest search engine, Bing.

More Stories Get a Shot at the Digg Home Page

Digg has launched a new homepage voting experiment called Digg Trends. The feature will promote "certain highly active stories" as they are trending, not unlike Twitter’s trending topics.

The feature could give stories a better chance of getting more exposure when they otherwise wouldn’t necessarily made it to the front page. Digg’s Kurt Wilms explains:

MySpace To Miss $100 Million From Google Search Deal
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Way back in 2006, MySpace and Google signed a three-year deal that was supposed to have the search giant become the social network’s exclusive search provider in exchange for $900 million.  Now, unfortunately for MySpace, around $100 million of that amount isn’t going to change hands.

Watch: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Talk YouTube

YouTube has partnered with Funny or Die, the video comedy site founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, the duo behind such cinematic comedy gems as Anchorman and Talladega Nights. There is now a Funny or Die YouTube channel, and YouTube is giving it special promotion on the site’s home page.

Ferrell and McKay have uploaded the following video talking about YouTube:

Technorati CEO Talks State of the Blogosphere
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Update 2: Here is our exlcusive interview with Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra from the BlogWorld Expo this past weekend:




Walmart.com Offering Top 10 Pre-Order DVDs For $10

Walmart.com said Thursday it will start offering its Top 10 pre-order DVD movie titles at just $10 each as well as "free home delivery" on its entire catalog of DVD and Blu-ray titles (excluding box sets).

Microsoft, Yahoo May Extend Partnership Outside The U.S.
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Microsoft’s CEO isn’t getting ahead of himself; for the time being, Steve Ballmer’s taking a "first things first" approach.  However, he indicated today that if the proposed U.S.-only Microsoft-Yahoo search partnership goes through, an international agreement may follow.

Google Puts All of Your Personal Info in One Place

Google has launched what it calls the Google Dashboard, which is a central place Google users can go to find their data for different Google products they use when signed into a Google account. It also provides direct links to control your personal settings.

Will Hulu Charge For Content in 2010?
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Recently, at the B&C OnScreen Summit, News Corp’s Deputy Chairman, Chase Carey, revealed that Hulu will begin charging users to view their content in 2010. "It’s time to start getting paid for broadcast content online", Carey said.

Pew: Technology Hasn’t Made Us Hermits

Good news, people: according to the latest info from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, we’re not turning into a bunch of grouches who want to do little besides stare at computer screens.  As it took statistics dating back to 1985 into account, Pew even found a couple of instances in which technology seems to have made folks more sociable over the years.

Google Top Search Engine In The Asia-Pacific Region

Internet users in the Asia-Pacific region conducted a record 38.6 billion searches in September, with searchers averaging nearly 88 queries per person, according to a new report from comScore.

Google sites ranked as the top search destination with nearly 17 billion searches on its sites during the month, representing a 44.1 percent share of all searches in the region. Baidu landed in the second spot with 8.2 billion searches (21.3% share), while Yahoo sites ranked third with 5.3 billion searches (13.8% share).

Google Further Customizes the News Experience

Google has launched a new Google News feature called the Custom Sections Directory. This is a page where users can go to find and create customized sections covering narrower topics to put on their Google News homepages or share with other users.

Novell Tries To Ride On Google Wave

When Google Wave was first released, it impressed a lot of people from a technical standpoint.  The trouble was, no one could figure out a practical use for it.  Now, Novell has decided to take a shot, announcing a service known as Pulse.

NY AG Hits Intel With Antitrust Suit
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New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed a federal antitrust lawsuit Wednesday, against Intel, the world’s largest maker of computer chips.

The suit says Intel violated state and federal anti-monopoly laws by engaging in a global campaign of illegal conduct revealed in emails, in order to maintain its monopoly power and prices in the market for chips.

Google Launches Analytics for Mobile Apps

Google has launched Google Analytics for Mobile Apps. The reports that are available as a result of last week’s expansion of mobile reporting features are now available for mobile apps as well.

Apple App Store Hits 100,000

Apple said today developers have created over 100,000 apps for its App Store, making it the largest application store in the world.

iPhone and iPod touch users in 77 countries can choose from a range of apps in 20 categories, including games, business, news, sports, health, reference and travel. App Store users have downloaded over two billion apps since the launch of the store 16 months ago.

Google Aims to Put the “Friend” in Friend Connect

Google has launched some new features for Google Friend Connect, aimed at letting site owners make their GFC experience more personalized and letting their visitors get to know each other.

A representative for Google tells WebProNews that 9 million sites are using Google Friend Connect, and pages with GFC get over half a billion unique visitors a month. Two people join every second, she says.

Social Media Playing Role In U.S. Policy Making

Senior staff in the U.S. Congress and European Parliaments regularly access digital outlets and social media to research, influence and set policy, according to a new study by StrategyOne.

Nearly every staffer (96%) uses online resources for public policy research, more than half (54%) reported learning of policy issues for the first time online and (19%) actually changed policy positions based on information and opinions they found online.

More Microsoft Layoffs On The Way
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Earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hit a pessimistic note by saying that he expected to see IT spending growth, but not recovery.  Now, it seems that Microsoft is about to prove it’s still in recession mode, as rumors of imminent layoffs are circulating.

PayPal to Take Over Mobile and Social Apps
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PayPal has opened its global payments platform called PayPal X, providing new APIs, a new developer portal, and some introductory services pricing to help developers take advantage of PayPal X to build businesses.

"The whole world is going digital, and the future of how we communicate, how we get information, and even how we transact, is in the hands of developers," said PayPal President Scott Thompson. "The network is the platform on which the potential of digital money will be fully realized."