Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Headed For Divorce?

    June 23, 2014
    Val Powell
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Last month, news about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s divorce started to surface after the release of Cannon’s new album entitled “White People Party Music.” Cannon was quick to dismiss the rumors. “It’s kind of humorous, really. It couldn’t be further off from the truth, and it really affects the credibility of the so-called newspapers,” Cannon said.

The couple has been married for six years, but it’s only been recently that divorce rumors started spreading about them. According to sources, Cannon told Carey that she is getting fat and old and that he wants her to dress appropriately. Carey was reportedly very upset by Cannon’s criticism of her and couldn’t believe he would talk to her that way.

Nick Cannon addresses divorce rumors

In March, Cannon was interviewed by Big Boy of Power 106. In the interview, Cannon gave explicit details of his past sexual relations with women other than his wife. Cannon even revealed that he had sex with Kim Kardashian. Carey was digusted by his comments.

Nick Cannon’s revealing interview with Big Boy of Power 106 (explicit dialogue)

Mariah Carey now says she wants to keep her relationship away from the spotlight. In an interview with Matt Lauer, Carey addressed the divorce rumors and said that she is vulnerable when it comes to her relationship.

“Look, I’ve always been a pretty vulnerable person. But I built up – I have learned how to build up a wall. So when I have to, I can put up that wall, and leave it there, and walk in the other direction. And that’s what I have to do sometimes with people in my life when they just don’t get it, that I’m a person like them,” Carey explained to Lauer.

An insider reported that Carey is eager to get a divorce, but she is worried that Cannon will go after her $515 million fortune.

Another source said that the couple has a pre-nuptial agreement, but when Cannon tells his side of the story, Carey will probably give in to a financial settlement.

The couple was married in 2008 and are parents to three-year-old fraternal twins named Moroccan and Monroe.

Neither Carey nor Cannon have not provided solid answers about the divorce rumors.

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  • ѕwagrυтo υzυмaĸι

    Who cares. You’re not married to them. We as people needs to stay out of others business. Thank you and Goodnight

    • Lynn

      Amen brotha! 😉

    • Carolyn

      I care, because children are involved ! They need BOTH parents . . . not one parent and a Nanny !

  • CrimsunViper

    One thing has me questioning Nick.He told Mariah to dress her age I say as long as you got flaunt it.Beyonce is all Drunk in love and Miley Cirus even look at J.lo married to a diffirent man everyday .I think hes intimidateted married to her because with all the jobs he does people only know him for his wifey.

    • Carolyn

      I am certain that he did not say that when they began dating, so he should be use to it by now ! Once a Diva, always a Diva !

  • Alan

    Mariah carey old ??. Nick, she’s 44… maybe she’s a little bit chubby, but she looks amazing for her age. She looks always young and fresh but she has to lose some weight and she has to dress properly

    • anonymouse

      If he said that, that’s really messed up. She didn’t wake up 11 yrs older than him, but I doubt that he said it. People have been saying they were going to break up since they got married.

      • Carolyn

        Right on ! He did not complain about her being old when they first began dating ! Like FINE wine, Mariah Carey gets better with age, and once a Diva always a Diva ! They change for no man ! ( wink, wink ).

        • tahoegeminii

          she is a delusional self obsessed pill popping psycho-that whole “diva” excuse is just tired and lame-she is aging more like some moldy cheese than wine and with her attitude she will be doing it all by herself -wink wink-so much for the aging diva BS-those hags end up alone with their bottle-besides the only kind of man that would go after MeMe is the ones who want her money-what other reason would you subject yourself to that hideous demanding self important beast

    • JoanCrawford1

      She is 45 – she is more than halfway through her life. She is old.

      • Carolyn

        Age ain’t nothing but a NUMBER ! You are only as old as you feel. Apparently Mariah Carey FEELS young which makes her look young ! If you THINK old, you will look OLD ! I am almost 70 years old, but some people think I am in my late 40’s or early 50’s ! I love it ! I am not bragging, just telling the truth.

        • JoanCrawford1

          Mariah looks 70 though

          • Carolyn

            She doesn’t look any older than her husband, so that means she looks TWELVE years younger than her age !

          • tahoegeminii

            the hellll you say-he looks like he is standing next to his transvestite father when they go out

          • disqus_5LSX4Jk8il

            I agree. I think she looks about 38 or so.

    • Carolyn

      Maybe that is what bothers him ! He wants her to look FRUMPY so no other man will look at her or desire her, but I bet he did not complain when they began to date. Heehee. I read that he dated Kim Kardashian in the past, so he seems to like ” sexy ” women. Once a Diva always a Diva !

