Old Spice Mom Commercial Becomes Instant Hit


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You have probably seen the new Old Spice commercial where several moms sadly sing about how Old Spice has turned their sons into men. Since the commercial's release during the AFC Wild Card Game, it has gone viral and people just can't stop talking about it.

During the commercial several different moms show up in strange places while their sons are on dates with girls. One mom hides behind a door in her son's room and another pops up between her son and his girlfriend while they are at lunch. The women cry and sing about how their sons, who were once their little boys, are now men who are ready to date, all because they use Old Spice.

The commercial is so popular that many people are guessing it will be one of the top Super Bowl ads this year. Super Bowl advertisements are almost as popular as the game itself and many people admit to only watching the Super Bowl to see what ads will appear on the commercial breaks.

Whether or not Old Spice will even advertise during the Super Bowl is unknown. Companies pay millions of dollars to have their ads play during the commercial breaks and since the new Old Spice commercial has already went viral on the Internet, they may not need to spend that much money in order to get noticed.

While some people seem to love the Old Spice Mom commercial, others are calling it strange and creepy, but maybe that is the appeal. It will likely become one of those things that you either love, hate or love to hate.

What do you think of the Old Spice Mom commercial?

Image via YouTube.