Ohio State Buckeyes: Are They Overrated?

    October 6, 2013
    Erika Watts
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The #4 Ohio State Buckeyes beat the #16 Northwestern Wildcats 40-30 on Saturday at Northwestern, scoring the final seven points thanks to a defensive play at the end of the game. As we reach the halfway point of college football’s regular season, a time when a team’s ranking in the polls finally means something, the burning question on the minds of many college football fans is, “Are the Buckeyes overrated?”

Ohio State’s ranking didn’t change in the new AP Top 25 Poll, and the Buckeyes received only 54 less votes than #3 Clemson. That hasn’t stopped a lot of people ragging on Ohio State for a close win against Northwestern, though.

The Buckeyes’ win over Northwestern yesterday marked their 18th consecutive win, which is the country’s longest winning streak, so why are some people down on Ohio State?

According to FOX Sports’ Greg Couch, the Ohio State Buckeyes looked like “the little guy playing over his head” yesterday and made the Big 10 look like a “second-rung league.” Those are pretty harsh words for a team that put up 40 points in a win on a #16 ranked team’s turf, but Couch isn’t the only one who thinks the Buckeyes aren’t deserving of their ranking.

Do you think Ohio State is overrated? Respond below.

Ohio State had three turnovers yesterday, including two fumbles and one interception. The lead switched back and forth throughout the game, and if not for two scores late in the fourth quarter, the Buckeyes would have lost.

The offense’s (at times) sloppy play and the defense giving up 30 points explains why some folks are down on Ohio State. Plus, most fans expect a team that highly ranked to have all the kinks worked out by the halfway point so that close games like that don’t happen.

“There is a perception of Northwestern that they’re well-coached and don’t make mistakes,’’ head coach Urban Meyer said. “That’s true.” Meyer also referred to the game as being “real football” and said that Northwestern has “very good players players, borderline great players at some positions.”

Northwestern was unbeaten going into the Ohio State game, so maybe the Wildcats are simply better than they’re being given credit for. Close games happen, even for the best football teams, and time will soon tell if Ohio State is truly deserving of being a top five ranked team.

Main image via YouTube; Poll image via ESPN

  • Pete Evanko

    Hell no. If anything they are underrated and that’s OK with me. Just keep believing that they are not that good.

  • Well

    There needs to be a playoff system. Bottom line. Alabama plays two hard games a year, pays its players, and if they lose a game, they drop one spot while every other team in the nation would drop at least 5.

    Bottom line — to settle all this nonsense — we need a 16 team playoff. Don’t give me all that garbage that college kids are just amateurs either. Only totally naive people actually think they are “student” athletes. There isn’t enough time in a week to study for classes, study a playbook, practice, travel, eat, and sleep. They are there to play football and get a lot of “help” to pass classes.

    • wade

      they are not student athleats? Kraig Crenzel who QBed OSU’s last national championship team was a 4.0 student in micro biology. That sound like someone who wasn’t a student. Robert Smith who played RB for OSU for 3 yrs and entered the NFL where he played great for 10 yrs not only compleated his degree but got a doctorate degree. Sounds like a student to me. And there are plenty more.

      • @Wade

        I can assure you that the people you mentioned got a lot of help with classes, labs, and tests. Yes, there might be a few who actually study, but there really is not a lot of time in a week. Plus, every school has a list of teacher’s who are “preferential” to the athletic department.

        Do you understand how much time it takes to be an athlete? Between daily meetings, working out, film study, and travel? Then add your classes, homework, and labs? Then eating, sleeping, and possibly dating? There simply is not enough time in a day.

        Trust me — many athletes get passed by professors, get the tests through the great system, or from personalized tutors.

        In fact, I wont tell you what schools I went to — but I have first hand knowledge of everything I just wrote about.

        • Jay

          I’ve always thought athletes should take 9 credit hours vs the 15 other students take. Since I too was a college athlete, I know there is little time for studying when you are practicing and traveling to your matches. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that some athletes are receiving illegal help to pass some classes.

    • Jay

      I completely agree with the 16 team playoff idea. My hunch is 3 of the final 4 teams would be from the SEC and of course the champion would be an SEC team.

  • Pete Evanko

    Remember also that Ohio State didn’t have 2 fumbles and a pick. Braxton Miller did !

    • hank james

      Since when is that attributed to one player. They are a TEAM. Every one needs to lay off miller, there is a reason why those TOs happened and it isn’t just him. How about meyer leaving him in, his offense, the defensive play??

  • hank james

    No they aren’t overrated if anything they are underrated.

    Say what you want but all the SEC lovefest with Alabama needs to be over. They haven’t proven they are any better than Ohio state or any of the other undefeated teams their ranked ahead. Like the other guy said: We. Need. A. Playoff.

  • Paul M lane

    Stanford had a close win over a comparatively ranked Washington team, at home I believe. Are they overrated? Besides, if Meyer had inserted Guiton in the game we would have won going away. Miller’s poor performance gave Northwestern 17 points.

    • Paul M lane

      I meant to add that Gene Smith tried to toughen up our schedule by scheduling Georgia St but they were already committed to play Alabama.

  • http://google Richard

    what do you stupid root for mich a joke sec what ajoke Oregon is for real

  • http://yahoo ray

    “If not for the two scores in the 4th quarter Ohio State would have lost”

    Isn’t that a lot like saying….if not for all the rain…this drought would be horrible? Or, If not for my kid playing with gasoline and matches, my house wouldn’t have burned down!!

    Ohio State scored more points than NW….what more do you need to know? And why the need to overanalyze every little thing………

    • jojo4um

      it’s true, they wouldn’t. might be stating the obvious, but you get the point just admit that osu isn’t the team a lot of people think they are.

      it’s too bad for the wildcats because they deserved that win. if osu doesn’t get lucky, NW wins, simple as that.

      • Keith

        If they deserved the win they would have won. They didn’t so they didn’t deserve the win, period.

      • wade

        wow you are so brilliant. Almost any game that is close like Alabama against Johnny football’s team, you can say if they did not get lucky the other team would have won. By the way ranking are so worthless when you start giving certain leagues points before they even play a game. SEC is so overated this year not even funny.

      • jtextor

        And North Western gets an interception and recovers two fumbles and still doesn’t score as many points as OSU. If they would have converted all three of those turnovers for touchdowns, the outcome may have been different. Great teams take full advantage of their competitors mistakes. Northwestern didn’t.

    • Lewis Williams

      You’re a pretty smart guy, Ray. If Ohio State hadn’t won, they would have lost! Are you sure you’re not related to Sherlock Holmes?

