Nick Saban on the Texas Rumors: I am too “Old” to Start Over

    September 20, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Alabama’s Nick Saban is currently the highest paid coach in college football, making more than $5 million per year. Texas coach Mack Brown makes close to the same salary as Saban, but it’s possible that that Saban could be in a league of his own if any of the Texas Longhorn rumors come true.

There has been a lot of talk about Texas parting ways with Brown, and who would be a better candidate than the coach who has won three of the past four BCS National Championship games? While the rumors started with a joke ESPN’s Paul Finebaum made on Twitter, a report came out today that says someone from Texas contacted Saban’s agent in January.

While Brown has put up quite a few impressive seasons in his 14 years at Texas, his performance the past few years has left a lot to be desired for a fan base accustomed to winning 10-plus games per season. The Longhorns are currently 1-2, with losses to BYU and Ole Miss. As such, the Longhorns are less than thrilled with the over $5 million salary Brown is drawing. The solution? To hire the biggest name in college football–Nick Saban.

For any Crimson Tide fans seeing, well, crimson at the thought of their three-time national title winning coach being lured away, don’t lose too much sleep over the rumors–Saban says he is staying put. After a report surfaced Thursday that said a Texas regent talked to Saban’s agent back in January, the “Saban to Texas” talk has been at a high.

“Nothing went on that I know of. I don’t know about any of this stuff,” Saban said of the report. “I haven’t talked to anybody about that particular situation. They have a coach there. Every year it’s something. We really love the University of Alabama. We really feel like a part of the community here and we have a lot of good friends here. And, quite frankly, I’m just too damn old to start over somewhere else.”

So it sounds like Saban doesn’t have any interest in Texas, but some are speculating that Saban wants to focus on getting another BCS Championship win at Alabama while he has another top-ranked team, that way a bidding war will take place after the season is over. If that happens, it’s possible that Saban could become the first $10 million per year football coach. While it doesn’t make a lot of sense that Saban would want to leave the well-oiled machine that is Alabama, it is certainly possible that he would entertain other offers later on to get a pay raise.

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  • Reality

    He should leave before people start investigating Alabama’s program. The recent report about SEC violation is just the tip of the iceberg for the whole conference. Everyone is doing something dirty in the SEC. You don’t dominate the college football nation and the recruiting process if you are playing by the rules.

    Heck, you just have to look at Alabama’s team — the are massive at every position — it would be interesting to just randomly show up and test the whole team for steroids. People are so naive to think that teenagers are using every type of drug possible, but are saying no to steroids that make them more attractive, stronger, and faster.

    • theonandonly

      There is plenty of random drug testing at Alabama and other football programs. They have a lot of big Southern boys who were raised doing work, you see the same thing at other major colleges especially in the south. If they were on roids they would be a lot more solid, instead of darn big guys with huge guts. Just saying.

      And the thought that every one in the sec is playing dirty is just crazy. You dominate by having superior coache and facilities, which most sec schools have. There is no mroe cheating in the SEC than in any other program, thats a fact.

      • @theone

        I here you and half agree… I went to an SEC school….every program in the SEC is dirty in some way…. I know for a fact that the major schools in the SEC are dirtier than you can image…. no one looks in the right places …. or actually they chose not to look in the right places… you gotta start looking into the greek system, booster system, local businesses relationships, talk to teachers off record, talk to wellness pharmacists, and oddly, go talk to strippers/escorts in Atlanta.

        I think what people also forget is that all players are treated differently. In fact, some players may be totally in the dark as to what is happening on their own team.

        At the end of the day, I couldn’t care less about any of this, but really I believe the SEC is the dirtiest conference in football. They get away with so much. I think people are very naive to think that one conference can dominate the entire country for so long by doing everything the right way.

        By the way …. don’t even get me started on what is going on in High School athletics. In a nutshell here is what is happening:

        — Pro football is becoming a totally new level of sport.
        — College football is becoming pro.
        — High School is becoming like college.
        — Grade school is becoming like high school.

        Heck we have 12 year-olds now verbally committing to some colleges. Things really have changed dramatically in the past 12-15 years.