NBC Cancels Shows And Disappoints Fans

    October 18, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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NBC has just released news that two shows will be pulled from the network’s lineup to be put into effect immediately. Welcome to the Family and Ironside are the two shows that — unfortunately for fans — have been selected.

On Thursdays, NBC will air two back-to-back episodes of Parks & Recreation in place of Welcome to the Family.


The news is slightly better for fans of the police drama, Ironside, which stars Blair Underwood. It has been reported that one additional episode of Ironside will air on Wednesday, October 23rd. After the last episode, Ironside‘s 10 p.m. Wednesday night time slot will be replaced by Dateline.


The reason behind the untimely departure of both shows from the network’s lineup has not been disclosed at this time; however, this has not stopped fans from voicing their disappointment at having these shows cancelled.

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  • wendy

    I LOVED the show WTTF….Welcome to the Family!!! NBC needs to give it a chance!!!

  • Stephen

    They should have given Ironside more time, whatever happened to letting a show mature like the old days.
    A full season,”whatever that means as a season isn’t even a season anymore” would give people time to see it at least once and then decide…..BOO to all the networks !

    • http://facebook KC


      • http://facebook KC

        and……at least our shows can try for 18 etc…in Britain I think their ratings are judged by a dog, a cat, 3 old people and a postman. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Kit Kat

    I cannot believe Parks and Recreation is still going! Thursday night is bad show night on TV! It sucks!

  • baseball purist

    i’m a big blair underwood fan…loved him since “LA Law”…but, crime dramas have just gone over the top…they have to be so intense and so non-stop that they’ve just become tedious…everything is full-screen and close up…I don’t like ‘ironside’ and I don’t like ‘blacklist,’ which i’m sure will be cut sooner rather than later…

    • http://gmail wens

      shut the hell up!

    • http://facebook KC

      THEY ARE AIMED AT A YOUNGER AUDIENCE I THINK. Blair went on to other things! they all have.

    • Sam

      The Blacklist was picked up for a full season. The other week its Live + 7 numbers were over 18 million viewers. Unfortunately Ironside started off with few viewers and dropped from there.

  • Robert

    What most people who complain that these shows are being cancelled fail to grasp is that rarely if every do new viewers come in drove mid season to a show. Their is a certain amount of show testing in September and again in January but that’s it. Look at shows ratings / shares online and you’ll see spikes at the beginning, mid and end of season that’s it. If a show hasn’t caught on (like Agents of SHIELD for example) by the few few weeks in, odds are it wont.

    NBC which has tons of show ideas isn’t go to do the Breaking Bad route and stick with a show for 30+ episodes until it catches on, mostly because the budget for one episode of their shows could produce an entire season of Breaking Bad.

    That’s the sticks, simple T.V. economics.

  • Cheryl

    I watched WTTF last week and really didn’t like it. The actress that plays the (unexpectedly pregnant) older mother just wasn’t funny and was a real buzz kill. The younger pregnant couple was cute.

    I don’t know why Ironsides wasn’t given more time. It looked promising. Oh well, this is NBC, the same station that’s canceling Jay Leno at the top of his game.

  • Nicole P.

    The network never gave “Ironside” a chance! I remember watching the original version with my mom years ago! If NBC keeps pulling shows before the season is over, they won’t have a very good reputation soon and lose a lot of viewers! As it is now, the only shows worth watching now are “The Biggest Loser” and “America’s Got Talent.” They’ve canceled all the other shows I WAS interested in.

    • http://jameswick@yahoo.com James Wikstrom

      This “Ironside” had a filthy mouth and degraded the original Ironside program which I thoroughly liked and watch the reruns every day on MeTv Memorable Television. Plus I watch Hawaii Five O, and numerous other old time TV shows. The TV shows these days do not compare to yesteryear.

    • http://gmail wens

      i agree

      • http://gmail wens

        wrong comment to you…..this Ironside was great..no filthiness….

    • WAYNE

      There not alot I watch on NBC, but I really enjoy Ironsides. I will not be watching your vulgar sickcoms!

  • t

    I moved 2 years ago and gave up cable. so much more to life than tv.

    • Pamela

      Then why did you even post a comment?

    • KimmyA

      Like – posting about the tv shows you can’t watch? That makes sense. Bored much?

  • Susan S.

    I just FOUND Ironside! How can you cancel a show after only a few episodes? Be fair! I too watched the original and, once I found the show (first I found was marked “Episode #5, not sure if there were any earlier episodes or not), I was looking forward to seeing more development of the characters and future episodes. (Of course, this IS the same network that dumped Ann Curry from the Today Show after over 15 years with barely a nudge off the couch!)

    • http://nbcironsides misty 666

      I have been dvr the show due to fact I’m a baseball fan. It was the wrong time to introduce. I hate the comedy shows. I like the drama of today not the future of 20 years from now. Please reconsider.

  • Ed Graves


    • Jackson

      If you aren’t watching, how will you know who the advertisers are?

      You didn’t think before you posted, did you?

  • Judy

    I really like the Ironside update Blair Underwood was good and very independent which diifferant from the original series but really canceled after 3 shows when we’ve been saddled with Parks and Recreation stupidity for soooo many seasons it gags Me

    • http://gmail wens

      that’s what made the difference with Ironside…plus he could still get down as a man….if you know what i mean???

      • tony

        he was putting down pretty good too lol!

  • Richard

    I think that “Ironside” showed some promise. Why invest at something when it’s going off the air right away?? Seems like some dirty politics to me.