  • ptc423

    It doesn’t matter where Ohio State is ranked. Their job is to be the Big 10 Champion and go to/win a bowl game. If they win a National Championship along the way, great. If not, it’s no big deal.

    Our country is so enamored with artificial ratings that we’re ruining sports. Teams must live up to imaginary expectations or they are branded a failure.

    Turning the Heisman Trophy competition into a season-long race is a joke! It is ludicrous to rate the potential winner before the first play of the season is run. All this meaningless speculation is done simply to fill airtime on sports networks and satisfy the gambling community’s never ending lust for ways to separate suckers from their money.

    For those with a short memory, Ohio State had several last second victories during their 2002 National Championship run. I guess we’ve forgotten that the mark of a true champion is to succeed by overcoming adversity.

  • nat

    Ohio State has always been overrated. They can’t play against teams like LSU – they won’t win for long. Period. They can beat Miami U, no problem. A few years back they beat NW by like 40 points, easy. When you play and beat subpar teams, that doesn’t make you the bomb. That’s like cheering on Christina Aguilera for singing better than Britney Spears. Of course she does – but put Christina up against Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Chrisette Michelle and the list goes on…and they’ll shut her down every single time.

  • Ditomasso

    I was waiting to find an article like this. Why not title it is Georgia overrated?? They had to score with 6 seconds left to tie the game and win in overtime against unranked Tennessee and no articles about that. Why????? Cause its the SEC. Enough love with the SEC and look at their non conference games before talking about not playing anyone.

    • fredo

      who the hell has OSU played? nobody. georgia on the other hand has played some real teams and will play some real teams. stop hating because ohio state will never come close to sec dominance.

      • Dane

        You dont get credit for losing to the good team like UGA did but you do get ripped for barely beating a bad team like UGA did. Just the facts bud.

    • ditomasso

      Until there is a playoff there will never be a true National Champion. Teams come in high ranked schedule no teams outside their conference. Look at Alabama’s schedule, which I do believe is a solid team but only significant win is against SEC A&M by 7. Than go look at A&M schedule and there is nobody they played. Its the same in every conference. Playoffs or continue letting computers pick your National Champions. Ohio State plays number 16 on the road and has 3 turnovers and this jerkoff writes this articles. Until there is a playoff stop writing this garbage and start ignoring writers like this. Only reason I responded cause it was to predictable to come out today and nothing mentioned about Georgia.

    • david

      Georgia is most definitely NOT overrated! They are ranked exactly where they should be; around 5-7. They beat Clemson everywhere except where it counts in the end, on the scoreboard, so they need to be behind them(for now). They hung 41 points on the highly touted SCAR defense and beat them by 11. If you take away two spec. teams breakdowns against North Texas (who has the No.1 returner in the nation) the score is 45-7, a walloping. Then the LSU game…It was everything it was projected to be; two excellent offenses against two young defenses. Georgia outlasted LSU just as they were supposed to, by 3 points. That’s 3, count them-3, Top 6 teams in 4 weeks and we went 2/3 and a W over N.Texas! And now we get to the Tennessee game Everyone is crying over…. Georgia was already down two Offensive stars, Hiesman canidate RB Todd Gurley and No.1 reciever Malcolm Mitchell and one D starter to begin the game. In that game alone the Dawgs lost 3 more Offensive impact players one of which looked like a bounty-like (my opinion)hit on our starting runningback Kieth Marshall. So everyone is complaining because UGA beat UTenn in OT after they were decimated and now evenly matched? That doesn’t make any sense? UGA won that game because of the (finally) big time play of Aaron Murray. The fumble at the end did help but that’s how Lady Luck plays her hand sometimes… If you look at the strength of schedule of the top 10 teams, UGA should probably be ranked #3 right behind Alabama and Clemson (only bc of the head-to-head victory). **Did I mention that the SEC had (I believe) 63 players collectively drafted to the NFL from last year’s teams?!?! So yes, our Defenses are going to be slightly weaker from the last 2-3 seasons.**
      Now, let’s talk about Ohio State. Just since 2010 the Buckeyes have played cupcake after cupcake teams like Marshall, Ohio Univ, E.Mich., Akron, Toledo, Colorado, Miami Ohio, Cal., and not to mention the perinnial weak B1G teams like Indiana, Purdue, Minnesota, etc… When “The” Ohio State University plays perinnial Powerhouses week after week and succeeds, let me know. Until last year’s victory over Arkansas, OSU was 0-fer agasinst the SEC… Talk some more, please. Go Dawgs and God Bless!

  • Debbie

    GO BUCKEYEs!!!!!!!

  • Hobert Peterson

    they are way over rated.

  • D. Alan Curry

    This is not possible. Go Buckeyes.

  • Keith

    That’s what everyone said when they won the Championship in ’02. The Bucks barely won several games that year and at the last minute or seconds. The critics said that the Bucks didn’t belong in the Championship game. But the shutdown Miami and won in overtime. A win is a win. No super bowl winner goes undefeated except for one.

    • Jay

      yes and we beat a miami team that had almost every player taken in the first 3 rounds of the NFL draft that years draft

  • LouE

    Buckeye fans(hope you all rot)have no worries you will need a lot of help to get into the national championship game anyways.Northwestern IS a good team (remember NW beat up a SEC team in there bowl game 2013) and in the end the team that can comeback from it’s mistakes AND getting beat up the whole game to pull off a Victory is truly a great team period unless they get a BS ( very late flag) call from the ref’s.Buckeyes won and they are on a great win streak and that’s just the facts.

    …..THE U…always

    • Bob82

      Is your knowledge of football consistent with your command of the English language. You might want to check the rules on how to use it’s/its and there/their/they’re…

  • David

    Not overrated, asswipes …. AWESOME ! ! ! !

  • R. Corder

    I’ve been with my Buckeyes for 66 years, they made mistakes and had the ball stole from them we know when they play like the team that they are only two teams in the country that have a chance to beat them they will show you, keep watching. To those with little faith.

  • Patty Moriarty

    You naysayers about OSU need to shut up. OSU is 18-0 for a reason. They had a slow start but got the job done. It may not have been like previous games but Northwestern was a pretty tough team. I don’t see any other college teams with an 18-0 record.

  • Theresa

    Yes, they are very overrated. They play maybe one or two teams during their entire season who truly challenge them. The others teams are no challenge to OSU at all. This is why it is very rare that OSU wins a bowl game against an SEC division team! And to report that OSU beat FAMU? Really?? FAMU is not known for their football team! Of course they are no challenge!

