Nerdy Cross Stitch Gives Me New Hobby

By: Richard Stalker - June 11, 2012


Star Wars

I have no hobbies what so ever. Unless you count wishing I could draw or play the guitar. But I don’t think that wishing or daydreaming about winning the lottery is a hobby, not yet anyway. Well it looks as though I might have found something to get my creative juices flowing and that is nerdy enough to keep my increadibly short attention.

Weelittlestitches has their own Etsy store where you can purchase patterns so you can start your own cross stitch journey. I chose a few of my favorite ones, but they have Star Trek, Justice League, Firefly, Big Bang Theory, The Princess Bride, and more.

The patterns run from 4 dollars for smaller ones, to 9 dollars for the bigger ones. Get your today!

The Fellowship of the Ring


Harry Potter


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Dr. Who Companions


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