Olivia Newton-John Rocks ‘Grease’ Leather Pants in Vegas

    April 4, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Olivia Newton-John arrived in Las Vegas wearing a pair of black leather pants like the ones she wore during the carnival scene in the hit film Grease. She starred along with John Travolta in the film that received the Best Motion Picture Award at the 1979 Golden Globes–36 years ago. Now she is ready to lay down some roots in Vegas for a while as she embarks on a 45 show residency at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

In celebration of her arrival Olivia not only wore black leather pants, she also rode in the back of the same Ford Mercury Cadillac featured in the drag-racing scene in the film. Following her ride she was presented with a key to the city.

The singer and actress tweeted about how excited she was to be in Las Vegas and how thrilled she was to receive such a warm welcome.

As far as those black leather leggings go, Olivia Newton-John told fans they weren’t the actual pair she wore in Grease. Back in 2012 she mentioned during an interview that the originals were tucked safely away in her closet and that she would likely one day auction them off and donate the proceeds to her cancer and wellness center.

“They were made in the ’50s and we made the movie in the late ’70s so they were already 25 years old when I wore them and the zipper broke so they had to sew me into them,” she explained.

That no doubt proved tedious when she had to use the restroom.

“That was a challenge,” she joked. “We took breaks and they had to unsew me.”

It would certainly be fun for fans if John Travolta would pay a visit to Las Vegas and join Olivia Newton-John during one or more of her shows at the Flamingo. Avid Grease fans would no doubt consider that to be a dream come true.

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  • J Roy

    She still looks and sounds “Totally Hot!”

  • Tom V

    she also rode in the back of the same Ford Mercury Cadillac featured in the drag-racing scene in the film. ?????? Ford Mercury Cadillac?

  • scorpo

    ha, Ford Mercury Cadillac, way to fuse two brands there. I think I will have a Coca-cola Pepsi now.

  • Johnny T

    another glorification of a celebrity who has had major cosmetic surgery. Kinda sad.

  • Bones

    Went to see the movie and actually had the Original Movie Posters, from the movie poster show cases. Was going to attempt to have them autographed until my Ex- found them!! I found the REMAINS in the paper shredded in my office!!! So went her DVD collection!!! Pay backs really BITE. Glad to not have to have her in my life any longer!! Jealousy like that can get dangerous when your in my profession. Hence why everything with gunpowder was secured without her access.

    Sure would like to see her in Vegas, but finances are prohibiting that, would be nice if she would go on tour and come to the midwest, East Central Illlinois.

    • S


  • lindy west

    She was absolutely perfect for the role of Sandy. She looks fabulous to this day as well. Glad she is healthy and happy, she is certainly blessed with good genes…, and leathers 😉

  • Andy

    1979…36 years ago? Must be “new” math.

  • Monkeygroin

    Remember the good ole days when reporters had to have their material proof read before being published? Ford Mercury Cadillac??? 36 years?? Hmm 1979 to 2014 is 35 years at least using normal math.

    • rickj

      Well the movie was in theaters in 1978…..so it was 36 years ago. the Golden Globe was given in 1979.

  • Terminator

    You go GIRL!!!…She doesn’t only look HOT she just seem sooo HAPPY!!!