Netgear Talks Ramifications of Transition to IPv6

Education by Vendors Will Be Key

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It was recently revealed that the pool for IPv4 addresses had been depleted, meaning that the protocol for the Internet as we know it has been used up, and the transition to the next-generation IPv6 is beginning. 

Drew Meyer, Senior Director of Marketing for Networking product vendor Netgear shared some thoughts on the transition with WebProNews. 

"It’s a big deal for companies of all sizes because it is a fundamental change in the way the Internet works, but it is also a very subtle transition for most users," says Meyer. "Small businesses that keep older networking hardware in service longer may find they need to upgrade – but only once their networks break down. Channel partners play a key role in educating small and midsized customers."

Drew Meyer Talks IPv6 transitionOn what kinds of techniques businesses can embrace while they gear up for the switch to IPv6, Meyer says, "The old and the new (IPv4 and IPv6) will coexist in most networks. Modern servers and software have provisions for dual mode support, but older equipment may require replacement since it cannot support the latest software patches and firmware upgrades. We expect this to happen invisibly as network equipment is refreshed driven by other solutions, like virtualization or mobile access."

"We see it as a side benefit of modernizing midmarket networks and have plans for it across our entire product line of managed, smart and unmanaged switches," he adds.

"Developing markets like China and new applications like mobile devices and home automation demand more Internet connectivity than ever before, so first movers are positioned to become the new leaders of the next generation Internet," he says. "Winners offer simple ways for smaller companies to adopt, and losers will be those vendors who do not educate their channels and end users on the availability of the new function. Midmarket customers purchasing reliable, affordable and simple solutions will be automatically prepared for the IPv6 transition."

World IPv6 Day has been set for June 8. On that day, major web properties like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo will join content delivery networks like Akamai and Limelight Networks for a 24-hour global trial of the new protocol.

Netgear Talks Ramifications of Transition to IPv6
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  • eran waxman

    good article

  • Debbie Lewis

    I love all the recent talk of IPv4 address depletion — because action typically only occurs when people feel some “discomfort.”

    Actually, this particular moment in time enables the Internet industry, businesses and government agencies to “talk amongst themselves” so that together they will be better informed and able to rally together towards the transition to IPv6.

    Here’s a good podcast discussing the business value of IPv6, featuring Chris Kimm, vice president for Verizon network field operations in Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. http://bit.ly/i7ctGL

    Daniel Awduche, Verizon IP network architecture and design is blogging today about Verizon and IPv6. http://bit.ly/ekEnC3

    It’s a noisy time for IPv6, and it’s time to get busy.

    Debbie Lewis
    Director, Public Relations
    Personally and professionally, I am a passionate supporter of the Internet

  • JMV2009

    “Modern servers and software have provisions for dual mode support, but older equipment may require replacement since it cannot support the latest software patches and firmware upgrades. ”

    Uhhh. Older equipment can support the latest firmware upgrades, IF, AND ONLY IF, YOU (NETGEAR) GENERATE THEM.

    Firmware upgrades are device specific, so which gear can support IPv6 is controlled by NETGEAR, and not by anybody else, for netgear devices.

    Please provide IPv6 compatible stacks on all equipment in current use as of 1/1/2012, or declare and substantiate that you are technically not able to do so.

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