      • tahoegeminii

        your over use of the “diva” phrase is as annoying as MeMe the annoying whale is-and she looks all kinds of fugly frumpy if you look at her and not her photoshopped cover art-she didn’t even use her own body on Thirsty and the face is a 20 year old shot-MeMe is one fat frumpy cow stuffed like a oozing sausage in person-I think Nick is tired of jerking it in the theater room to 20 year old strip videos she did just so he can get it up in her presence and he has been having a lot of fun in LA where he is 25 days out of a month

        • don’t need to knw

          I think,every one that is hating on Mariah is jealous cause they r not rich like her,and Nick is way to ugly for her she can do a whole lot better…..and regardless on how old she is she still looks good for her age,y’all need to quit hating and worrie about y’alls own business.If y’all don’t have a life,well go get one thk u very much!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    • tahoegeminii

      if saw what he sees you would stop saying that

  • lynn

    Personal lives has a great impact on us?.Seriously!.

  • Bee

    Did Nick finally grow a pair?! But for some reason I can’t see Nick Cannon saying something like that to Mariah. All these years he has basically let her wear the pants. He seems a bit too timid to speak that way to his wife.

    • JoanCrawford1

      Hey – when you have a chance to walk away from crazy with a chunk of $515 million – you get ballsy and will say anything. I hope Nick gets half.

      • Bee

        That is true lol
        Nick has just let Mariah treat him and talk to him any kind of way, he deserves at least half.

        • tahoegeminii

          at least half she has treated him like the bang chauffeur or the “help” she disses him in all her interviews-she straight up calls him a liar while he is trying to cover her huge fat azz about some illiterate lame dummy remark she has made and she is too stupid to realize he is only trying save her bacon–Miss Piggy joke there-he should get damages and compensation for being discriminated against

          • Bee

            lol ha! Right!

      • Guest

        He would be stupid to leave her and if he did…he’s not getting half of anything that she made prior to marrying him.

        • tahoegeminii

          you mean of what Tommy and Sony made for her-cause solid proof for the last 10 years she can’t do sh–t without the Sony steamroller propping up her flesh puppet brainless azzz-why do you think she still tries to market herself as a stripper ?? she knows she is a studio fraud-thats why she has NO live performances and doesn’t tour-she could never pull it off-all her so called “live” performances are pre taped and edited heavily or she lip syncs its been proven

  • JoanCrawford1

    This should be happening any day now.

  • Goldie Digger

    I never did care for Mariah Scary, as for Nick Cannon Chocolate breaks me out, he only married her 4 her $$$

  • http://www.findurmessage.blogspot.com/ Jason Fontaine

    You do realize Nick has a pretty damn large fortune himself…he’s a media KING….involved with LOTS of projects…he’ll be juuuuust fine without her money…I hope they stick it out….and if she’s getting old and fat – she sure makes it look good…relationships that last are what makes humanity worthwhile….don’t sell yourself short, bro…

    • Carolyn

      Yeah, you TELL them !

    • JoanCrawford1

      He is worth 20 million so, yes he is doing just fine. He deserves half of Mariah’s 500 million

      • Tagirl

        She made that money before she married him, and she has a prenup. He doesn’t deserve half of nothing! The reason why Mariah is so rich is largely because of publishing, meaning she’s written or co-written on almost all of her songs from the beginning of her career. That’s over 200 million records. That’s her money. And if the rumors are the that he’s cheating on her then he should just walk away and leave her alone. But he won’t. He’s always come off as immature.

        • JoanCrawford1

          She has not sold over 200 million albums. She has sold close to 200 million…look it up.

  • Carolyn

    DIVORCE ? I hope not ! He has played around long enough, and now he needs to be there for his family ! I was sickened to learn that he used to date Kim Kardashian ! Yuck ! Before he married Mariah Carey, he looked OLD and he had dark circles beneath his eyes ! Now he looks refreshed and younger ! Married life seems to agree with Nick Cannon . . . and his children will keep him young. Hey Nick, don’t be no fool !

    • JoanCrawford1

      He still looks old.

      • Carolyn

        He no longer has the dark circles beneath his eyes ! Maybe he is getting more sleep since his partying days are over, or it may have been his health problem which was causing his ” dark circles ” ! For a while, he was seriously ill ! You can google to see what his ailment was.

    • tahoegeminii

      he needs to get the kids away from her and take half-she is scary and if they divorce who knows what psycho sh-tt could go down as she uses the children as leverage and ya know she will-she is soooo “the type” and MeMe is the same kind of sloppy hore that Kim K is anyway-he has a type -trashy insecure skankk that you can pimp for cash

  • fallen angel08

    Im sure this is all true, and for the lamb STOP PUTTING MARIAH ON THAT “DIVA PLATTER” its because fans like you guys her career is non excitant and heading for a divorce. .yall better pray NICK dont dip into that 515mil $ lolll

  • wilson

    love….Sad abnormalities that lasts the compreesão and experience, and love maturidade.paz beautiful.