Obamacare Reaches One Million Signups

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It is almost the end of 2013, and I am sure that most of us are sick and tired of hearing about the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as “Obamacare”) with all of the woes that the registration website HealthCare.gov has encountered these past few months. Nevertheless, hope for Obamacare is in sight, because its registration count recently reached a remarkable milestone.

According to Time Magazine, Obamacare reached a little under one million registrations within most of December alone. The reason why the registration count for Obamacare is this high is due to the recent repairs to the main registration website itself. With the Obamacare sign-up numbers being this high for December, the totals for the past few months have been on the upswing as well. In October, there were 27,000 registrants, and 137,000 in November, as observed by the Federal Health Care Marketplace.

Even though one million registrations have been completed for Obamacare, President Barack Obama’s administration had hoped for a higher number to have been achieved by now. According to Time, the Obama administration had hoped that the number of registrants for Obamacare would have been at 3.3 million by the end of the year. The Obama administration is still hopeful, and if you are still interested in Obamacare and want to register, please be sure to sign up by January 1st.

White House officials have yet to release the registration counts for the 14 states that manage their own healthcare exchanges; however, the Obama administrations remains optimistic and forecasts that 7 million Americans will register prior to the first-year open enrollment period that ends in March.

With the registration numbers being so high, many Americans have already encountered success and benefits by registering with Obamacare, and have shared their experiences on Twitter.

Image via HealthCare.gov

Obamacare Reaches One Million Signups
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  • Art Michel

    I’m one of those lucky ones who’s wife is 64, and her insurance went up $250 a month- I’ve paid all my own bills and all my family bills since I’m 17, grew up without a father or mother, worked for 49 years, put myself through 10 yrs of college while having a family and a stay-at-home wife, worked most weeks at 60+ hours, and I’ll have to work until I’m 70 to have a retirement after George Bush ruined my investment funds, and you would think I could catch a break at 66 yrs old. So far in the past 50 years the only interaction I’ve had with uncle sam is to be rejected from enlisting for Viet Nam, and then be on the draft list as A1 until the lottery in ’69.
    I’m glad everyone is finally getting insurance, but don’t expect me to be happy that my wife couldn’t keep the insurance she had, which served us well for the past 20 years. Insurance companies found a way to profiteer on the backs of seniors.

    • Rob B

      So ol’ George did that all by himself did he? Suppose you tell me how he did that? Of course you can’t because you are just an ignorant fool who parrots whatever your Democrat minders tell you to say. Look, I’m no big fan of Bush, the man spent taxpayer money like a drunken sailor even though as a Republican he was supposed to be more fiscally responsible, but to blame him for the financial crisis is patently ridiculous. No president has that kind of influence on the economy. But if you feel like you still need to blame a president for what happened, go read up on the Community Reinvestment Act and then come back and talk to me.

  • Silence DoGood

    A look at the cost structure of the ACA, for those who are interested. Good luck.


  • http://www.webpronews.com/obamacare-reaches-one-million-signups-2013-12#respond Goran

    Next president will be a woman but not Hillary! She stood by a liar when he testified in a Congressional hearing. The immature tramp who was crying in front of the congressional hearing should not have written her memoirs. It will backfire for Hillar

    • http://www.webpronews.com/obamacare-reaches-one-million-signups-2013-12#respond Goran

      It will backfire for Hillary. That is what how I wanted to finish off the sentence.

  • Matt

    Propaganda by Obama fans for Obama fans. Americans aren’t falling for it still. It = unaffordable care interception and deception act.

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