No Call of Duty Elite for PC?

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No Call of Duty Elite for PC?
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The Call of Duty Elite launch has been less than successful, as pointed out by Josh in a previous article, this much is known. The social network platform designed around the Call of Duty franchise has been plagued with issues ranging from server crashes due to user demand, and there have apparently been unfulfilled promises having to do with the “Founder” accounts.

Furthermore, the CoD Elite mobile app hasn’t hit yet, and as discussed previously, there are many functionality issues that are severely limiting the service. And then there’s the “no PC support” issue, with Elite only being available to console players. All in all, it sounds like a back to the drawing board situation, but because Activision has already committed itself to the Elite platform, they are trying to fix it on the fly, and that’s going about as well as you’d expect.

According to a report from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the “Elite is temporarily unavailable for the PC” may turn into a “permanently unavailable” scenario, because, apparently, the PC system is just too insecure. The post pointed to a tweet from Call of Duty Elite Twitter page to substantiate their post, and the tweet in question says:

@thejuggz We are working towards a universal Elite experience but we cannot guarantee if or when a version will be available for the PC. 5 hours ago via CoTweet · powered by @socialditto

Granted, with so many more people playing Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360 than the other platforms — nothing like using inferior tech, I guess — does it really matter if Elite is available to the PC users? More to the point, with so many console users, does Activision care enough about the PC environment to actually force the issue and ensure PC users get a working version? Considering the fact the current service is struggling so much, it’s doubtful.

As for the insecurity of the PC environment, as pointed out by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, isn’t this something that should’ve been discussed during the early development days? Or do they want us to believe they only discovered it at this late date? Personally, I don’t think the lack of security has anything to do with the lack of Elite service for PC players. It’s clear that Xbox 360 players are the target audience, and the rest of gaming community, while getting some semblance of service, you get the distinct feeling that once Elite works as advertised for the Xbox crowd, the resources being thrown at it will shrink.

In other news, I believe I’ve found a great definition for irony over at the CoD Elite website, especially in light of negative news about the PC platform. Even with the uncertainty surrounding the service, that hasn’t stopped their graphic designers from using an image of laptop, otherwise known as a member of the PC family, on their site.

Elite PC

Wishful thinking, perhaps.

No Call of Duty Elite for PC?
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  • Jason Mickelson

    Not sure what this means. I can access the Call of Duty Elite service on my laptop just like in that picture. I play on a 360. The service is slow and doesn’t always load, but has gotten better over the last couple days. I’m assuming what they mean by not offering PC support, means there won’t be any stat tracking service for players who play on PC. Because technically, Elite is still available on PC. I can look at all my 360 stats on my PC.

  • Carl Smith

    I have been a loyal customer for playstation since they put out their first console, hell, my game play days stretch back to when Atari first came out and I still have my Atari and all the games and paddles, lol.
    The only thing I know is Playstation is going to have to deliver, one way or another, on what they advertise (and sell at incredibly inflated prices) concerning their “ELITE” experience or this is one old gamer that may be switching teams… (Hello Mr.XBOX) and I know I wouldn’t be alone.
    I believe alot of the problem is that PSN is flat lazy with all the “lets team up” schemes (ie., infinity ward, activision, etc.) to sucker as much money outta gamers wallets as we can by offering less than what they can deliver. Activision will not be the ones I’ll be placing the blame on if Elite never functions like myself and all my gamer buds (paying an extra $50) were expecting. PSN can try that blame gaming if and when the time comes but my beef will be with them and over time me and the rest of PSN’s loyal followers may have a mass migration and that’s gonna hurt PSN’s future on continuing in the gaming industry.
    My friends and I all expect our “Elite” Clans to be able to compete for bragging rights, prizes, etc. as we were promised when the register “cha-chinged” up our orders. PSN needs to understand their very continuation and survival in the console gaming world may depend on delivering with this Elite we’ve all been aniticipating… What with the big PSN hacking I’ve about had enough. If they want my continued support (and hard earned dollars) they had better get the ball rolling pretty fast on fixing Elite.
    Loyal PSN Consumer??? (to be continued)
    Carl Smith

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