Oscar Pistorius In Hiding, Surrounded By Pics Of Girlfriend

    May 31, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Oscar Pistorius has gone into hiding since he shot and killed his girlfriend, model and law school graduate Reeva Steenkamp. He now lives with his uncle in Pretoria, South Africa, and would be unrecognizable to anyone who knew him before the tragic incident.

Pistorius’ uncle, Arnold, says his nephew is inconsolable and has surrounded himself with photos of Reeva; while the state prosecutors want to try him for murder, the Olympian claims it was a horrible accident. The trial won’t begin until at least early next year.

“What can you say if the person you love the most dies, and you were the instrument? How would you feel? It’s unthinkable,” Arnold Pistorius said. “He’s got photos in his room, photos all over the place. He’s housebound, you know. He doesn’t go out in public places.”

Pistorius was charged with Steenkamp’s murder after he shot her in the early morning hours on Valentine’s Day. He says he heard noises in the bathroom and thought it was an intruder and, after retrieving his gun, shot through the bathroom door. The double-amputee claims he thought Steenkamp was still in bed and that it was dark in the bedroom.

However, officials say that Steenkamp suffered wounds on her arms that looked defensive, and stories began floating around the web that it might have been a domestic violence dispute that led to the shooting. As attorneys prepare for the trial, a staggering amount of evidence will have to be examined. Pistorius faces another court hearing next Tuesday.

  • mindy

    I believe he’s guilty. Reeva hid in the bathroom, he kept shooting through the door as reported. I feel she screamed for him to stop. Who in that situation wouldn’t be screaming @their boyfriend shooter 2stop? Yet, he continued 2shoot her.He thought she was an intruder? He didn’t recognize Reeva’s voice? He murdered her.
    He’s rich, could make more $$, but not in prison. Oscar, you sound like a greedy & psychotic LIAR.

    • Phyllis

      yes, Oscar is guilty and should pay the price. What does Reeva’s family surround themselves with, he took a young and promising life
      probably over his own insecurity, more than likely sexual.
      Bet this misogynist society ( South Africa) let’s him go free

      • Pat

        It’s amazing how many of you know what happened. No one knows if he did it or not.

        • Not pat

          Hey pat, you going to defend this killer comment by comment. Get a life.

    • JK SA

      Now his family tries to cover up for him
      They should have raised him better – he needed discipline with all his previous mishaps. This is what happens if you dont discipline your children
      If Reeva was my daughter I ll take out both pistorius boys, then surround me with their pics and say how sorry I am for being intoxicated at the time

  • faith grasso



    • t

      ewwww, what a horrible comment.

  • Felix

    Yes i bet he feels very guilty about murdering his girl on cold blood.

    • Pat

      ok, you don’t know either.

  • ian

    First he said it was a burglar…now a terrible accident…..are we suppose to feel sorry for this murderer?

    • Bob

      One doesn’t preclude the other. If he thought he was shooting a burglar who turned out to be his girlfriend then he would have accidentally shot her. Not saying the guy is innocent, just that your logic doesn’t really hold water.

    • Pat

      Oh, do you know what happened????

  • http://www.onlinecoms.com Ernest Yinkfu

    Oscar Pistorius is mere pretending to be remorseful so that the presiding judge becomes sympathetic with him. He drugged himself, killed in a cold blooded manner his girlfriend under the pretext that he suspected it was an intruder. How could that be when across an opaque door he shot four times with military precision this poor girl of blessed memory. He needs to rot in prison.

  • Ricky

    When will he start acting in movies? Seems he is doing some great acting since he killed her. Change of appearance, saying stupid things, the next Vin Diesel.

  • http://Yahoo Jennifer

    None of us know what really happened that night

  • ridnhigh

    He shot through a door. At the least , he should go to jail for manslauter. Hes already confessed to that. he certainly should not be walking free,he should be in jail now. If he thought there was a burgler why didnt he wake her and warn her to insure her safety, his action say he didnt give a damn about her

    • NIKKI

      Your spelling and grammer says that you don’t give a damn about the english language.

      • asd


  • savgal

    Oh waaaa. Gee…wondering WHO released THIS latest whiney news on “poor ole jealous angry woman-killer”? Hmmm…methinks his legal team, publicist, family members….were responsible. DUH!

    He’s done. Even tho the Judge will PROBABLY hand him over with a slap, we all know this was no “accident”. Fury, drunken anger, and jealousy….a perfect storm along with loaded guns…

    sad shame.