  • Valerie Rucker

    So now you’ve cancelled Ironside. I finally found a reason to come back to your station and you cancel Ironside? I was already fed up because you got rid of the other shows that I liked: The Cape, Harry’s Law,and Law & Order: LA. You don’t know how to keep a winning show on your station. I’ll come back when you bring Blair Underwood as Ironside back on. Until then—–PEACE!!!!

  • Richard

    Looks like “Ironside” had some real promise in being a very good show. It seems to me that some dirty politics got in the way!!

    • http://gmail wens

      you said it! probably the tea party got in the way!

  • Jim Wells

    Can’t believe you are going to cancel the show Ironside. My wife and I tvo everything else to watch the show. What a waste you people are. Don’t know good shows from bad ones.

  • Anne

    Unfortunately, when you deviate too far off the original and the original is on in re-runs at the same time, you will lose every time. As good an actor Blair is, they have done him a disservice by messing with the original concept. You don’t mess around with a very good recipe!!!

    • http://gmail wens

      nothing wrong with trying something new!! have you tried something new are you stuck to the same old routine????? try something new maybe you’ll have some luck in life!! old bag!

  • http://yahoo Barbara

    Loved “Welcome to the Family”– If the stations keep cancelling shows it’ll make it easier to cancel cable, which is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.

    • Jackson

      Your comment makes zero sense. If you cancel cable, all you have left are the main networks. Since you are complaining about the main networks cancelling everything, why would you reduce yourself to just those networks?

  • Harry

    It’s hard to find a new favorite show any more.

    Everything gets canceled

  • Levon Miller

    Finally you put on a really good show, with great actors, that can keep my interest and you stupid TV execs pull the show before it gets started. But you leave on season after season those inane, dumb, stupid boob tube sit coms. That makes no sense to me. And you wonder why everyone is watching original programming on cable. Whatever happened to the TV execs that knew good programming when they was it?????

  • Paul DeCroix

    That’s a shame. It looks VERY funny! It’s all about scheduling with a new show. It’s hard with television today. Good shows get axed.

  • Mike

    I don’t watch either show but it really gets old when a network offers up new shows then dumps them so quick. It really makes it hard to even try a new show these days for fear you will like them and then go through the pain of having them cancelled so quickly. Throughout tv history there have been many successful shows that didn’t do well at first but then went on to a long run. How can they spend so much money on a show then dump them after just a few shows? NBC just went down another notch.

  • http://NA Dawn

    I hate this! My husband and I were huge fans of Ironside. There are a lot more shows that they could’ve cancelled.

  • sandi

    Welcome to the family is so funny. NBC you are just crazy that show is great.

  • Levenia

    Can not believe another good show is going away. I loved the new Ironside, it is good a show and needs to be given a chance or move it to another night or a new time spot. Also you are going to let show go and bring back Cummunity, which I did not like it the first time around, so you know I will not watch it this time. I may just give up NBC and watch CBS, ABC, CW, TNT, USA or FOX, they have a lot of good programs. They at least give the new show a season

  • madkow

    Too many GREEDY JEW producers who don’t know what they want is to blame

    • Bort

      Madkow, do yourself a favor and grab your car keys, walk outside, drive to the store, buy some powerade, drink it, go back in your car, drive home, and then shoot yourself in the head you worthless piece of crap.

      • snarkomatic

        Now if NBC put that on the air, I’d watch it. Ratings dilrmma solved.

    • DoubleOShoe


    • Jackson

      They know exactly what they want. They want to piss you off. And, like a lemming, you played along with their plan perfectly. Now they own you, and you are powerless to do anything about it.

      It really must suck to be you today.

  • P B

    It doesn’t matter to me what they cancel because I refuse to watch a one sided biased TV station that refuses to let people know just what is really going on in this country politically. This lying moron in Washington is destroying our country and NBC, ABC, and CBS. Any TV station that will now show political commercials from the republican side is a communist sympathizer in my book, and many friends of mine feel the same way.

    • Tired of it!

      Wow, brain washed much? You sound just like a tea party mouthpiece. And thanks for the shut down, asshat. Now go back under your rock.

    • tony

      get a life!

  • cammie

    I can’t believe NBC is cancelling another great show. My husband and I were just talking about how we thought Ironside was going to be long running show because it is so good. What is wrong with this network? They don’t even give these shows a chance to shine anymore. I am so disappointed. NBC used to be the best major network for primetime programming. Now they just suck.

    • tony

      they dont want a strong black man as a lead getting the ladies and not taking any crap thats why! remember undercovers a few years ago! nbc likes shuck and and jive type!

      • Jackson

        If they don’t want him as a lead, why did they buy the show and put it on the air in the first place? By your line of thinking, they never would have cast him in the first place, right?

        Try again, Einstein.

  • http://webpronews.com Paula

    I always watch any new series with a jaundiced eye until the show proves it is worth watching. However, on the pilot episode of Ironside, I found myself very mesmerized and waiting to see what would happen next. Even my husband was getting in to it. I am very disappointed that this show has been cancelled. Maybe one of the cable networks will pick it up and resuscitate it.

  • Ted

    The reason Ironsides failed, is the same reason the new Karate Kid failed, stop trying to replace shows who originally had white actors with blacks.

    How about making a new show with the black man as the lead investigator?

    Seriously, stop the stupid racial crossover nonsense, it’s clearly done from a bigoted stance.

    • http://gmail wens

      stop all the hate…..Ironside was a great show…get a clue and grip on life!!1

    • Mike

      Except The Karate Kid mad 180 mil and they are developing part 2 AS WE SPEAK….

  • http://none John West

    I dont watch NBC. Never heard of any of those shows.