    • rick

      They HAD to schedule FAMU since Vandy cancelled on them!!!

  • Gregg aka Shemp

    They haven’t lost a game in a year and a half….. May have won small in that time over some of the better RANKED teams (Northwestern and Wisconsin come to mind lately).. but they haven’t LOST a game since Urban Meyer has been there…. Any one who thinks they’re overrated has a distorted view of the results…….

  • John

    Since 2001, my Buckeyes have been ranked in the top 5 many times, but have won the national championship only once. They have a history of getting trounced in the postseason, so yes, I’d say the accusation is well-founded.

    • John

      the bucks were on suspension for some of that time

      • Dane

        no they weren’t

    • Dave

      Trounced in the post season? Get your facts straight. They are 5-3 in BCS bowl games & 6-4 in their last 10 bowl games.

  • David Wiley

    Lets not forget that Georgia was taken into overtime by an unranked team. GO BUCKS!

  • steve king

    no hell there 6-0 won 18 straight games.about time u damn sports site starting giving osu some credit .the beat 2 back to back ranked team.people complain about who they played but hey Alabama played ga st why don’t smart as* wrtters rag them .

    • gator

      bcuz Alabama wns the big games also. argue that point!

      • Dane

        You mean like when they lost to UTAH in BCS Bowl?

      • Jay

        Agreed – the SEC wins big (NC) games 7 consecutive years. When another conf. does that (unlikely), I’ll respect them more. I respect Clemson because they beat Ga. Good win for Clemson. Oregon can score like a pinball machine, but they haven’t won it yet.

  • Jeff

    I am from Ohio and YES they are horribly overrated!

  • Dave

    Ohio State overall record in BCS Bowl games is 5-3 w/ 2 of the losses coming in championship games. NOT over-rated!

    • Dane

      And If you count the one vacated that they won, they have 6, tied for first with USC who has a vacated win also.

  • JS

    I personally think both the Buckeyes and the Wolverines (Michigan) are vastly overrated (FYI, I graduated from Michigan.).

  • Harvey

    With that logic OSU would have never had a chance to win the national championship in 2002! What did Oregon beat Tennessee by but Georgia gets a pass! There is a double standard with regards to OSU and the SEC defenses are weak this year.

    • gator

      a missed pass interference call in 2002 that’s why they won

      • Dane

        Read my other response where I educated you on that call!

  • wade

    6-0 have scored at least 40 points in each game this year. Have beaten a ranked Wis. team that should have been undefeated if refs made the right call, beat 16th ranked North Western who was undefeated and are not slowing down soon. That doesn’t sound over rated to me. They are right in the mix. If any of the top 4 is over rated it is clemson. Weakest of the top leagues and have not played a rated team yet.

    • Dane

      they actually have beaten a top 10 team(UGA)

    • gator

      Clemson would hand osu a bad beating, physically and emotionally. last national championship osuhad was a missed call at the end of the game. they r lucky grant u that but a powerhouse I think not!

      • Dane

        There was a missed call, the holding that is all over you tube that wasnt called that allowed the canes a chance for OT but one not at the end of the game was either holding or PI , Ref decided when DB grabbed jersy(he did, just hard to find that angle but its there just happened bfore they went up for ball)after ball was released making it PI, either way first down. If you need educated more ask, i love to help the ignorant out!

        • Jay

          Dane, you are correct. Mia (FL) was definitely hurt by the refs vs. Ohio St. It was a great game regardless. Ohio St. hasn’t had a great team since the 02 Nat’l championship team. Yes, many good teams under Tressel, but were embarrassed in big games vs. SEC teams mostly.

        • gator

          just told u douchebag its not pack ten. who u calling ignorant. u wouldn’t know college ball from ur asshole. when u get educated give me a call we will meet and I rip ur head off and shit down ur ignorant neck!

          • nobody special

            Reading all of you’re posts shows you as a classless idiot who has no business correcting others. Each of your posts are simply name-calling as you have nothing of real value to share with humanity!

    • gator

      yea dip Clemson beat g the bulldogs. a ranked team. get ur ass off the comp and read a newspaper once in awhile.

  • scott

    maybe the writer of this article is over-rated. The final points of the game were 6 points, there was no extra point try. If you’re going to act all high and mighty, GET IT RIGHT.

  • Doug Pirolozzi

    So other than Texas A&M, Alabama hasn’t played anybody. Oregon hasn’t played anybody. But yet you want to say Ohio State is overrated. They beat Wisconsin and Northwestern.

    • gator

      weak conference period.

      • charlie

        hey gator,go back to gainsville where u belong,maybe u can learn something buts its not possible because u reside in sec country.

        • what?

          Im a Seminole fan, but honestly I do not understand why people are bringing Alabama into the conversation, they have won 2 national championships in a row so I think they deserve the #1 spot. As to the rest of the SEC they have dominated college football (with some help form the polls and media portray) but that’s changing, I think they are on shaky ground, we’ll see how everything plays out.

  • http://yahoo hilt condo

    ohio state play bad and still won

    • gator

      thanks to a couple bad replay calls.

      • Dane

        you cant name one!

      • Markus

        Bad replay calls? I’ll break them down for you:

        1. Carlos Hyde, lying on his back, on a pile of players, momentarily stretches out the ball which breaks the plain well before he contacts the ground. Obvious touchdown on replay. You mean that one, right?

        2. 4th and 1, on OSU’s 36, the Nnrthwestern QB fumbles the snap and while picking up the ball, has a knee down on the ground, which ends the play, well behind the line of scrimmage. Obvious turnover on downs on the replay. You mean that one as well, right?

        Get a clue, you dope.

  • Will

    If Northwestern is such chumps why hasn’t Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida played them. Fear…..

    • Dane

      2 sec teams lost to Northwestern last year and both were bowl teams!

      • gator

        what two teams?

        • Dane

          MSU and Vanderbilt. Both teams played in bowls last year!

          • gator

            both with losing records. they shouldn’t have been in a bowl game!

      • http://yahoo adam

        yes and two b1g cupcake teams beat California , this year. many teams beat Vanderbilt and msu. thats why your conference is ranked fifth of the six BCS conference. the B1G CUPCAKE has played 9 non conference games with top 40 opponents and lost 8 ( Michigan beat ND) losing to UCF, NI,ND,WASHINGTON,ND, UNI,UCLA. QUITE A RESUME .

