O'Hare Plane Skids Onto Grass After Landing


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Today in Chicago and the surrounding areas, there was a lot of heavy rain that impacted travel; however, with Chicago notorious for its treacherous weather (especially in the winter time), O'Hare Airport, one of America's busiest airports, is always ready for the worst scenarios. Today, O'Hare responded promptly as a commercial airliner skidded off one of its runways.

According to a recent report from Fox News, an American Eagle aircraft (Flight #4332 from New Orleans) safely landed at O'Hare Airport and was approaching one of the airport's terminals when the nose of the plane skidded onto a grassy area. None of the passengers were injured during this incident, and buses were sent to the location to transport the American Eagle passengers to the nearby terminal.

The Examiner reported that this incident happened at 9 a.m. this morning on Runway #2. It was predicted that heavy rain might have been the culprit for the plane's nosegear to skid off of the concrete runway.

John Colucci, the Social Media Manager at Engadget, was in transit at O'Hare Airport, and he tweeted -- wondering why his flight was delayed:

American Airlines later tweeted their response back to Colucci, thanking him for his concern about the incident. That was very speedy customer service on American Airlines' part.

This incident comes just a few days after an alligator was discovered at the second busiest airport in the US as well.

[Image source: Wikimedia Commons]