  • Phil

    Bottom line…Ratings, Ratings Rating = continue and $$$


    CUT and piss a lot of people off!

  • Gynell

    The new “Ironsides” was much better then the old “Ironsides”. Much more realistic. The flashbacks he has of before his accident made it more believeable. NBC, PLEASE, take a look at your programming. It really stinks. I watch “Triple D” more than anything until Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey and “Newsroom” comes back. What does that tell you? That you don’t know good drama when you have it, maybe?

    • http://gmail wens

      that’s what makes Ironside…the flashbacks!! Ironside is a great show. NBC should reconsider the time slots instead of cancelling!

      • Richard

        From what I have seen of Ironsides, I am guessing that his partner accidentally shot him in the back and crippled him.

  • rich pidaniy

    I am still mad they cancelled GO ON after 1 full season. What did they replace it with first off that is better? That show was hilarious and it had it all, funny, serious, the side characters like Seinfeld were better long term characters then the main stars of the show. Shows like Seinfeld and Cheers would have been cancelled too after one season in todays world because they aren’t being given a fair chance and they don’t take a potential decent show or good show and move it to a time slot not against another networks long term successful show!!! NBC kept the Office on way too long where it wasn’t very good the last few years (after Michael left!! HINT HINT! ) yet they pull the plug on these new shows without giving them a chance. People told me Ironside was really good but I didn’t watch it because I read after first episode they were going to cancel it soon after ONE episode and several people I know said it was surprisingly good! Where do they find these executives??

  • Dennis Lessick

    Has NBC completely lost its mind? Welcome To The Family is one of the BEST comedies they have put on yet! It is funny–endearing and one of the FEW so called comedy shows in ALL 4 Network line-ups this season! I would like to know WHO is actually making the decisions to pull these shows because whoever they are they should be FIRED!!!!I am SO SICK of all theses ridiculous and idiotic shows they try to pass off as comedy—NBC has NO CLUE as to what the viewing public wants to see! These FOLS probably would have cancelled I LOVE LUCY and ALL IN THE FAMILY–that’s how STUPID they are! If there is an online petition to KEEP Welcome To The Family on I hope someone lets me know because I will SURELY sign it! I guarantee NBC will not be on my “SHOWS TO WATCH” list EVER AGAIN!!!!

    • Jackson

      NBC has no clue what the public wants to see?

      Hmmmmmm, have you heard of this new-fangled invention called RATINGS? You see, what ratings do is tell you how many people are watching something. Now, call the world silly, but, when people aren’t watching a show, that is a pretty good indicator of what people want. After all, how often do you hear people say “Oh, I want to watch that show, but never do.”

      You’re a moron.

      • bbb

        yes jackson BUT does these “ratings” show the IQ of the idiots watching these bad shows? I think not….now who is the moron ????

  • shazbotbaru


    • http://gmail wens

      your right your opinion. opinions have assholes!!! check yours!

      • Tired of it!

        I’ve been reading your comments Wen and I’v come to a conclusion…… YOU’RE the asshole.

  • Mike

    Now if we can only get someone to cancel NBC That would be great !

  • Su K

    What’s up with NBC. Maybe they should take many of those terrible comedies and get rid of them. Who’s pushing these. Someone must be paying them. Bring back some good dramas. No wonder I don’t watch NBC except for L&O SVU, Parenthood, oh wait, that’s it. Was watching Ironsides, but they didn’t give it enough time as usual. Don’t they realize people RECORD shows.

    • http://facebook KC

      you’re very misinformed as to why shows come and go. NO ONE PAYS THEM to keep them on. It’s all about ratings AND THAT’S IT. Time? as I said, RATINGS. It’s all about that. It’s nothing personal.

  • jojo

    I loved the Ironside show. I saw the pilot on the internet, and said I can not wait for this to come on tv. Bring back Ironside.

  • NoName

    I know why NBC cancelled Ironside! It’s simple…because it offended fans of the old Ironside which had Raymond Burr, a White man, playing the detective Ironside!!To do a show and call it the same thing, is somewhat of a disgrace and mockery to the Old Ironside show, longtime fans of it, to Raymond Burr, And to the White Nation!! And so, that is why they cancelled. At least, this is going to be the cry from the Darkies very soon, I’m sure.

    You know that every time something like this happens,the Darkies always scream Prejudice and Discrimination against their Race…bunch of little whiny babies!!

    • blackguy

      Everything of what you just said is a bit of a contradiction. It has nothing to do with race one bit, unless of course you actually did have a problem with the guy being black (i could care less). The fact that you made it about race and fabricated a future social issue of the show being canceled says a lot about who you are. And to the small percentage of black people that do “scream” prejudice, its statements like that, that seem to fuel there arguments.


      Impartial Black Guy

      • DoubleOShoe

        I’m sorry but Ironside is not a black guy. That would be like doing a remake of Shaft with a white actor. Do you know how many black people would raise hell about that one? I say at least 98% would. So that means it’s okay for a black actor to play the part originally of a white man, but it wouldn’t be okay if a white man played the part intended for a black man. Hmmmmmm, something’s really wrong there.

        • Pragmatist

          Ummm…that’s a very flawed argument:

          Shaft is a cultural icon because he was a manifestation of the post civil rights era in the early 70s. He transformed our culture.

          Ironside was a cop in a wheelchair. The focus wasn’t on the color of his skin, but his physical challenges. Being white had nothing to do with it.

          Your argument you would only hold water if somebody cast a black man to be the new Archie Bunker. But that was also already…with great success.

          It’s not race…but ratings…and ratings = money. Nobody watched it…and it goes bye-bye.

