Nexus 5 Will Come To Sprint, T-Mobile Before The Holidays


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Did yesterday's Nexus 5 announcement excite you to no end? You might have even rushed to the Google Play store to purchase one, but found its comparatively affordable price of $349 to be a bit too much. Well, worry not as Google's next flagship device will soon be subsidized through two carriers.

Upon the announcement of the Nexus 5 yesterday, Sprint was the first out of the gate to announce that the device would be available on their network starting November 8 for $149.99. The device will also be compatible with Sprint's Unlimited Data Guarantee for Life plan.

“Whether you’re streaming music or video, surfing the Web, gaming online or just catching up on email, in upgraded areas, Nexus 5 will offer Sprint customers a secure, fast connection using all three of Sprint’s 4G LTE network bands, giving customers the best wireless experience for their needs,” said David Owens, vice president-Product Development, Sprint. “With the dynamic camera features available on this smartphone, our customers will be able to enjoy sharing all their photos and have the peace of mind by not having to worry about data caps or overage charges. While other wireless providers move away from unlimited service, Sprint stands behind its commitment with Sprint Unlimited Guarantee, allowing our customers to lock-in unlimited talk, text and data, while on the Sprint network, not for just the next two years, but for the life of the line of service."

That's great and all, but what about T-Mobile? It carried the Nexus 4 so it only makes sense that it would also carry the Nexus 5, right? That would be correct as T-Mobile announced yesterday that it would be carrying the Nexus 5 as well. It didn't provide a price or launch date, however, so we're stuck with a vague announcement of sometime before Christmas. The Nexus 5 will be available to new customers and JUMP program participants.

There have been no other announcements from other carriers so it's most likely that the Nexus 5 will only be available through T-Mobile and Sprint. For everybody else, you'll have to buy it full price through the Google Play store and activate it on your carrier. Even then, you're only paying $350 for what is essentially an LG G2.

[Image: Google]