  • ajmcfarland

    The OSU Buckeyes have no business being in top five. First of all they play no one their schedule is a joke. Florida A&M and Buffalo are you kidding me? Urban Meyer knows that they can’t hang with Alabama & LSU, he just will not admit it.

  • Ron

    As long as they beat Michigan, who cares what anyone says about them?…

  • gator

    ohio state is always overrated! the only reason they were undefeated last year was they weren’t allowed to play in the mush 10 championship or a bowl game. the big ten sucks and they have been suckin for quite awhile. just bcuz ur number 1 in a bad conference doesn’t mean ur the top in the country. ask Oregon they will tell u!

    • Dane

      They beat both teams that played in the B10 championship game last year and the last 2 BCS Bowls games was against ORE (pack 10 champs) and ARK (2nd best team in sec that year)which they defeated both and no team in all of college football has more BCS bowls wins!

      • gator

        its not the pack 10 its the pac 10. pacific coast 10 douchy! I refuse to match wits with an unarmed person!

        • yomamas12

          Then you DON’T talk to yourself, Gator, good to know…..

    • http://aolmail randyG

      How many of the top 25 teams are from the big 10?

    • jtextor

      blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!! Do all sports fans a favor, if you’re going to make a comment on post, say something worthy of reading, not something regurgitated by countless other college football fan posers.

    • Lowest

      Hey Gator Gary, nice to see you are back in your illiterate self. By the way, how bout those Hurricanes? As for speed, OSU has more than most of the country now!

      Go Bucks!

  • Erin

    Why is it this question only comes up when a team is almost beaten by Northwestern? NU is a good team and the program has been a contender year after year since 1995. Coach Fitzgerald is only 38. The program is only going to continue to grow. It was a great game last night & either team could have pulled off that win. I predict that as long as Fitz is coach, any team, even a top ranked one, will be lucky to beat them.

  • rob

    OSU record says it all I don’t see anyone talking shit about bama and they played Georgia state wow big game there. Go bucks!!!!!

  • Jack Mehoffer

    You can thank Jim Tressel for the scheduling of cupcake teams for the first 4-5 teams they play each year. Now that Urban Meyer is at the helm, and the playoff system to soon to be in place, we can See Ohio State start playing real teams at the beginning of the season and maybe start playing some SEC teams like I am sure Urban wants to do. He’s coached there before so he knows what to expect from them. SEC players are nothing but thugs who get away with god knows how many NCAA violations

    • Joe G.

      Take a look at Alabama’s schedule, it is worse than OSU’s.

  • Jay

    Ohio St. is a good team with a great coach. They are somewhat overrated at #4, but deserve to be a top 10 team. They will probably go undefeated with a very easy schedule. Wisconsin and NWern are the 2 toughest teams on their schedule. They will go 12-0 and then win the Big 10 title game and hope that enough teams from other conferences lose so they can sneak in as a #2 team. If so, I see them getting defeated by 2-3 TDs by the SEC champion. The SEC has won 7 consecutive national championships for a reason. They are simply better, while the rest of America is in denial about their superiority.

    • Brent

      This whole thing about Ohio State’s ranking is so, so , unfair to Ohio State. It is almost like you people think Ohio State appointed themselves as a top 5 team. The bottom line is the coaches across America continue to vote them #3 in the coaches poll yet I HEAR NO CRITIQUE OF COACHES CASTING THE VOTES. The Associated Press has them ranked #4 in the AP poll yet I HEAR NO CRITIQUE OF SPORTS WRITTERS ACROSS AMERICA CASTING THE VOTES. Let the season play out and leave Ohio State alone. ONE OTHER THING….Didn’t Ohio State DEFEAT and OREGON team that was heavily favored to win in the Rose Bowl in 2010? Didn’t Ohio State DEFEAT a heavily favored Arkansas team from the mighty, unbelievable, incredible, super superior, gangster killer SEC in the 2011 Sugar Bowl? Keep in mind who is now coaching those OSU boys up. They WILL PEAK at the end of season. Mark my words….

    • mkgronemeyer@yahoo.com

      speed (lack of) will catch up to OSU against the top level of the SEC, actually the other OSU (okie st) would be more likely to pull an upset against bama, lsu, ga, a&m probaly others because they are not as slow as THE (cough cough) Ohio university

      upper echelon – SEC dominates, once u get past the top 3 – 4, the Big 10 is stronger ie: sixth place big 10 vs sixth place sec, take the big 10 just random thoughts speed kills & the schools north of mason dixon line don’t have it

      • Lowest

        THE Ohio State University as more speed than most of the country now!

      • http://harmonatty@windstream.net PDH

        OSU is as fast as anyone in the country. Obviously you are not following recruiting or the Buckeyes but u r drinking that SEC kool aid.

  • http://aolmail randyG

    If Ohio State would take the running back out of the quarterback spot and put the quarterback back in they would be worthy of the ranking they have.esspecially from the depth of running backs they have. I mean is some gambling consortium paying money to OSU to keep Miller in at QB ?

    • Brent

      RandyG….Sounds like a knee jerk reaction to Braxton having a bad game. Look for Braxton to respond with great play for the rest of the season….

      • http://harmonatty@windstream.net PDH

        Imagine how good The Ohio State University would be if we could pay our players like the teams in the SEC and if our students didn’t have to know how to read! We still have academics in the Big Ten. Northwestern can play with anybody in the country. They are tough.

  • belinda

    I think that Ohio state should be either #1 or #2 not where they are. They are a better team than what they are given credit for in the polls.

    • http://yahoo gino mazzei

      You better hope and pray OSU does not face off against Alabama or Oregon. If by chance they ever do, we will never again hear a peep from you.

      • Jason

        You on crack? Alabama and Oregon are the over rated teams! Hell Oregon hasn’t even played a ranked team yet this year and Alabama’s schedule isn’t much to brag about.

  • paul catallo

    Of course they are overrated, but they have influence in the media and NCAA and get pushed in much the same way as Notre Dame. We seen what happens when you push undeserving teams to the top and they have to take on real deserving teams. Ohio State has some good coaching and they have some smart and talented players, but they cannot match up with the top tier teams from the SEC. Clemson, FSU, and Stanford would probably beat them as well. Miami and Oregon could go either way. Their big victory this year has been….Northwestern, and the rest of their schedule is filled with powder puffs.

    • carol

      Wow, we have influence with the NCAA, please tell us Buckeye fans what that influence really is. Johnny football gets in trouble for selling his name and gets a 1/2 game suspension, but OSU has the NCAA in their pocket. You are nuts.

