New Posters For The Dark Knight Rises Look Better


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While we’re firmly in the grips of The Amazing Spider Man’s reboot, it’s never to early to plan for the next cinematic tentpole event, and when you pair the names Christopher Nolan and Batman, you know you’re in for a blast of a time at the theaters. Nolan’s next trip to the Gotham universe is a little over two weeks away, and to keep the anticipation at a healthy buzz, Warner Brothers has not been shy about the release of promotional content, all in an effort to keep the buzz going.

So when you see three new posters for The Dark Knight Rises this close to the release, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. While Christian Bale’s Batman is once again front and center, Batman stories are only as strong as the bad guy being featured. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why Nolan and Warner Brothers are giving the Bane character so much focus with the promotional content. As you can see from the lead image, Bane content is a hot item right now, with not one, but two posters focusing on the highly-anticipated villan:

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There’s also a new poster for Bale’s Batman, and it looks better than the first poster Warner Brothers released:

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In fact, some are speculating the poor reaction to the initial poster is what motivated this late release of new TDKR content:

In fact, reactions to each set of images were so polarized, there’s little surprise that the theatrical poster has more or less been replaced by the later offerings. And still, with just over two weeks left to release, Warner Bros. isn’t done yet.

Considering that, are these new posters better in the sense of what you were expecting? Would you have one of these hanging in your man cave?