      • http://facebook KC

        exactly, this isn’t a racist issue, ITS ALL RATINGS AND NOTHING MORE.

    • JP

      To bring race into why a show is cancelled really!

    • http://gmail wens

      the ignorance and dummy who spoke about race is an absolute asshole. the new version of Ironside starring Blair Underwood is smart and savvy. get a grip on life,you dumbass!!

    • http://Yahoo Timothy Ducey

      I’m waiting for the remake of “Gunsmoke” with a all black cast.

      • Pragmatist

        Blazing Saddles?

    • http://facebook KC

      it doesn’t matter to them…its all about the ratings and it the show offends, its gone anyway. They’ve moved on to the next show.
      Let’s just hope some writer with a spark of entertainment can produce another show that’s better.

    • http://yahoo Deena

      No Name, it seems as if you have all the answers. Why hide your identity, take credit for being “Mr. No It All” it is always you spineless jerks that throw the rocks and hide your hands.

    • KimmyA

      I’m not sure what bothers me more — your prejudice post or the 20 thumbs up you got for it. =/

  • Drivel Lady

    You should not allow anonymous comments when someone is peeking out of his pointy white hat to type it.

  • janet

    the reason a show gets cancelled, is because of lack of viewers and that about sums it up.

    • marje

      Isn’t it true that some of the shows that became the biggest hits ever started out with poor ratings. I wonder what mad the networks stick it out with some of them?
      When I watch some new shows, I immediately remember lines they are saying from prior shows. Also the I am having a baby is getting old. We need more imagination and I agree with the person who said the laugh tracks are annoying. Maybe we need them I don’t know, but so many. My son said every sentence is a joke with laughing. Maybe less is better. Then when we hear the joke we can appreciate the laughter that comes with it.

  • DoubleOShoe

    Let’s remake the Jeffersons with an all white cast

  • Donkey Train

    I wish they’d cancel all of MSNBC. Unwatchable. Not much watchable on NBC either. Even on Sunday Night Football, they got Costas filling in for Chris Mathews with non-sports commentary.

    • Jackson

      If it’s unwatchable, then, guess what, you don’t have to watch it. But, just because YOU don’t want to watch it, why does it automatically have to be cancelled? Are you completely incapable of living in a world with things you don’t like? I have news for you, things you don’t like exist everywhere. You either learn to ignore them, or you let them take control of you.

  • Margaret

    NONONONONONONO!!!! Not Ironside!!!! I looked forward to that show. So different. Please, NBC. Reconsider. PLEASE!!!!!

    • http://facebook KC

      No, if the ratings aren’t there, the show’s gone. That’s it.

  • Rick

    Very wrong decision. My wife and I really enjoyed seeing Ironside. It shows that tragedies of life can be overcome.

    • Linda

      I have not seen the show. Didn’t know it was on. But after a preview it would be on my things to watch weekly. It looks like a hella of a show

    • Jackson

      Oh I see, so a network shouldn’t make their decisions based on things like ratings, and finances, and which shows make money and which shows lose money. According to you, they should base their decisions based on you and your wife?

      Wow, you have an incredibly high opinion of yourself, don’t you?

      • bbb

        Ratings cannot be determined in 2 weeks so therefore how can they tell how much money its made after such a short time? Ratings are determined by the 18-49 age bracket & thats b/c all the intelligent people over 49 are not polled! Studies have shown there are more people over 49 watching TV than the younger polled groups. It sounds like the ppl commenting here enjoy foul language and crappy dialogue & canned laughter on their TV…yeah, yeah I know, change the channel!

  • sharpenedsteel

    NBC supports MSNBC. Therefore, I am not surprised at their decisions. I do not understand the hurtful comments vis-à-vis Race. I don’t care if it is a Black or White actor who plays a remake as long as it is entertaining. Moreover, I don’t see how those comments would compel NBC to cancel its cancelation of the lineup.

    • http://facebook KC

      I support the decisions of NBC only because they go by ratings.
      Doing shows costs a fortune! so they don’t waste a dime on anything that doesn’t sell. Oh well.

      • LA

        First of all, Nielsen selects the people who decide which shows are popular, and you can believe it’s like everything else in this country predominantly europeas, so of course ethnically diverse shows get dumped first.

  • jan

    I’m going to stop liking anything good and exceptional on TV because such fare just gets cancelled all too soon. How can “THEY” know after just 2 or 3 episodes that quality TV – like Ironside – is not worth saving? Please reconsider and stop the dumbing down; mainstream network TV is fast going away, so GOOOOO cable and premium channels. P.S. THEY might consider getting rid of some of the dozens of inane sitcoms with the nerve-wracking laugh tracks.

    • Robert H

      Ratings! They are instantaneous these days. Your cable box, or satellite receiver also sends what you’re watching, right back to the networks and local stations. That’s why shows have such a short run these days. Networks and TV stations demand overnight numbers. Maybe if everyone turned off their TV’s all together, TV would go away forever.

    • S Walls

      Last season there were two reasonably funny sitcoms on NBC, “Go On” and “New Normal”, both were cancelled. Neither was given a chance to find voice, and/or audience. Cheers was NOT an over night success either, but the show was given the opportunity to improve, both writing and rating wise. Today, if a show has not hit the top ten within 2 weeks of airing, it’s off !
      PS: If I don’t like a shows theme,content,etc., I CHANGE THE CHANNEL. I don’t deny others the chance to watch a show, no matter how banal,formulaic,or just plain stupid it is!

  • http://yahoo Pam

    I am so sick of all these sitcoms. None of them make sense and are all about sex or gays. I don’t care how other people live, but I am tired of it being shoved down my throat.