  • Mike

    With all due respect to Stanford, are they also overrated? They are ranked #5 and won a close game to #15. OSU is ranked #4 and won a close game to #16. Similar ranked teams winning close games if you take away the late TD by OSU. Why the talk about OSU when Stanford is in the same situation (they also beat a Top 25 team a few weeks ago, as did OSU last week).

  • Brent

    This whole thing about Ohio State’s ranking is so, so , unfair to Ohio State. It is almost like you people think Ohio State appointed themselves as a top 5 team. The bottom line is the coaches across America continue to vote them #3 in the coaches poll yet I HEAR NO CRITIQUE OF COACHES CASTING THE VOTES. The Associated Press has them ranked #4 in the AP poll yet I HEAR NO CRITIQUE OF SPORTS WRITTERS ACROSS AMERICA CASTING THE VOTES. Let the season play out and leave Ohio State alone. ONE OTHER THING….Didn’t Ohio State DEFEAT and OREGON team that was heavily favored to win in the Rose Bowl in 2010? Didn’t Ohio State DEFEAT a heavily favored Arkansas team from the mighty, unbelievable, incredible, super superior, gangster killer SEC in the 2011 Sugar Bowl? Keep in mind who is now coaching those OSU boys up. They WILL PEAK at the end of season. Mark my words….

    • Markus

      Easy does it, big boy. And stop with the copy and paste. Your credibility is shrinking.

  • Master CS

    Not everyone gets to play GA state.

  • Markus

    Garbage article. Garbage premise. Garbage commentary.

    Just shut down the Internet already. Please.

  • James Eyster

    The Bucks are 6-0 and that is one game more than the rest of the top teams. They are winning and until they are beat it sounds like, and smells like sour grapes to me.

  • http://webpro Sean White

    Of course they are overrated, there schedule sucks and they can only beat a team like northwestern with some referee help and some luck. They wont beat anyone decent this year,,,,urban meyer is a con man.

    • http://harmonatty@windstream.net PDH

      That’s absurd. Northwestern had all the luck. The Buckeyes gave them 14 points in turnovers and missed a pass for a sure touchdown. Vanderbilt, from the SEC, backed out of a game at OSU this year. Afraid to play? Very likely true. WHo the hell is the SEC playing? Georgia was lucky to beat Tennessee due to a fumble at the goal line. Georgia beat LSU. Why is Georgia dropping in the polls?

      • nrt

        Or you could look at it as Northwestern giving the Buckeyes 14 with the interception and blocked punt for a TD. I guess just depends who you are a fan of. The teams were pretty evenly matched in the game.

    • http://harmonatty@windstream.net PDH

      Everybody’s schedule sucks, including the teams in the SEC

    • carol

      Tired of everything beating down Ohio State. The SEC also plays some pretty smaller and crappier teams. But no one mentions that, just rags on the buckeyes when they do it. SEC is not the be all and end all of college football, no matter what they might think. We have a tradition of great football in the north, as well, and we are pretty fed up with all you in the SEC dissing the rest of us!!!

      • Mayor

        Who owns all the BCS Championship trophies? Nuff said. Talk on the field. OSU will NOT be national champs again this year.

        • Tonia

          Championships that were bought. Everyone knows that Bama and the SEC likes to pay/buy everything. Recruits, players, cars for players, homes for players mama’s…the list goes on and on….

          • http://webpronews chris

            that is true. Just look at Alabamas schedule. they have two buys this year. guess when they are? right before there two biggest games. before A&M and before LSU. Just sayin

    • Paul Miller

      First of all, please use proper English. It is their and not there. So are you pointing to a schedule that is over there? Where was the referee help? Northwestern was holding just about every offensive play…watch the replays!!!! Clearly a touchdown on the goal line. No penalties were called the entire first half….I love when people have no clue what they are talking about. Have you every watched college football before Sean? Every team that has gone on to win a championship has had a bit of luck through the season. EVERY TEAM! Attach a man that you have no clue about, classy.

      • Twinspark

        Check your spelling ??
        “have you every watched…..”

  • Erik

    The little ohio state team is a media darling, explaining their illogically high ranking. On a neutral field, GA, LSU, Tx A/M, FL St., Miami, FL, would flat out SMOKE this team. They have absolutely no business being ranked in the top 10, but due to the old guard politics of the big 10, they enjoy an undeserved lofty ranking. Looking forward to another Bowl beat-down when they are matched up with a real football team.

    • http://harmonatty@windstream.net PDH

      Erik when you get off the crack and are less paranoid about the Big Ten, please comment again. The whole freaking country is so SEC. OSU beat Arkansas 2 years ago. And would have been Vanderbilt this year but they chickened out. Bama is not as good as last year. The second best team, Georgia, who lost to Clemson, was lucky to beat Tennessee. So where are all these great teams. Oregon would beat any team in the SEC this year and OSU would go toe to toe with any of them. Again, please put down the pipe dude.

      • Ken

        If I’m not mistaken, OSU had to forfeit that Arkansas game due to use of ineligible players…..

        • http://yahoo.com TIM LAWSON

          YOU ARE!

    • Eddie George

      So the Georgia team that needed a lucky break to beat a crummy Tennessee team would SMOKE OSU?

      Keep your day job.

      • Sec man

        No that GA team was injuried in theTennessee game look it up 7 starts out mostly all play makers but the healthy Georgia that beat LSU would smoke ohio state there best win is against northwestern who lost to Minnesota truth is all these unranked teams northwestern Iowa ect all have been close in the fourth against osu not good for a 4th ranked team

        • http://webpronews chris

          your retarded if you think that. GA is a mediocre team at best even healthy. The only good team in the SEC is Alabama. A&M has no defense. LSU just got beat again by OLE MISS. Missouri just came to the SEC so i dont consider them SEC. they are probably the best team SEC has besides bama. Florida sucks, Georgia sucks, Tennessee sucks, LSU half way sucks, Arkansas really sucks, OLE MISS sucks, A&M sucks, Auburn is hit and miss but better than most, Vandy sucks. Any of the best Big Ten teams (Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State, Nebraska), Pac-12 teams (Oregon, Stanford, UCLA), ACC teams (Florida State, Clemson) would Play toe to toe with any SEC team. I hope Alabama goes to the NC along with Oregon or Florida State. Then you will see exactly what i mean. Alabama will get beat (probably before the end of season) but if not then in the NC. SEC overrated worse than any other conference.

    • Mark Bishop

      Check out there BCS bowl record before you open up your mouth!

      • Mike

        Mark … check out your spelling. And Ohio State is 6-3 in BCS Bowl appearances.

