Man in UK Sentenced for Facebook Slaughter
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Back in February a man named Wayne Forrester murdered his wife Emma in cold blood (and a cocaine and alcohol-fueled daze) by stabbing her in the head and neck with a kitchen knife and meat cleaver. The reason he did this he said, was because she changed her Facebook profile to "single" shortly after he moved out of their home.

Today, Forrester was sentenced to life in jail, and ordered to serve a minimum of 14 years. BBC News reports:

Circuit City Promotes What Should Have Been Already
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Circuit City stock was perhaps rather attractive to some at around a dollar per share; in a weird twist it’s somehow less attractive at 39 cents—maybe it’s the stink of death all around it, maybe that’s what Blockbuster smelled when they pulled out of an acquisition deal.

Yahoo’s Openness To Search
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Yahoo announced that they have integrated a couple of applications from their SearchMonkey project into everyday search results for users of the Yahoo search engine. The two integrated apps are from Citysearch and Zagat, which Yahoo intends to use for improved local search results along with Yelp and its own Yahoo Local results.

Google Gives You “First Click Free”

One of the most annoying things for a web user is to search the whole web, find what looks like a desired result and then end up being on a log-in-page.

These pages have just one motto in mind… Give us money, else go away! Personally, I find it more convenient to move away from that page because I always feel that I can find that information on other pages as well.

New Words for New Times
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I’m not a fan of so-called “leet” (1337) speak; it seems to have spawned in a different universe than the one in which I was formed—a world where direct vs. indirect object drills were as commonplace as batting practice. That “w00t,” a “word” I couldn’t wrap my mind around three years ago, is now recognized by Webster is maddening.

Bloggers Spill Canadian Election Beans
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Canada’s a big country, spanning six time zones, so when an election takes place, results from one end can come in well before the other side’s done voting.  Some bloggers recently created a hubbub by ignoring this situation.

Can Jupitermedia Rise Again?
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Jupitermedia has great assets, a long history and is still run by the founder, Alan Meckler, who built the company from the ground up. As of this writing JUPM is at 45 cents a share, which values the company at only $16.25 million. It appears that there is no rational reason to explain this low valuation except that there are apparently very few investors interested in the stock.

Facebook Mulls Digital Music Business
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Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly considering entering into the digital music business and becoming a streaming competitor to iTunes and MySpace.

Zuckerberg is in talks with several song streaming services and music community sites including Rhapsody.com, iMeem.com, iLike.com, and Lala.com, sources familiar with the situation said, according to the New York Post.

Hitwise Shows Top 20 Popular Sites
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Hitwise has released data looking at the 20 most popular websites for September, ranked by market share of visits. I don’t think you’ll be very surprised with number 1.

Google Warning Sites About Security Issues
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Like a stranger who follows you for 16 miles to let you know a taillight’s out, Google’s got webmasters’ backs.  The search giant plans to start telling some individuals about potential security problems with their content management systems and publishing platforms.

MySpace Could Reach A Billion This Year
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MySpaceThings aren’t looking too bad for MySpace right now in the financial department. As the economy is in a shambles, MySpace seems to be one of the businesses poised to overcome it and actually see growth.

Playboy Drops DVDs for Online Video
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PlayboyIf this isn’t a shining example that online video is taking over, I don’t know what is. Playboy is going so far as to completely shut down their DVD business to move all of their video content to the Internet.

"Unlike other companies that began in print, we have profitable television, online and mobile businesses, which have domestic and international growth potential," said CEO Christine Hefner.

Yahoo Cutting 3,500 Jobs?
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If a recent leak of information is true, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and board chairman Roy Bostock are looking worse and worse. Remember all that grandstanding last spring about employee severances and retention packages when Microsoft’s offer to buy was still on the table?

Remember the nasty letters between Carl Icahn and Bostock about that and how Bostock seemed to be looking out for employees and Icahn said it was just a poison pill to add a couple of billion to the price tag and dissuade Microsoft?


Live: Google Realistic, But Optimistic
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Let out that held breath, everybody – Google had a good third quarter.  While the company didn’t destroy estimates as it’s done in the past, such behavior could hardly be expected at this point, and Google at least managed to improve its performance in most respects.

All of this led to some rather happy and enthusiastic behavior on the part of investors.  Google’s stock has gone up 7.86 percent so far in after hours trading. 

Here are notes from the live conference call:

YouTube Rejects McCain Campaign Request
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Earlier this week, general counsel for the McCain campaign petitioned YouTube to give special treatment to political ads scrubbed from the site because of DMCA take down notices. General counsel for YouTube roundly rejected that request.

Google Announces Third Quarter Results

Google has released its third quarter results, and things are looking all right so far.  The company managed to bring in $5.54 billion in revenue, and this was up from both last quarter and the third quarter of last year.  Net income increased in a similar manner, reaching $1.35 billion.

Eric Schmidt wasn’t as positive as he’s been at other times, giving Google some wiggle room in terms of short-term performance, but seems to feel that things are solid and the company is heading in the right direction.

Ballmer Talks About Yahoo!
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been talking about Yahoo again. According to MarketWatch, Ballmer said the deal would still "make sense economically."

SpinSpotter Lets Community Fight Spin

Here’s a site destined for greatness and future abuse: SpinSpotter, now in “very” beta, and their Spinoculars toolbar. Tired of the liberal media being in the tank for Obama? Maybe you’re sick of the corporate media suppressing important news about their in-the-pocket Republicans. Or maybe you see how the 24/7 news cycle has turned once diligent and tenacious journalists into copy-and-paste-and-post PR hacks.

Internet Use Improves Brainpower
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Searching online is better than reading books for increasing the brainpower of middle-aged and older adults, new research indicates.

A University of California Los Angles team of scientists found searching on the Internet stimulates parts of the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning.

The findings come from a study of 24 volunteers aged 55 to 76 who were asked to either search online or read while their brains were scanned using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Google Explains Quality Scores
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It’s kind of nifty how forthcoming Google has been with the transparency lately. For the longest time, trying to get anything out of them was like trying to squeeze a nickel out of Ed McMahon. The latest explanations of how things work is a blog post describing how quality scores work and why the highest bidder doesn’t always get highest placement in the sponsored results.

Android App Kill Switch Noticed

The term "kill switch" isn’t too friendly-sounding, and the idea behind it – that some entity can step in and shut things down whenever it pleases – doesn’t do much for most people, either.  But following the discovery of an Android kill switch, it looks like everything’s going okay for Google.

Google Strikes Two New Deals For TV Ads
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Google is making a bigger push with its Google TV Ads and announced on Thursday that it has struck partnership deals with the Harris Corporation, makers of communications equipment and CoreMedia Systems, a direct response advertising company.

The Harris Corporation will integrate Google TV Ads into the products it sells to media and communications companies. Harris says the partnership with Google will create a new sales channel for broadcasters, cable networks and cable system operators.

Google Doubles Book Search Partners

Google really has the ball rolling on the controversial Google Book Search project. Reuters is reporting that 20,000 publishers have signed on over the last year, doubling the number of partners that Google has. The company has also added two new library partners over the last year bringing that number up to 29.

Google Lifting Ban On Gambling Ads
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Great Britain is not, according to most accounts, the gambling capital of the world.  Nonetheless, the area has received a special nod of sorts as Google is preparing to end a ban on gambling ads.