Digg CEO Announces Big Layoffs
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Six weeks after becoming Digg’s CEO, Matt Williams has made a tough call.  Williams announced today that he intends to lay off 37 percent of the organization’s employees in an effort to keep Digg out of the red.

Google Likened To World’s Second-Biggest ISP
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Earlier this year, Arbor Networks took a moment to consider the idea of Google as an ISP, and determined that the search giant would actually be the third-largest carrier in the world.  Now Arbor Networks has revisited the concept, and it believes Google’s moved up a step in the rankings.

Amazon Says New Kindle Sales Better Than Last Year

Amazon.com today said its latest Kindle eReader is the bestselling product on its U.S. and U.K. Websites.

Without giving specific numbers, Amazon said sales of its new Kindle have already surpassed total devices sales from October through December 2009.

Android Market Reaches 100,000 Apps

So far, Google hasn’t celebrated with any public parties or press conferences.  Not even with a short press release or tiny blog post.  This morning, Google just used a Twitter account to announce the fact that the Android Market’s now populated by 100,000 apps.

You can see the seven-word tweet for yourself below.  It was sent from a somewhat out-of-the-way account the Android team uses to communicate with developers.

Half Of Americans Say Social Network Users Share Too Much
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Half of Americans who use social networking sites have seen people share to much personal information, yet more than a quarter (28%) rarely think about what could happened if they share too much personal information online, according a new survey from Lawyers.com.

UK Privacy Authority Expands Google Inquiry

Google may soon make British history, but not in way that will make anyone proud.  Due to the company’s admission that its Street View cars sometimes collected entire emails and passwords while taking pictures, Google could become the first organization to be fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

eBay Partners With Groupon On Daily Deals
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eBay has partnered with social shopping website Groupon, to offer daily deals from Groupon throughout its site.

Groupon Members of the eBay Bucks Rewards Program who purchase Groupon deals from the eBay site earn 5% of the purchase price back in eBay Bucks.  Groupon is available in more than 100 North American markets and offers nearly 200 deals per day; eBay will use geolocation to find the closest deal for each user.

PBS Introduces New Website

PBS has introduced a beta version of a new PBS.org with a focus on local content from member stations, full TV episodes and auto-localization features.

The new PBS.org features member station and partner content along with national productions as part of the home page, topic pages, special features and series sites.

PBS.org is automatically localized so visitors can view video, TV schedule information and content that is specific to their community.


Google Hints At Arrival Of Next Android Version
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The version of Android that’ll follow the version codenamed "Froyo" should be released any time now.  To celebrate its arrival, Google has already taken the step of installing a large statue of a gingerbread man on the company’s campus in Mountain View.

Space: No Longer the Final Frontier for Foursquare

It seems that Space is no longer the final frontier when talking about Foursquare check-ins. Douglas Wheelock, a NASA astronaut, has checked into the International Space Station using the location-based app. For this simple feat, Wheelock was "awarded" the very first NASA Explorer Badge. Bow before it Foursquare geeks.

Apple vs. Google: Who Wins This One?
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The bickering between Apple and Google continues. It’s gotten to the point where at just about every event where one of these companies has an announcement (at least within the mobile space), they take not so subtle jabs at one another. 

Which mobile operating system will win out in the end? Apple’s iOs? Google’s Android? Share your thoughts here

Does Urgency Matter More in Email Than in Social Media?
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Flock, creator of the social web browser, sent WebProNews some interesting findings about the social media habits of consumers. One finding we found particularly interesting was that based on responses to a survey from the company, 74% say they feel pressure to respond to emails within a day, while only 52% feel the same about Facebook postings.

Study Finds People More Likely To Lie On Twitter

Some people have complained that it’s hard to get much information out of someone in 140 characters.  It may also be more difficult to obtain the truth.  A study has found (or confirmed, if you like) that individuals are more honest when dealing with each other face-to-face than when using Twitter.

Pro Blogger Darren Rowse on Taking Blogging From a Hobby to a Business
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Few people are more highly regarded in the blogging-for-business world than Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net. He has essentially set the blueprint for how to turn a blog into a business, and is one of the go-to sources for tips on how to do as much. He had a chat with WebProNews at BlogWorld last week, after speaking in one of the more popular keynotes at the event.

Google Implements Stricter Internal Privacy Regs
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Again and again, Google’s apologized for collecting sensitive WiFi data while taking pictures for its Street View program.  Now the search giant’s issued another apology, and also announced several concrete steps it’s taking to ensure nothing similar happens in the future.

You Can Now View Query Path Reports in AdWords Search Funnels
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Google introduced a new feature to its AdWords Search Funnels today: the Top Paths (Query Paths) report. Search Funnels are a set of reports that describe ad click and impression behavior on Google.com that leads up do a conversion.  

Using Social Media As A PR Tool For Your Business
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If  you want to promote your product, brand or business you need to branch out from just using traditional public realtions tools such as press releases.

Coverage of SES Chicago will continue.  Stay with WebProNews for more notes from the event this week.

Reputation Management Should Be Proactive, Not Reactive
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Fionn Downhill, CEO of reputation management firm Elixer Interactive and Attorney Geoffrey Wozman spoke in a session at SES Chicago called "Brand, Trademark & Reputation Management." Downhill says online reputation management combines marketing and public relations. 

Rumors Hint At Hulu Plus Price Cut

With its limited selection of content, still-present ads, and price of $9.99 per month, Hulu Plus doesn’t appear to have been a hit so far.  Now, however, there’s a rumor Hulu’s going to see what sort of interest there is at the price point of $4.95 per month.

Peter Kafka‘s usually-reliable sources told him that discussions are underway.  They didn’t guarantee that a change will take place, or indicate when the matter might be decided for sure.

ABC, NBC, CBS Block Content from Viewers Using Google TV
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Not only is Hulu being blocked on Google TV, but so is the content at network sites like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Essentially, the TV stations are just blocking people from watching their content on the web (via their own sites). I’m having a hard time figuring out why this makes sense for a variety of reasons. 

First of all, Google TV is simply providing a web browser for users to access web content on their TVs. With regard to the content, it’s no different than if you were to hook up your computer to your TV and go to these stations’ sites. 

Iffy Forecast Overshadows Positive Earnings For Amazon
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This afternoon, Amazon delivered its third quarter earnings report, and just about everything pertaining to the period ending September 30th was positive.  Unfortunately for Amazon, shareholders are sending the stock lower in after-hours trading due to lower margins and concern about the fourth quarter.

We’ll start with the good news, at least.  Amazon reported $7.56 billion in revenue versus estimates of $7.35 billion.  Earnings per share hit $0.51, too, rather than $0.48.

Google’s Q3 Lobbying Costs: $1.2 Million

Anyone interested in keeping track of Google’s lobbying habits can now put a new data point on their graphs.  Consumer Watchdog reported today that the company spent $1.2 million in the third quarter of this year, up from $1.08 million a year ago.

That represents an 11 percent increase, which is perhaps not too startling.  In fairness to Google, we’ll also note here that plenty of other corporations splurge lots more in an attempt to make friends with Congress (Microsoft spent $1.63 million in the third quarter, for example).

AmEx and Yahoo Partner on Small Business Resources

Yahoo and American Express have expanded upon an existing partnership to offer small business owners new tools and content. The features will be available via a new Yahoo Business Solutions site that AmEx is sponsoring, located within Yahoo Small Business.

Using Social And Local Search For Your Business
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 Local search and social media are becoming increasingly important for all businesses.