        • BIG DOG

          OHIO State is 1-18 vs the SEC………FACT, LOOK IT UP AND READ…….

          • Jay

            im a big ohio state fan but yea your right…but i think most of the losses recently where due to intimidation not lack of talent…give ohio state bama this year and i think we give them a hell of a game and possibly win…this team is built to stop them because they dont run a spread offense…we could stack them up against the run…our d line is built like an sex defensive line and would get really good pressure on aj bamas qb allowing our dbs to play more man instead of that zone d-fense that got us mauled by florida and lsu…and yes we have the dbs to match up against bamas recievers even though they had two bad games against NW and Wis…wasnt their fault we played Zone and let them i repeat LET THEM beat us thru the air in order to stop their run game wich we did stop some of the premeire runners in the nation….venric mark,melvin gordon,james white…..again we match up great with Bama we have the speed at linebacker with shazier that we just simply didnt have against lsu or florida…so go buckeyes

          • http://webpronews chris

            1-9 get your facts right before you post something

    • ditomasso

      What is your logic on what you just posted?? What significant win does any of your above teams mentioned give you the idea they will be smoked? And you want to mention Darlings you just mentioned three teams in the most beloved conference SEC.

    • Shawn

      Why play on a neutral site every bcs game is either in the south which is sec country or in the west PAC-12 country why don’t they play when the snow is flying u never see an sec team play in a good snow storm it’s all were it is nice out or in a dome! Play real football in the elements play an Ohio st in Columbus in Late November or play Wisconsin in camp Randell late in the season see how that speed works out

  • yomamas12

    Northwestern would beat most SEC teams this year, so no Ohio State is not overrated.

    • Doug

      They would beat most SEC teams?What an idiot.The SEC jeolousy is so funny.The haters do not hate them,they wish they had a team in the SEC….lol

  • Richie Bo Zuka

    Yeah, Ohio State us overrated but Alabama the awesome Alabama is not even though going into Saturday they gave up more yards than they gained mostly against lousy teams.

    It is sad the great SEC gets adulated and gets five teams rated in the top ten before the season starts and OVERALL is a shade above the big time leagues including let’s pee on the Big Ten.

    The Buckeyes are good very good and won 18 in a row and have a great BCS record and had the most BCS wins going into last year when they were screwed out of playing because they got tattoos for ring.

    Enough already

    • http://www.universalchurchoflove.com Ken

      I have wondered if the SEC is so tough why did Texas A&M come from a mid-grade Big 12 conference (and a mediocre team in the conference) to be a powerhouse in the SEC?

  • Gary Kimmel

    I guess that makes Georgia over rated too. The BUCKEYES didn’t need overtime to beat an unranked team. Remember SEC homers Vanderbilt backed out of a game in Columbus earlier this year.

  • http://Yahoo Doug Smith

    Very overrated. Play nobody of consequence all season but already have to squeak by #23 and #16. Should drop but it is great for the SEC and ACC because it assures they will get a nice plump team ripe for picking when the bowls come around. You have to love the Stanfords and OSUs this year just like the anointed ND last year to make for some fun southern bowl game victories. Too bad they aren’t able to make it a little more exciting though!

    • Jenny

      I guess we’re squeaking around just like Alabama did on game 1 to a non-ranked opponent. And yeah, you guys only play TWO ranked teams this year just like we do, but umm yeah the other high schools you play make you deserve the number 1 spot right? RIGHHHHHTTTT

  • Rich

    When they lose a game, which I doubt they will, then will you all be happy? Until a team beats them, then they deserve the ranking they have. Their record speaks for itself period! If your team is better then bring it bitches.

    • http://Yahoo Doug Smith

      Kind of hard when they don’t play anyone that is on the radar. And everyone is whining about the Vandy game. Vandy is the perennial cellar dweller in the SEC. Why not strut around after beating KY. HAHA.\

  • http://www.universalchurchoflove.com Ken

    The writer of this comment isn’t even smart enough to know that the last touchdown happened as time expired and there was no PAT. Only the final 6 points were scored at the end of the game.

    This might seem to be a simple oversight but if one is going to question the credibility of others one needs to be sure they are actually competent. This writer is obviously under-qualified to be writing about sports.

    Go Bucks!

  • RJ

    Not to be critical but they only scored 6 points on the final play. Also, it should be “54 fewer votes than Clemson”.

  • graemii

    I think that when they play well, no they are not overrated. Every team has bad games or close calls. When Ohio State played Northwestern they did not look like a top 5 team but Stanford had a close game too. People don’t seem to jump to negativity when ANY other team plays poorly. Why is that?

    • Mike

      Stanford is overrated, too. Like the Big 10, the Pac 12 is having a down year but has more depth than the Big 10. The SEC remains the best conference with the Big 12 or maybe even the ACC the next best.

  • http://yahoo john beatty

    I have been a buckeye fan since my first game in the shoe in 1968 against Michigan–50-14 and I was hooked. I haven’t felt they were a good as their rating since the first of the year and I still don’t. They could be a very good team but they just aren’t there. The defense against the pass is horrible. Roby who was being called 1st round nfl has been torched the last 2 weeks. At times the defense overall is good. The offense at times is good. However, how many times have they had 1st an goal inside the 5 and not bee able to score a td. I am a buckeye fan and always will be, but I am a realist and there are probably 10 teams that are probably better. I hope they go all the way and prove me wrong. I think they will get beat by someone before any title game. I will be rooting for them.

    • buckeyecoop1@yahoo.com

      What a ridiculous statement. OSU is ranked fourth – so okay, let’s suppose we can all agree that there are three teams ranked “better” than the Buckeyes. Name the other 7 that put OSU out of the top 10. I can’t wait to see this list of dreamers.

  • Mike

    I have to crack up at all of these posts, because nothing said by either side means anything. Everybody has their favorite team or their favorite conference. SEC talks of winning however many consecutive championships. One year it was a gimme due to two teams that played early in the season, where one beat the other, played in the NC game. Only to have the losing team of the first game win. Heck, they should have played a rubber match to prove it! This is why the Div I Bowl Championship system is a joke. Every year everyone throws out there how great and mighty their team is, and everyone else plays such a week schedule. The SEC gets a lot of favoritism by the media because of the large football schools they have in their conference. Not all of those teams are strong, usually just a handful or less. The Big 10 has good teams including Wisconsin, Michigan (most years and back on the rise), Northwestern in recent years. Amazingly due to Paterno now gone (GRHS) and Jerry Sandusky, Penn State has been forgotten, and Michigan State has been very good, but has a young group this year. To say the Big 10 is the fifth best is a joke, but truly I think you could throw out just about any order and you can come up with a few good reasons as to why you rate them that way. Some educated, and some not so educated. However, tradition would say the SEC is top right now, with the Pac 12 second and the Big 10 third. The ACC and Big East have their strengths and weaknesses but are probably no deeper than the Pac 12 or the Big 10, same for the Big 12.

