Obesity and Coca-Cola Do Not Go Hand in Hand, CEO Claims

    June 19, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Obesity in adults and children has been linked to a number of foods and beverages over the years. According to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, sugary drinks such as Coca-Cola are to blame, as well. So concerned is he about the expanding waistline of his citizens that Bloomberg is attempting to impose a ban on these 16-ounce liquid calorie bombs. What about going back for refills, you ask? I’m sure he’s working on that problem right now.

In an attempt to separate themselves from such negative press, Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal for an interview, which was published on Monday. During the chat, Kent spoke frankly about Bloomberg’s plan to rid the city of their extra pounds by limiting their intake of sugary beverages.

According to Kent, the company doesn’t feel they are responsible for the increasing number of obese individuals who are currently living — and dying — in our country. So ridiculously overweight are we that the United States recently ranked as one of the heaviest nations in the world. In case you were wondering, that’s not an accolade to be particularly proud of. Unless, of course, unchecked gluttony is your reason for living.

“We’ve gone from being a single-beverage, single-brand company to now 500-plus brands, 3,000 products. Eight hundred of these products we’ve introduced in the last four or five years are calorie-free or low-calorie,” Kent said in defense of his products. “It is, I believe, incorrect and unjust to put the blame on any single ingredient, any single product, any single category of food.”

If Bloomberg has his way, Coca-Cola, along with other carbonated beverage manufacturers, will see their products dispensed in limited quantities at restaurants, delis, and various entertainment venues. The ban, oddly enough, does not include diet, fruit, dairy or alcoholic drinks, the latter of which are notoriously high in calories.

  • Comr. Godwin Nyiam

    How do u mean mr ceo? Pls expound.

  • David Phillips

    Bloomberg is just another Political hack – Blooming Idiot, who jumps on every Bandwagon that comes rolling along – just look at his record ? Show ME THE FACTS !

  • Sage

    Fact is, I lost a bunch of weight when I switched from soda to drinking unsweetened tea with no other lifestyle changes.

  • http://Yahoo Becky

    It’s about time somebody in power said something about fat people. I hate to be harsh but fat people are not doing anything about their problem or they’ll make excuses about thyroid problems. One guy I met actually told me his doctor told him he’ll be fat for the rest of his life. So, that will be his excuse to eat as much as he wants. People who are fat have the nerve to be critical about people that smoke, have a drink, etc. Food is an addiction just like everything else. One last note. I stopped going to some places to eat because the view of fat people waiting outside makes me sick.