North Korea Issues Threat over US-South Korea Drills

    January 16, 2014
    David Powell
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North Korea is baring its teeth over upcoming U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises. On Wednesday, North Korea insisted that the two nations cancel their annual joint military drills, scheduled to begin in late February and continue into April, claiming that the drills would destroy inter-Korean relations. The two exercises, known as “Foal Eagle” and “Key Resolve,” are routine, but also are intended to deter threats from the north, as well as maintain combat readiness among the allied forces stationed along the demilitarized zone.

A statement released by the North Korean Central News Agency reads in part that the drills “will fatally destroy the inter-Korean relations and trigger unimaginable calamities and disasters.” A North Korean government insider further claimed that moving forward with the exercises would amount to a declaration of “full-scale nuclear war.”

A South Korean Ministry of Defense spokesperson, Kim Min Seok, answered the warning, claiming that “if North Korea commits military provocations by taking advantage of these routine exercises, [then] the military will retaliate severely and firmly.”

While North Korea is prone to idle threats, the U.S.-South Korea bloc has been warier of leader Kim Jong Un in the wake of last year’s purging of Jang Song Thaek. Jang, Kim’s uncle and protector, as well as a lifetime DPRK political insider, was detained and swiftly executed on charges that he was attempting to overthrow the North Korean government. In a speech shortly after the execution, Kim derided his uncle as an “anti-Party, counterrevolutionary factionalist [who was removed] at an opportune time and with a correct decision.” Kim went on to praise the fact that Jang’s demise meant that the “party and revolutionary ranks were further consolidated and [their] single-hearted unity was solidified to the maximum.” The shake-up was considered a ruthless move by observers, suggesting a dangerous level of political instability in the bellicose, nuclear-capable nation.

As yet, Kim Jong Un fanboy Dennis Rodman hasn’t weighed in on the joint military drills.

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  • arvid ericson

    Kerry wants war(his only game) a tea party member,just a postage stamp, a threat to no one !!! a con game!!! North Korea!!!

  • http://Yahoo David H

    I am a veteran Of the Vietnam and It has come to a point with North Korea that Kim Jong Lin need a reality shock. He is still living back in the 50th and 60th no having a modern Army. I hope that some one will give him a reality check be for he dose something the this world can not go through. It look like the dalmatic takes has felled so stop him now

    • benjamin

      He doesn’t have a modern army as far as the west is concerned. However, he has enough artillery pointed at seoul where he could completely destroy their capital without crossing the parallel. He also has nuclear weapons. He has the ability to destroy south korea with just 50’s technology. You can’t really win a war with ww2 technology, but we know the damage you can do.

    • benjamin

      We could probably innitiate a first attack, and destroy his army. But we would be the ones declaring war, he has 1.5 million troops and all that equipment. The real issue is, even if we do that, we’d start world war 3 with China. China doesn’t want this either, they’re loving their life right now. They’re more like the west than ever before as far as their economy and quality of life (I know still far different). And China is enjoying all of this without having a democracy, its almost like a series of unrelated royalty there now enjoying the fruits. China i’m sure looks at North Korea as a potential threat to their future, just as Israel can be to ours. I’m not comparing the two! I only mean, in the way that we can’t directly tell them what to do. However, their actions could determine our fate.

  • joan burke

    I hope wisdom prevails on both sides.

  • S. Lassiter

    Need about five stealth fighter jets to fly around their capital doing fake bombing runs. The US did that to the Russians years ago. Have not really heard much since of the threats by the Russians. This would be so much easier. This kid just does not understand our capabilities.