    • http://facebook KC

      I miss all the old old silly stuff that was just ENTERTAINMENT.
      That is why I relied on all my VHS films, old TV and now my DVDs for films and old TV. I don’t waste my time watching the new shows each year….I just work on them! but that’s OK because I know what I look like and don’t need to see me on them.

    • Ramona


    • Not Happening

      Don’t make sense? What part of two totally different families being forced to get along due to a pregnancy? This isn’t exactly rocket science. If you don’t like the shows, turn the damn channel it is a very easy solution.

    • Not Happening

      Two completely opposite families forced to get along due to a pregnancy, yea that’s a tough concept to wrap my head around. Not exactly rocket science here. If you don’t like a show, here is an easy solution, turn the damn channel. Nothing is being shoved down your throat, turn the tv off!

    • ronfabnron@yahoo.com

      well pam we are sick and defintly tired of uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • @Pam

      Yes!!!!! Sex is so evil ….evil…..evil. I am sure you just watch reality TV or bloody violent shows or made for TV dramas that warp the public’s perception about everything.

      Grow up Pam. There are hundreds of shows. If you don’t like it, turn the channel.

      • ugashep

        It’s not evil, it’s just that our entertainment is so saturated with it, it’s like having an overload of fart jokes, it’s just appealing to base instincts and the lowest common denominator. I don’t mind sex being in a story at all if its an interesting original story but so much crap on TV is like “hey look at these boobs”, or cheap jokes about sexual functions or experiences and there is shitload of agenda pushing.

    • Pragmatist

      How is it being shoved down your throat? Do you not have control over your TV? You mean with all the channels available to us nowadays, you can’t find anything to watch?

      I’m not criticizing your opinion about today’s shows…but you aren’t forced to watch them and they’re not being shoved down your throat.

      Don’t like the shows…don’t watch them.

    • http://webpronews.com CHUCK WHITE

      shoved down your throat??? You must be a Tea Party lover..don’t your hands work to change a channel?…I get sick of you holier-than-thou patriotic ( you guys think you are the only ones) people..shove that down your throat

      • camelback

        A brilliant expression of intelligence, Chucky-boy, what don’t you like about the “Tea-party”?

        • KimmyA

          OMG — I don’t think I have enough space on here to rant against the tea party. Let’s just sum it up to – they are ignorant – prejudice – narrowminded – egotistical – and just not bright – but too arrogant to see it.

    • @Pam

      Prudish America strikes again ….. you know what is funny Pam….. everyone in America is having sex. In fact, you came into this planet because of sex.

      We will bomb foreign countries and kill innocent people but no one cares, but by God, if someone in America has sex or talks about sex, someone like you will rant and pout for days.

      What is funny though is what people say they do in the bedroom and what they actually do is two totally different things. Most of America is doing something freaky. People are such hypocrites and liars.

    • Curtis

      You are not alone.

      • KimmyA

        Unfortunately, no – people with your kind of prejudice are not alone. But I’d rather be alone than harbor that kind of attitude and lack of taste. I love Modern Family — and so does my mom – who is 70! It’s hilarious!!!

    • @Pam

      It is called a remote. What is wrong with sex anyhow? I will argue that our strict puritan values and ultra conservative nature has led to all the problems we have today. We simply do not have healthy attitudes towards sex and it is because we were constantly told that it is bad. When people are repressed, they act out. That is why porn, strip joints, hookers, hooking up, sexting, and adult entertainment in general is so popular. Countries that have healthier attitudes toward sex do not have the problems we do.

    • @Pam

      There is an invention called a remote. It is used to turn the channel. In the old days, it was actually a knob that facilitated channel turning. I have never seen a TV that forced a person to watch a station. Maybe yours is a new model. If you don’t like the channel, turn it …. is it that difficult of a concept.

    • http://yahoo selina

      Most of the comedies are so badly acted and stupid but, my favorite is The Middle. Mom and Dad, Sue, Brick and Axl are hilarious.

      • HappyTom52

        Did you know that Eden Sher, who plays sophomore high school girl Sue, will actually turn 22 years old on 12/26/2013? (IMDB)

    • @Pam

      My TV has at least 200 channels. Nothing is being shoved down my throat. If I don’t like something, I don’t watch or read a book or exercise.

      You are not a victim, however, you are holier-than-thou. I have seen your type before and throughout history. They like to pick up stones and throw them or burn witches.

      • KimmyA

        True! I hate anything with Sarah Palin in it —- so I use my controller to change the channel!!! Not sure why these prejudice folks on here haven’t learned to do the same. Too bad you can’t draw pictures on here – that might help. I could do some animation with a dancing thumb to show how easy it is to change the channel. Of course, I’d make the thumb really flamboyant and gay so they could be offended by that as well. The thumb would have a crush on the big toe which would enrage the other digits of the hand – except the pinky who is in the closet and secretly loves the thumb.

    • Jackson

      Shoved down your throat? There are plenty of channels and plenty of choices. No one is forcing anything on anyone.

    • Sara

      Yeah, well gays and gay supporters are tired of people’s religious beliefs being shoved down our throat to the point that gay marriage is illegal in most states too, but we have to put up with THAT, don’t we? This show isn’t affecting your life just like gay marriage wouldn’t, so how about you do us all a favor and keep your opinion to yourself.

      • ddaniels

        Just go back into the closet when people did not have to know about the nasty things you do. Straights don’t go around telling you about their sex life.

        • KimmyA

          Odd – I watch Modern Family all the time and those guys never discuss “nasty things they do” — but I see straight sex played out on tv all the time… where you been?