    When it is all said and done, there is no true NC in Division IA Football. It is simply a beauty contest that uses biased poles and formulas highly weighted on beauty pageant points to determine who should play in a game that is just another scheduled game. If the NFL did the same thing, the NY Giants would still be without a Super Bowl Victory in this century. We never would have seen the two teams in the Super Bowl that we saw last season, or the years before. The Dallas Cowboys would have played in at least 3 of the last 4 Super Bowls according to the experts. College Football has been made by TV and Sports Radio talk shows and of course the internet has created even greater interest where fans can chime in at each other.

    There has never been a National Champion in Div IA college football. No one has ever really won one on the field. Heck, if the SEC is as good as the media says, as well as their fans, maybe they should opt our of NCAA play and just play each other to determine the best team in college football on their own. They pretty much did that a couple of years ago!!

    College football is a great money maker. The schools know it, the media knows it, and the NCAA knows it. They make idiots out of the fans that follow it and take your money right out of your pocket, for no reason.

    I am an Ohio State fan, and the Buckeyes have a very good team. Are they the best? Probably not, but then again, do they have to be the best in the country? No!! Because no matter they are over-rated or under-rated, get enough votes for a NC game or don’t, has no bearing on anything. Nor does it really for any SEC, Pac 12, or any other conference as the National Champion of Div IA football is fictitious. I wish all of you would quit drinking the Kool-Aid the NCAA, ESPN, and the rest of the media gives you! That includes my fellow OSU fans.

    The only thing you can control in Div I football is winning your conference. That is it. Hopefully you will get to a bowl game so you can practice more, give players a nice trip for their hard work, and make a good pay day for their schools and the other athletic programs that will all play for a meaningful championship in their seasons. What we all know is that the SEC will have a team in the NC game because of the bias towards them, and the rest of the country hopes that the media built system will allow a team from another conference to play for the so-called NT. The BCS was no doubt built to help the SEC get what they feel is rightfully theirs. The South is still bitter about the Civil War! They hate the North and they are still reeling from that loss.

    Save yourself a bunch of wasted energy people. Do something more productive than rant and rave about a team being over-rated. Especially SEC fans! Because your loud and proud attitude is all for nothing. None of those championships have truly been earned. They have only been a handed opportunity by a bunch of beauty pageant voters that in recent years that have allowed those so-called championships to be won.

    I for one am so sick of it, that I can hardly enjoy watching college football and I refuse to watch the title game anymore because the teams in it never have to earn it. I am sure the new playoff system, which is a joke as well, will be any better.

  • http://webpronews.com Curt

    Overrated??? Tell me another team that hasn’t lost a game this season and last season? Overrated??? How many ‘big time’ teams have lost to teams of lesser standing? Not Ohio State. What are they suppose to do…lose a game on purpose? Nay sayers love to belittle successful teams. Nay sayers love to belittle Urban Meyer because he is just so successful. Overrated teams end up losing because they are overrated. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Mike

      You would have a point if OSU actually played in a bowl last year and beat a good team. Simple fact is, the Big 10 isn’t that tough this year. Michigan is overrated, OSU is not a top 5 team, and Northwestern is good but nowhere near great, same with OSU and Wisconsin. This is a down year for the Big 10, simple as that. And, just so you know, I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree from a Big 10 school and am a huge Big 10 fan. But, I also am realistic.

      • Jenny

        Realistic? PLEASE tell me who Alabama is playing this year to deserve a TOP spot? Oh, because they play Texas A&M? They are playing only 2 ranked teams just like we did, but yet they deserve a top spot. This is pathetic. And just for the record, we have DEMOLISHED Notre Dame last year in the National Championship game and added another “W” to our record. Puhlease!

  • buckeyecoop1@yahoo.com

    Waaa – Waaa – Waaaaa – same crap every year. The jealous OSU haters come out of the woodwork to bash OSU because they are afraid they might have to play them. Then bowl season comes and OSU kicks their asses. Except for Georgia and Clemson, who the hell HAS played the mysterious “anyone”?

  • mark haag

    Obama promised a playoff system, where is it?


    Wake up America! Talk about overrated,look at the LOUISVILLE CARDINALS.They are rated #8 and undefeated.They have played 3 high schools and 2 junior colleges.All they talk about is playing the big one January.OHIO STATE would probably beat Louisville by a 100 points and you OHIO STATE haters would still cut them down.18 undefeated games in a row, JUST THE FACTS!Your local grocery store sells cheese to go with your whine.

    • Jenny

      I can’t stop laughing, no truer words!!! THANK YOU!

  • Chris

    They’re the only top ten team to beat two ranked teams. They don’t play a single team with a losing record in their remaining games. Toughest schedule in the country? Not by a long shot. But definitely strong enough to warrant a spot in the championship game if they win out. Oregon on the other hand hasn’t played a single team with a winning record.

    • Markus

      Chris, I beg to differ about the remaining schedule – Purdue is a grisly 1-4 with no end in sight. And Oregon did beat a 3-2 Nichols State, so…

      Tongue firmly in cheek – I agree with your sentiment

  • jim

    why hate on ohio state look at last year undefeated so why hate them they dnt make the team they played but they find away to win so keep hating them watch you will see they will play for the national champship

  • Jeffrey Millinger

    To BE SOMEBODY you’ve got to BEAT SOMEBODY…. and the FACT IS: tOSU f-kboys have beaten NOBODY. Florida A&M, Buffalo, SD State?? The wins against solid, but not great, teams like Wisconsin (at home) and Northwestern were both SUPER CLOSE. The sad thing is, the rest of their schedule might be even easier than what they’ve played so far. Like I said, tOSU F-Kboys.

