Omarosa Fired by Donald Trump (Again)

    April 1, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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During her appearance on the first season of The Apprentice, Omarosa Manigault made the show a hit with her portrayal as a confrontational, cutthroat contestant. However, her ruthlessness wasn’t enough to guarantee her the win, and she was fired by Donald Trump halfway through the show.

Manigault went on to become known simply as Omarosa, starring in several reality TV shows. She continued to play up to her reputation, making waves wherever she went.

In the current season of Celebrity Apprentice, Omarosa has finally returned to the show that made her a reality TV star. Unfortunately, she has now heard Trump tell her she is fired for a second time.

This week on the show, Omarosa entered the boardroom with Dennis Rodman and Lil Jon. While arguing for her place on the show, Piers Morgan, working on Trump’s side of the desk, told Omarosa that she is “not a celebrity.”

Despite her arguments, Trump narrowed his firing candidates to Omarosa and Rodman. Trump eventually decided that Rodman will be staying on Celebrity Apprentice, if for nothing else than his “redemption story.”

“Omarosa, I adore you,” said Trump, just before firing the reality TV star.

  • Jeez Louise

    Omarosa used a softened appearance and delivery to better sell her guise and guile. She is and will always will be a snake.

  • http://yahoo latareed3@yahoo.com

    who cares!!!!

  • Jarko

    Thought this was her 3rd firing, once on the first season of “The Apprentice” then again on the first “The Celebrity Apprentice” and finally in this allstar season.

  • Ron Skeen

    Donald TTrump is so desperate for Drama on his Failing TV Show, he gave her another 15 minutes. A Two Bit Promoter Husteling a Two Bit Hoar, No not that kind of Loose Woman. Who would pay for that Uppity Ho?

    • Jzee

      Donald J Trump Michael Clark Duncan Donald J Trump

  • Robert Jerkovich

    Thank God she is gone. She is the rudest and most disrespectful person I have ever seen in my 73 years on this planet. She always said that you do not disrespect me, but it was Ok for her to interrupt and denigrate other contestants. Omarosa, remember this. As long as you are talking, you cannot learn anything. Think about it.

  • Dr Who

    Omirosa just needs some “Ponderoso”

  • foofalah

    I don’t think her late “fiancé”, Michael would have approved of her dramatics and back-stabbing. She abused her relationship with him as well as everyone one else on this show and others. Good riddance!!

  • Sharon P

    The world needs to recognize that she IS NO CELEBRITY!!!!!! A major break of her ego and a lot of humility is needed for redemption!

  • D. Truth Ruth

    Omarosa, in her desperate need for nutrients to keep her inner demon alive, she sucked the very life out of Michael Clarke Duncan, a king among actors, a king among men.

  • Heather McManis

    Omarosa is very rude and has been to many people. It is a shame because she is very smart and attractive and has class. However her attitude towards others is what ruins all of the other. Maybe after being fired again will make her step back and take a long hard look at how she has treated others. She needs to remember the phrase, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

  • http://yahoo kathy hays

    Amarosa is disgustingly rude, obnoxious and self-centered. God help the man she marries. I stopped watching the Apprentice because of her.

  • Jerry

    Omarosa’s act, and that’s all it is, has got to be contrived. It is purely artificial simply because a show like this can use a good villain. And believe me, she plays that role perfectly. She has taken that role and made quite a bit of money off of it over the years. Like almost all of the people I know, I’m glad to be rid of her as well.

  • Andrew

    Real fans of the series know this was her third time being fired. She was fired in Season 1 and she came back for celebrity apprentice season one, and was fired again (hence where her Piers Morgan rivalry stems from).

  • http://Yahoo Carla Richards

    I cannot express how happy i was to hear that Donald Trump fired Omarosa. My personal opinion of her is that she is out of order. First and Foremost she represents strong women by exemplifying that in order to be strong and empowered means that you have to be a bitch and also that comes with disregarding the feelings of others in order to be that way. Well! All i can say is that you do not have to be that way in order to be strongminded and empowered. I am not in any way being judgemental towards her or her relationship with God but Omarosa like many others who say that they serve a God give Christians a bad reputation. I know that we are not perfect and we are all of a sinful nature but their is no way that you can tell me as an assistant pastor of whatever church she belongs to can have that type of behavior and ultimately send the right message to someone who wants to sincerely serve the Lord and change their life for the better. Its as if she was proud of herself for her behavior. Anyway she is the one to answer to God for her failure to bring across her message in a Godly way. I have watched the Mary Mary reality show and in no way their message comes across like what she brings. All i can say i hope this is Gods way of letting her know who is in charge and that is certainly not Omarosa. What is giveth can also be taken away!!!!!!!!

    • Marina

      @Carla shame on you girl. Speaking ill of others, let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone. Stop being a hypocrite to judge Omarosa you don’t know her nor do I.

      • Jzee

        @Marina: Carla has the right to express her opinions. How dare you judge her for doing so. Omarosa lied, cheated, and deceived her teammates. (GOD does not approve of such conduct. Read the Bible and abide.) She sat right in front of Trump and did the same to him. Donald: Omarosa how much money did you raise? Omarosa: I raised $12,000. LIE she donated that money. She did not raise one cent. Carla did not speak ill of Gone-morosa. Carla “spoke” the truth. The only person(s) opposed to that is Satan and his demons. As for us we choose GOD and will walk with HIM. Join us.

  • Ubetzcha

    Finally..Omorosa is such a snake…I almost chocked when she said she have integrity now this was after she cheated & gave that person $2000 of her own money to beat Dennis Rodman. Love Lil Jon brought her back…now the show will be worth watching…

  • Delila’s Man

    I could never, ever watch anything that Donald Trump is a part. After Trump’s yearlong blatantly racist attitude and actions toward President Obama, the man is pure scum

  • http://www.webpronews.com/omarosa-fired-by-donald-trump-again-2013-04 rich

    Omarosa is great at what she does. It doesn’t matter if the whole thing is a setup to get the watching public to take a hard position against her. She does it better than any other villain I know. I found myself talking to the TV every time she undercut someone. Well played Omarosa..well played.

  • Kunbi

    She has an exaggerated opinion of herself. How can u say someone who raised 85k should be fired than you who raised 12k. Donald is also silly, why is he eulogising her before she got fired.

  • Jzee

    I wonder if he would be so adoring if it was his wife acting like that? Mrs. Trump is judging on the next episoide. That will bring some drama. What did he find to adore in Amorosa? The fact that she blows smoke up his butt by speaking up for him? Butt that is most appropiate; isn’t that where the rest of his sh** is kept?

  • vincent batyr

    Her poster should be displayed across America, as the one woman every man should stay away from.