Oregon-Stanford Game Draws Fans To Thursday Football


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Normally, the Thursday night games are not such a big deal, and most people do not tune in to football until Saturday afternoon. However, this week is a bit different, and college football fans are given the opportunity to see a couple of excellent match-ups, especially the face-off between a couple Pac-12 powerhouses during the Oregon-Stanford game.

Oregon and Stanford have both looked impressive throughout the season, and Oregon still remains undefeated with a record of 8-0, while Stanford is 7-1. Oregon is led by their star quarterback Marcus Mariota, who has had all sorts of Heisman Trophy buzz surrounding him and the excellent play that he has shown all year.

As both teams have continually been two of the top teams in the league in the past few years, and especially the Pac-12, each time they meet, it is a big deal for west coast football, which often does not get as much attention.

In each of the past three years, the loser of the game received its only regular season loss, and the winner of course went on to win the Pac-12 title. This year's game is especially important as Oregon, the #2 ranked team heads south to play Stanford in their stadium, which is sold out for the game.

Stanford won last year, and will look to do the same this season with the game being in their home. Stanford was able to hold Oregon to their lowest score all season last year, with only 14 points, and this season the Ducks are averaging 55.6 points per game, which ranks them second in the nation.

Marcus Mariota experienced the only loss of his career in last year's Oregon-Stanford game, and will look to keep it that way with a win this season. He tries to stay positive in the situation and said "When you experience (a loss), it helps you not fear it. There's a lot of times when you go out there and you fear failure and that's not how you should play football." The star quarterback has not thrown an interception since their loss to Stanford in Eugene in 2012.

The Oregon-Stanford should be a very competitive one as they prepare to face off against one another late on Thursday night for those not watching on the west coast. This is the first time that two teams in the top ten have ever played on a Thursday night, making it a memorable one for the players and fans.

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