Netflix Users Aren't Really That Keen On Netflix

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Despite vigorous efforts from competitors to dethrone them, Netflix remains the most popular streaming service out there. This is mighty impressive considering the fact that Netflix's public image went through the wringer last year - with the price hike, and the incredibly short-lived and short-sided Qwikster idea and all.

In fact, a new report from Consumer Reports found that 81% of their survey respondents said they have used Netflix Instant (streaming service) in the past month. That's a huge share of the streaming market.

But here's the thing: Their survey didn't just look at subscriber figures, but it also considered customer satisfaction. And in that department, Netflix finished far from the top spot.

Out of an overall score of 100, Netflix's subscriber satisfaction score came in at 69. That put Netflix in sixth place on the list of streaming video providers. Vudu took the top spot with a score of 76. In between those two, in order, fell iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Amazing Prime and Hulu.

Of course, with such a large user base, Netflix is ripe for plenty of bad feedback. While 81% said they stream using Netflix, only 2-14% used the other services mentioned in the survey.

According to Consumer Reports, the biggest problem that was cited by those who scored Netflix low on the satisfaction scale was a lack of quality content. It's true that Netflix has suffered some pretty significant content losses due to failed deals - Starz comes to mind.

But, Netflix is ramping up the production of original content, which could be a big draw for the service in the future. Between original series like Lilyhammer and upcoming exclusives like the new season of Arrested Development, Netflix could make up for some of the lost studio content with their own shows.

Just don't expect any sort of content deal with HBO in the near future.

Earlier this week, Netflix released their Q2 earnings report which showed a return to profitability.

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