    • MR ROK

      If you have cable or satellite TV then there’s hundreds of other channels you can watch. No one if forcing anyone to watch a show you don’t approve of. These people complaining know they have a choice, but seem to get all worked up when others say the opposite. Why are we arguing about the content of the shows when one can just change the channel???

    • Darlene Armenta

      Shoved down your throat?! hahahahahaha

  • http://Yahoo C. PEREZ

    Thank you and I hope Modern Family is taken off TV. Please, Please keep foul language and sex out of the shows. I want to be entertained not shocked. These shows are so negative about life and family. Yes, this is what is happening today but, not everyone lives like these shows portray. Believe me allot of young adults feel this way. Thank you.

    • Not Happening

      Then don’t watch the show, it is very easy to change the channel, so it falls on you what you watch.

      • rick

        Thats what people are doing. Changeing the channell. Thats why the network cancelled them. Well deserved too.

      • MR ROK

        It’s called Modern Family for a reason, the sex, the foul language, which is really nothing to talk about, and what ever else you’re complaining about. If you want to watch a fantasy family with all your restrictions, then I would suggest watching other networks that play the old sitcom shows, like the “I Love Lucy” show where nothing is true to life.

        Plus if you want to sound some what intelligible, I would suggest using a spell check or learn how to spell. The word “A LOT” is TWO words NOT one!!! You not only used it wrong, but you spelled it wrong too, yikes!!!!

        And for all of you that spell it “alot”, here what it means; “A small city in Madhya Pradesh, India”.

        • Fran

          Hmm… I grew up in such a “fantasy” family. So did a lot of my friends. When did we stop shooting for the ideal instead of pandering to the lowest common denominator?

          Proper usage in your response would have been intelligent not intelligible.

          • darlene

            not to also mention that proper usage of the word “some what” should be “somewhat” LOL —

        • Deano

          idiot!!! =/

          • Deano

            @ Mr Rok

        • http://yahoo M

          Why so defensive, Mr. Rok? Everyone has the right to their opinion, JUST LIKE YOU just expressed so angrily. Usually, when a person has no real argument they attack someone’s grammar. Calm down. FYI, ‘some what’ should be one word instead of two. So, please get a grip.

        • http://yahoo bettiejoan simms

          MR ROK_ I am very happy in reference to the height of your intelligence, your IQ will make up for the lack of manners and for being a mister know it all, gosh I wish that I was as perfect as you!!!!If I have spelled anything incorrectly Im sure you will let me know or is it NO!!!

          • Mike

            Betty you should have said, “I wish I were as perfect as you” instead of “I wish that I was as perfect as you” (subjunctive mood). Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the correction. Excuse me for butting in my dear.

        • http://NCRoadRunner Diana

          “I Love Lucy” was not that far off in the 50’s. Life was not even close to what we are faced with today.
          A lot of you “modern civilization people” need to learn to spell.

          • kathy trim

            Let us not forget Andy Griffeth. He has actually had two (maybe more) shows. It’s still funny.

            As Barney would say “Nip it”

        • jjones

          How about “whatever” instead of what ever?

        • G Hebert

          Glad I grew up in a family where we respected our parents and dared not use foul language. We respected our elders and our siblings. We actually sat down every evening and had family dinners.

          • Sybil Nassau

            Am very disappointed over the cancellation of Ironside. It was fascinating to watch Blair Underwood manage the wheel chair and prove it could be done– but would it in a standard police department? I thought the show was realistic and well done, a damn
            shame it is being cancelled so soon. I will NOT stay up to watch Dateline, am getting very tired of it.

          • http://yahoo Deena

            Amen! So did I.

        • jose rios

          Hey Mr. intelligible, thanks allott for clarifying.

        • Jess

          A little self-righteous and arrogant … sorry we are not all as, “intelligent,” as you.

        • Jasmine

          Mr. Rok:
          I never watch this show nor interest to watch because I am mostly watch the discovery, history, and PBS etc, due to the same reason that most of the complaints above about the show. They just want to have a civilities in culture that does not portrait a crudeness of American families behaviors. Regardless of education whether you have a PhD, MBA, nor BA..BS etc, the behaviors will reflect of one’s behavior where have you coming from.

          For attacking someone on this site of how one’s spelling, I hope you never make any mistake. This is not a class room page. I do have many bright and intelligence people whom are not perfect in spelling. Your manner of correcting others reflect a great deal about you and where were you coming from.

        • Michele

          What an arrogant, self-absorbed jerk you are, Mr. Rok!

        • cammie

          Dude (Rok), you misspelled whatever and somewhat. Just saying.

    • ZB

      Shut up. You’re dumb.

    • Pragmatist

      Modern Family will not go away as it is too popular and that mean ratings and that means money. Young adults nowadays have very little spending power, so the networks really don’t care about your opinions. They will go after the markets that have money to spend.

      Modern Family is now in syndication so now it can be viewed multiple times daily.

      Don’t like the show, don’t watch it.

      It’s called freedom of choice..use it.

    • Jeff

      I just want to let you know that if you don’t enjoy a show or even a certain type of humor or subject matter, that most televisions have an “Off” button. They also have several other options to choose from at any time in the day. This allows you to not be forced to watch anything you don’t want to. I know, complaining is fun, and you feel good on your soap box as it makes you taller than everybody else. Don’t be silly, it doesn’t make you look good when there is such a simple solution to fix that problem.

    • Robert H

      Really? These shows portray life as it really is. Outside! In the real world! If you want sugar coated TV, then watch the Disney Channel or ABC Family. OR! you can go to your church and just sit there all day, pretending the real world doesn’t exist. Modern Family is the funniest show on TV.

