New iPhone 4S Ads Still Pushing Siri As Standout Feature

    February 10, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Are you guys still using Siri?

As an iPhone 4S owner myself, I’ve noticed that I’ve been using Apple’s voice assistant less and less as time goes on. It’s not that Siri wasn’t useful on many occasions – because she was. It probably has something to do with being set in my ways. My first thought is always to just do something manually – set a reminder, look up something – before I even think about poor Siri just sitting there, waiting to help me.

For their part, Apple is still pushing Siri as the main draw of the iPhone 4S. They’ve just released two new TV spots, both of which highlight some of the various ways that Siri can be rather useful.

The first ad, called “Road Trip,” shows all of the things that Siri can help you with while you’re, well, on a road trip. The users ask for directions, nearest gas stations, facts about Orion, and even “where are we” when they get lost. Check it out below:

The next ad, entitled “Rock God” is probably the best of the two. It also stars Siri, but this one is about an aspiring musician. Siri helps him locate a guitar, learn how to play a couple of classic rock songs, and even text some girls about his garage show. Check it out:

As you might have caught, both ads feature Siri calling up Wolfram Alpha in order to fulfill her requests. That partnership has been particularly beneficial to Wolfram Alpha, as they recently said that Siri accounts for about 25% of their queries.

[Hat tip to Slashgear]
  • Sheila Gladwell

    How come I don’t have a “she” on my Siri – male – and dare |I say – “camp” voice comes up – can I change “him”? or is this UK version? Which as it turns out is usless – other than for hilarious fun! Hugely frustrating when I want to find out addys for various places – not an option in UK – well then it begs the question why it was so mooted/hyped at point of sale – no one made it clear that Siri will not give you such BASIC info in UK! So according to ASA – I have to “blame” myself for not researching/understanding sales hype – thanks a lot from an old pensioner. Lurv tekky things – but feel “rooked” at this point in time!