    • skyler krawetzki

      Sec Sec Sec…. im tired of it… okay they won 7 straight… lets tlk about ohio state the team everybody loves to hate…. we went 12-0 with nothing to look forward only just because we could…. we could beat bama this year no doubt what can they do that we cant…. their line isnt as good as ours… their front 7 is just as good as ours…. their qb is alright…. he only has the championships because of the team around him….. but this year is different… you will see people doubt osu every year and they keep proving doubters…. 2002 vs miami beat um…. 2010 oregon…. beat um…. 2011 arkansas beat um…. the sec pretty much cheats they are the only conference that has a try out day where recruits come in and the scouts look at them…. they can over book scholarships and kick people off the team if they arnt producing enough…. how come the big ten cant do that…. all bowl games are in your back yard pretty much and yet ohio state puts more people in the stands… what is good about your conference except you guys mean nothing in another sport but college football…. and in that you guys can do what other conferences cant. People sell autographs in the sec get a 1/2 game suspension…. osu does it banned from postseason yet still goes 12-0…. yup sounds to me osu is over rated….. yeah right go BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Seeing as how Ohio State is the only undefeated team to have beaten two ranked opponents, I would say they clearly aren’t overrated. And of their remaining opponents, only one (Purdue) will likely not make it to a bowl. Ohio State’s schedule is fine. Obviously Oregon or Stanford won’t be undefeated. Same w/ Florida State & Clemson. With the way Alabama’s defense has played at times, it’s not a stretch to say they may lose as well.

    That being said, Ohio State just needs to take care of their own business. If they run the table, they go to the Rose Bowl and likely play against Stanford or Oregon. If they beat either of them, then that pretty much sums it up that Ohio State definitely deserved a shot at the national championship. And I don’t think there’s anyone in Columbus that would be disappointed in a 14-0 record, a Big Ten Championship, and a Rose Bowl Trophy.

    • ROLLT1DE

      Ohio State proved Saturday that they deserve the current number 4/3 ranking. I felt Northwestern would be the toughest test for them. A good win…
      Just to correct a statement you made that was not accurate…
      Ohio State and Alabama have both beaten 2 previously ranked top 25 opponents. Ohio State beat Wisc (23)and Nwestern (16). Alabama beat Texas A&M (6) and Ole Miss (21). Both Wisconsin and Ole Miss are currently unranked. So, technically, Ohio State has 1 top 25 win. OSU beat a (currently ranked 20) Northwestern and Bama beat a (currently ranked 9) Texas A&M. However Alabama also beat a Virginia Tech team currently ranked 24.
      So Alabama is the one team with 2 top 25 wins…

  • Reggie

    Attempting to circumvent the various conference biases here, but the most impressive victory this season was, in my perspective, Oregon’s humiliating domination of Tennessee. UT’s strong game against Georgia on Saturday demonstrated that it is not that bad a team. A comparison of results against a common opponent (comparing Ducks and Tide) will be available when Alabama plays Tennessee.

    Nevertheless, would have to agree that it appears that the SEC is “down” this year. There is a reasonable chance that another conference team can win the “National Title.”

    Ohio State had some difficulty with both Wisconsin and Northwestern, but it will stay in the BCS conversation. Problem is, there is no “big” opponent remaining from which a victory against would move Buckeyes upwards in polls.

    Meanwhile, both Florida State and Clemson from the ACC make that conference look considerably stronger this year. The upcoming game between these two teams will impact the final rankings considerably.

    If Alabama is defeated in the SEC Championship–which might occur this season, especially if Georgia recovers most of its injured players–the ACC Champion, if undefeated, might well play against either Oregon or Ohio St. in the “national championship” game.

    Will give Ohio State its due for the time being, but again, the most fearsome offense I have seen is Oregon’s. Oregon will only have one “challenge” this season, against Stanford. The results of that game will be influential on the BCS Championship, especially if Oregon wins by a large margin.

    I have no particular conference allegiance. Looking at results of games played thus far, I would have Oregon Ducks ranked as the No. 1 team right now, with perhaps Tide as No. 2. Buckeyes, Clemson, and Florida State could all be tied for the No. 3 spot. But Clemson or Florida St. will have an advantage over Buckeyes if one dominates the other in their game against each other. Stanford will stay in the conversation, depending upon how it does against Oregon.

    Right now, the most interesting potential “title” game appears to be Ducks v. Tide.

  • Jay

    Northwestern was the only team that came to play so far…and Ohio state beat them….how are they overrated?

    • ROLLT1DE

      Ohio State proved Saturday that they deserve the current number 4/3 ranking. I felt Northwestern would be the toughest test for them. A good win…
      Ohio State and Alabama have both beaten 2 previously ranked top 25 opponents. Ohio State beat Wisc (23)and Nwestern (16). Alabama beat Texas A&M (6) and Ole Miss (21). Both Wisconsin and Ole Miss are currently unranked. So, technically, Ohio State has 1 top 25 win. OSU beat a (currently ranked 20) Northwestern and Bama beat a (currently ranked 9) Texas A&M. However Alabama also beat a Virginia Tech team currently ranked 24.
      So Alabama is the one team with 2 top 25 wins…

  • CAL_08

    So why no mention of Georgia at #7 being overrated? Didn’t they almost lose to an unranked Tennessee team? Northwestern was 4-0 and had 2 weeks to prepare for this game. Does Ohio State automatically suck if another BigTen team plays well too?

  • Jenny

    I find it funny that so many SEC fans have so much crap to say when you guys became a factor in the last 10 years. Might I add that over 50%!!!! of your coaches come from the Big 10 territory and have loopholes in their contracts that state that if a position came available in the Big 10, they would leave you guys immediately. Les Miles is doing nothing but cranking up his dollar worth so he can leave just like Urban did. The problem with you SEC people that cracks me up is that you don’t play anyone EITHER, Bama has ONLY played Texas Tech this year, the rest were high schools, and their first game of the season they were VISIBLY shaken. Cut the crap. Schedules are decided 5 and 6 years in advance, and when we see you guys create a LEGACY of staying power (meaning being in the top 10 for a minimum of 20 consecutive years) then we can sit down and really take you serious.

    Good day bitter ones!

    Signed a BuckNUT!

    • Jenny

      Typo: Texas A&M*



  • Sofa King Good

    Ohio State is not overrated. Many ppl point out that OSU has a very weak schedule and I agree, but currently the 6 games they have played is on par or tougher difficulty wise with the other top teams. As the season continues and OSU plays the easier teams in the BIG 10 as long as the teams with tougher schedules win they will move up & OSU will fall. That has already proven to be true. If ppl don’t want to see OSU in the NC game then the other teams in “tougher” conferences simply need to win and OSU will not get in.

  • Sue

    Ohio State Has not played a top ten opponent since 2011! Of course they should go undefeated, though they barely beat Michigan and a few other non-rated teams. Scheduling should count and not just no losses. They are over-rated and don’t deserve to be in a national championship, at least not until they play somebody in the top ten and win!