    • Mike

      Obviously you have never even seen Modern Family. Negative about life? Shocking? You seem to be using those terms to hide the fact that you are actually ranting about gay characters.

      • MR ROK

        She’s really in the closet with the door cracked a tad so she can see what’s really happening!!!

    • Jackson

      I see, so, just because *you* are offended, that means they need to pull it off the air?

      I guess you are one of those people who have zero control over their lives and are physically unable to change the channel away from something you don’t like?

      Tell you what babe, instead of complaining to the networks about shows you don’t like, you should be complaining to your doctor to have that giant stick removed from your ass. You’ll live a much happier and healthier life once they remove that.

      • kathy trim

        I have watched several shows and decided that it was too much for me. I just never turned the show again. I try to watch enough so that I can say I don’t like it.

        But if you are bothered by the language and the sex on the TV shows, then turn off the commercials.

    • Kim

      Really? There is less sex and foul language portrayed on this show than many other shows! Your ridiculous.

      • Dave

        It’s “you’re”. Not “your”. Ugh!

    • D

      Censorship at its finest?

    • alr

      Modern Family is HILARIOUS! And last week was so touching I actually cried at the end when they were all forced to eat at the food truck but it ended up being one of their best memories ever. Don’t like a show? Change the channel.

    • rose

      I love Sofia Vergara, she is so funny and good looking too, alot better than some of those reality shows that I am bored of watching every year wiht dancing and surviving. ready for some new shows and I love Modern family, turn the channel if you don’t like the show.

      • bbb

        “so pretty”???? she has the face of a horse and that phony accent is just that, phony! Without all the hollywood makeup she is just another ole hag!

    • Frank

      Why keep sex out of shows? Or “foul language?” People love sex, and somehow it has become something taboo and shameful; why? Is it the human form that offends? The nudity? The act itself? The bare breast has no place on television, and yet, it is perfectly acceptable to air depictions of violence and various other demonstrations of ill-will against people. Foul language? What is foul about language? Words are just verbal expressions of thoughts and ideas, and are used to convey those thoughts to other people. Where do you draw the line that determines which words are acceptable, and in what context those words are acceptable?

      Also, Modern Family is not how the world really is. That is ludicrous.

      • bbb

        Anyone who has to use foul language to express themselves is just plain illiterate & I can hear bad language anywhere…I don’t have to have to hear it in my own home!!!!!

        • Frank

          I’d like to believe you, bbb, but your argument is not valid. It simply does not necessarily follow that an individual who uses words you don’t approve of cannot read or write. What is “foul language” to you anyway? I mean, what about it makes it foul?

    • Julius

      Modern Family? Dream on. Have you seen their ratings? You don’t seem to understand how the T.V. sitcom business works. Simple formula…High Ratings = Money and TV networks are in to make money, they are not charity businesses.

    • Mike. W

      I agree Perez…I didn’t watch the show but TV is turning this society worse with that sort of trash. Good riddance to rubbish.

    • Darlene Armenta

      Then don’t watch it. It is a great show. There is no foul language.It is a family show.

    • Dave

      Obviously, the incredibly smart and hilarious humor on MF goes right over your little head, C.

    • Jonny C.

      Well princess if you had ever even watched Modern Family you would know that they do not use outright profanity nor do they have racy sex scenes. The jokes in Modern Family are for adults that understand them, children do not even understand what is funny. Maybe the problem is that you feel guilty about your dirty mind because you do understand the jokes. Also maybe try moving to North Korea, I hear they don’t have any programming or internet for you to complain on!

    • JDEV

      So since you do not like Modern Family it should be taken off the air? I have news for you, Modern Family is a comical take on the reality of what a lot of families have become. Many families in America do not fit into the neat little shell of the traditional neuclear and extended family. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Many people are not as up tight about language and sex as people used to be. I find trying to force your morals on others (Modern Family should not be aired because you dislike its content) far more offensive than any foul language or sex that is shown on ABC.

    • Larry

      Wow…Foul language and sex can be funny in moderation and if written well. If you do not like it, don’t put that show on. I for one do not care to go back to the 1960’s with the Cleaver’s and Mr. Ed

  • Amey

    I was really amped up to see Ironside and the storylines would be ok but they were trying to hard to revive Perry Mason’s original. They should have tried to get a bit more original.

    • Ken

      Perry Mason? The character? Or, did you mean “Raymond Burr”?

    • http://www.IamHollywoodHomeless.com Christian Calloway

      Thats an odd post. The only similar piece was the fact he was a detective in a wheelchair. Other than that everything else was far from being “like Perry Mason” Burr was in a regular chair while Blair was in a sport chair and actively ran after criminals in it. The whole feel of the character and the show was unique and different from the original. So I really am not understanding where you are coming from in your post. With all respect intended.

  • Too Many Cop Drama

    There are too many cop dramas on TV anyhow and none are realistic. They just warp the viewers perception of the world because many people believe that the garbage they see is true. It is so sensationalized. Such BS.

    As for Welcome to the Family, it seems like it was popular. According to the majority of these comments, it sure seems that way.

    My vote: get rid of cop dramas, keep Welcome to the Family, then switch to TBS and watch the Big Bang Theory.

  • King TutenRossi

    No, no, no, I think it’s the other way around: NBC’s shows are causing NBC to get canceled.

  • Rick Harper

    I only watched one episode of Ironside and found it refreshing. Amazing acting, clever script, real drama and energetic pace. I’m disappointed. I would have tuned in every week. Bad move.

    On another note, what is happening with “Hannibal”? I hope to see it return. Season one was amazing!

