Big Company Exploiting Twitter?
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Twitter can be gamed too? Who would have thought? If there is a way to get promotion from a popular social site, you know that it will be taken advantage of. It just becomes a matter of competition at some point, perhaps even with people being paid to help with that promotion (right Diggers?).

Scandal Puts A Hurtin’ On Baidu
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BaiduYou may have heard that China’s number one search engine Baidu has been the subject of some scandalous accusations lately. As a result, stock has plummeted, and so have advertising revenues for the company.

A Little Background

Amazon Closing Alexa Web Search
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Amazon has been pretty busy this Thanksgiving break, not only are they dealing with the hoards of online shoppers they’re also quietly shutting down one of their web services… Alexa Web Search.

BT In Trouble Over Secret Behavioral Ad Tests
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Did BT illegally test a new online advertising system on their customers without consent? That’s currently what British prosecutors are trying to determine.

Top Five Blackberry Storm Reviews
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The new BlackBerry storm mobile device hit store shelves on Friday and sold over 100,000 units over the weekend according to InformationWeek. Not all of us are so eager to plop down our hard earned money without getting to know a device a little better though. Thankfully, there are plenty of people to review it and give us walkthroughs of the device’s capabilities, five of which are the subjects of this article.

Google Launches Google Analytics Forums
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Google PagesAnyone whose used the Help Center over at Google knows that it leaves something to be desired in regards to Google Analytics, and other topics. Sure, you seem to always find something related, but not quite enough to help you out.

Cyber Monday Tips from the Google AdWords Crew
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And Cyber Monday edges closer still. We’re at about five days now. Of course, we’ve still got Black Friday to deal with and last year shoppers spent around $531 Million online just on that day. Follow Amazon’s example and get ready for that.

FCC Could Lose Broadcast Censorship Authority
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The current FCC is using its numbered days to petition the Supreme Court to uphold its authority over fleeting material in broadcast programming. If Chairman Kevin Martin & Co. fail to get a sympathetic ear from the highest court, the fat lady could be singing one foul tune as failed regulators exit stage right, and that might be a good thing.

LinkedIn Invades France
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Okay that may have been a bit over dramatic, what I meant is that LinkedIn is now accessible en Français. Oo-La-La. A few of the LinkedIn employees put together the following video to welcome the new French site users.

eBay Traffic Stats In Near Freefall
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Remember the dive-bombing plane sound we’d make as little kids?  "Neeeerrrrowwww."  That same noise is perhaps the most succinct way of describing what’s happening to traffic-related eBay statistics.

Google Wants Chrome To Go Bigtime Next Year
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A market share of 0.74 percent is not good for morale at most companies, and perhaps all the less so at Google, where (Lively debacle aside) things tend to go well.  So, starting in January, the search giant’s going to take some rather unusual steps towards improving Google Chrome’s position.

Paid Links Go Underground
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For every abolition an underground emerges. Google’s not exactly the law, and bootleggers during Prohibition didn’t exactly offer seminars about avoiding the revenuers. Todd Mailcoat, Rand Fishkin, John Lessnau, with six middle fingers between them, offer no such discretion and invited PubCon attendees under the table in a session titled Linkfluence: How to Buy Links With Maximum Juice and Minimum Risk.

Hotmail Team Getting Ready For Hotmail
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The Windows Hotmail Team has been responding to users feedback on the recent updates to Windows Live Hotmail.

The Hotmail Team says it has fixed problems surrounding using larger text size in the browser, viewing favorite contacts and accessing Hotmail from Firefox on Linux.

The next update to Hotmail is scheduled for mid-December and will focus on how scrolling works.

The Internet’s Role in Gay Rights Activism
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Not unlike President-Elect Barack Obama’s campaign for the Presidency, protestors fighting for gay rights are using the Internet as one of their biggest weapons in the battle for equality. More specifically, countless websites (and social network groups) have sprung up in support of gay rights. Sites like JoinTheImpact.com and MarriageEquality.org to name a couple.

eHarmony Settles Lawsuit, Starts Gay Site
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eHarmony is releasing a new same-sex matching service starting by the end of March. This service is the product of legal problems the company has been dealing with out of New Jersey and California. A gay man in Jersey sued the company for not catering to same-sex relationships as a violation of his rights in the state of New Jersey, and earlier in the year, a gay woman from San Francisco filed a suit against the company for being denied access to eHarmony’s service because of her sexuality.

YouTube Goes Big and Wide
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YouTube has now launched a bigger version of its video player. The decision to do so came after a large amount of feedback about things that users would like to change about the site indicated the need for a bigger size.

Optimizing Your Site When It’s Huge
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How do you optimize your site for the search engines when you have hundreds of thousands of pages of content? That’s a big job and can get increasingly difficult as the days pass and more pages are created. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems though.

Live Search Updates Webmaster Center
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Microsoft Live Search unveiled its Webmaster Center Fall Update today, which includes two new features, one for combating malware, the other to simplify the authentication process.

Nielsen: People Watching More TV Than Ever
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Americans are gluing themselves to the screen more and more. That includes TV, Internet, and Mobile. According to research from Nielsen, as of the third quarter 2008, the average person in the U.S. watched approximately 142 hours of TV in one month.  In addition, people who used the Internet were online 27 hours a month, and people who used a mobile phone spent 3 hours a month watching mobile video.

Woman Found Guilty In MySpace Suicide Case
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A Missouri woman who prosecutors say caused a 13-year-old neighbor girl to commit suicide by harassing her via MySpace was acquitted Wednesday of felony charges of accessing a computer without authorization.

Facebook Shows Off Its Flexibility

Facebook just wants you to know: it’s a friggin’ Swiss Army knife.  Over the past few days, a flurry of posts on the company’s official blog have highlighted ways in which the social network is offering interesting new features or playing important roles in people’s lives.

Online Sales Are Down, But Are They Out?

It’s officially over folks. We are going back to slide rules and abacuses. Throw away your computers because there is a report that in the first 23 days of November online sales overall is off – gulp- 4%. That’s right 4%.

MPAA Knocks Movie Fan Site Offline
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When the realities of business and art crash into each other, it’s usually art that suffers. Bulls and China shops come to mind, as does the MPAA and the Internet. The Motion Picture Association of America’s latest pile of previously beautiful bits: Fanedit.org.

Social Network Users Ignore Most Ads
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While social networking continues to remain popular and grow, advertisers looking to grab users attention are seeing low click-through rates according to a new survey from IDC.

There are four major reasons why people use social networks: to connect and communicate; in response to peer-pressure; for entertainment; and for work-related purposes.