  • Kathy

    No pity here, feel sorry for his girlfriends and that her life ended so soon.

  • warren Johnson

    This guy is a cowardly, murderous mongrel. He flew into a jealous rage and killed the young woman, robbing her of her life. He should not be allowed to live…. If he was even half-way innocent, he would have gone to meet with her parents. The fact that he cannot face the family is highly indicative of guilt. Had I been in his shoes, and innocent, the only people I would want to be close to is Reeva’s family. I would give them every opportunity to reject and try me. Instead he hides out at his uncle like a cowardly cur, and his lawyers and PR teams tries to keep him relevant in the media, testing the water to see what sympathies lie out here for him. There shouldn’t be any….

  • Gotham

    Getting sick of the seemingly endless parade of high-profile, narcisistic murderers trying to get the general public to feel sorry for THEM.

  • Leise

    I have been following this story and am not convinced that Oscar committed first degree murder. I believe that if Oscar had been abusive toward Reeva in any way prior to that night, she would have dumped him like a hot potato. She was a beautiful, strong, independent woman who would not have chosen to be a victim. There were no reports from her family and friends that he had been abusive, just overwhelming or he was moving too fast. There are no reports that he had been abusive toward other women except for a woman who refused to leave a party and he closed the door on her. Oscar is/was extremely paranoid, particularly in his bedroom where he felt vulnerable. The guards in the gated community where he lived had committed crimes against the residents and violence is commonplace.

    Does anyone truly believe that Oscar is not remorseful for killing the woman he loved? Reeva was with Oscar willingly. What in the world could have occurred that would cause him to commit cold blooded murder?

    Oscar was not wearing his prosthesis at the time. If Reeva felt threatened and was attempting to get away from him, why would she trap herself in the bathroom rather than flee the room? Why didn’t she lock the outer door to the bathroom? There were two phones in the bathroom, why didn’t she try to call for help?

    Until all of the facts are presented at trial, Oscar should be regarded as innocent until proven guilty.

    • Ryan

      I agree, Reeva is dead, but it really does seem like this was an accidental shooting and loss of life. Oscar had a history of being very protective of himself well before this tragic accident. Accidental shootings happen all the time around the globe, just look at those that have happened in South Africa and the USA alone! The majority of those committed did not result in trials for murder…This is only news because those involved were high profile people, had it not been Oscar and Reeva, this case would have been closed.

      • kc

        I believe him.

    • Tora

      Why wouldn’t he just look to the other side of the bed and ask if she were ok BEFORE checking on an intruder OR ask “Reeva, is that you?” before firing multiple shots through a closed door? Yes S. Africa has horriffic crime, but wouldn’t you be concerned for your partner enough to check or to ask? Also, as a strong, independent, intelligent woman who lived through an abusive relationship, the misconception that only dumb, weak broads are stupid enough to stay is a sad stereotype. http://www.ted.com/talks/leslie_morgan_steiner_why_domestic_violence_victims_don_t_leave.html

    • pamzy

      there are a lot of women out there who have been abused and stil stay with him because they “love him and think he will change”…

  • indie

    If he is so depressed at what he has done, how come he is still alive?
    Was so easy to put 4 bullets through the head of the one he loved so much and he can’t find 1 for himself now?
    Surrounding himself with Reeva’s pictures is nice and dandy till he gets acquitted. Then he will surround himself with another girl faster than his time on the circuit.
    Just end your low life already and spare us all the drama!

  • Christer

    He should mourn his own stupidity. He must have an IQ well below average. It is beyond me how anybody thinks it is OK to shoot blindly through your own bathroom door without accounting for the inhabitants? What is surprising is how he managed to live his life for so long without a guardian!

  • guy

    if i think a stranger is in my bathroom but do not know where that person is standing. why would i only shoot where that person is sitting on my toilet and not scatter my shots into the room ?

  • cesare

    What is beyond comprehension is the fact that this man keeps on shooting …… Surely Reeva , or anyone else would scream their heads off if they were being shot at?. Or did he shoot so fast to make sure she was dead and could not live to tell the storey….. This man is a actor and skunk… he , his legal team and whatever is being published to paint a picture of a saint to muster public support must realy take us for idiots. Yes the investigators did make errors. I hope these will not frustrate the case. I believe he is as guilty as sin…. let justice prevail…. If there is such a thing.

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