  • Tommy Carr

    This race thing is moronic, first perpetrated by the head moron who brought it up. No one in this day and age was offended by Ironside being black. What was a turn off was the fact that in the original, the show was different for its time. This one…just another cop show of today…sameness and repetitiveness. Why is The Blacklist so popular, because it is well written and different.

    • Iam Mee

      Ironside was white. Like it or not.

  • Tommy Carr

    Hollywood remakes good shows and movies…why not remake shows and movies that had potential but turned out bad…and make them better. It’s all about dinero. Money people produce these shows, not creative people.

  • Bernadette

    I cannot believe NBC is taking Ironside off the air. It was a great show that I enjoyed a lot, so it figures. I personally don’t think it was trying to be like the Raymond Burr one. This is the reason I don’t like to watch weekly shows on any of the networks. Just when you’re into it, they cancel it.

  • Tom

    Can’t wait for Leno’s next monologue! As he is a short timer on NBC and has not hidden that fact he will have a ball on this most recent NBC gaffe!!! By the way I enjoyed Ironside.

    • Iam Mee

      Who’s monologue? Oh that big chinned guy that I don’t watch? Just a Rodney Dangerfield wannabe!

  • Sally

    Ironside was one of the most enjoyable shows of the season. It seem that people only watch the scifi and some of the most idiotic sitcoms that are shown.

  • Woodsley

    They made a show about a detective in a wheelchair and it’s ok but the mistake was calling it “Ironside”. People immediately make comparisons to the show with Raymond Burr. Had it been named anything else more people would have tuned inTV Executives are apparently not the smartest people on the planet. I’ve lost count of the really good shows that were cancelled for one reason or another and the unbelievable rubbish that gets renewed season after season, long after they have run their course.

  • Janice M

    I really love Ironside! Why take it off? We need some new story lines out there. However, I agree with who ever posted about too much sex and profanity being used. I don’t care if it is after 9pm. That might be how everyone talks out on the street. But maybe we should show how much “cooler” it would be to abstain and not have such potty mouths. Shows like MOM are teaching kids that it’s okay to have a different partner every time you go out. When did that become the “thing to do”? Schools are complaining that problems begin at home. Parents need to be more responsible. So I guess we need to get rid of TV altogether?

    • Cat

      I was looking forward to seeing Ironside but it conflicted with two other shows I like on different channels at the same time. I watch one and record the other. I really think that they should have put it on a different night, maybe Thursday’s. It might not have been cancelled if they had tried a different night. It is sad that they are cancelling it. Blair Underwood is a great actor.

  • MrSillyString

    Hey, I’ve never seen the show, but somehow just cracked the mystery and figured out why ‘Welcome to the Family’ was cancelled!!

    Evidently, it wasn’t funny at all, and was barely tolerable to watch.

    IMDB rating 5.5

    User Reviews

    Nothing new under the sun
    11 October 2013 | by SnoopyStyle – See all my reviews

    Two families are forced together when their kids have an unplanned pregnancy. Ricardo Chavira and Mike O’Malley play the dads, and they don’t get along. Mary McCormack is one of the moms who also has an unexpected pregnancy. Justina Machado is the other mom. The actors playing the teens aren’t anything special. The dads’ constant bickering is very distracting. Although punching balls is always funny. Mary McCormack has a little more to do, and looks slightly better by comparison.

    There is nothing new in this show. At least they don’t have the annoying laugh track. But other than getting punched in the nuts, there isn’t much to laugh at. The teens aren’t funny at all. The dads are barely tolerable. Only Mary McCormack is watchable.

    The emphasis seems to be about the adults. I think that misses the comedic point. It seems much more logical and funny if they center the show on the kids. They have lots more to deal with. You can introduce their friends. The parents are better off as co-stars. When push comes to shove, there is no rules to say that in-laws have to be in each other’s lives 24-7. But there are reasons that parent-kid relationship is 24-7.

  • Brad

    GOD, I hope they cancel that awful Modern Family. No one with any kind of intelligence watches that stupid show. It is just a show that encourages homosexuality. The actors don’t have any talent and are just in it for the money or to promote their politics or gay lifestyle.

    • Iam Mee

      Promoting the fa6 agenda is in every show on the idiot box nowadays.
      That is the only reason people go into show business. To shove their perversions in the face of normal people.

    • KimmyA

      Are you freakin’ kidding me? You can’t encourage people to be gay – they are either gay or not. All the tv shows in the world won’t change that. IT is hilarious!! I love it! It’s real life – my brother is gay and he and his partner are a huge part of our family. Apparently plenty of people agree because Modern Family is a ratings hit!!!

  • rick

    I have to laff at all the defenders of these shows in here, whineing about there shows being cancelled.And then calling people all kinds names if they didnt like these shows.But then tell people if they dont like them to change vthe channell.Well Duhhhhhhh, thats what people are doing,changeing the channells,thats why the networks are dropping these shows.

  • Mr Bo

    NBC killed these show way too soon. Since all of the mainstream networks bring out their new show at approximately the same time it is hard to catch everyone during thr time slot they are on. Most people, like me, timeshift the shows (DVR) and watch them at our convenience. NBC need to think 21st century, take into account timeshifted viewers. We have had VCRs since the 80s and DVRs in the 2Ks, and now we have on-demand, yet all of the networks still think it only matters if you watch the show when it is broadcast. I just started watching some of these shows via on-demand too. What a shame.


    I just got into Ironside and l love it. What happened to the 13 week trial. After a few episodes its gone. That’s not enough time to decide one way or the other. This is why I don’t watch my local channel.

  • http://yahoo linda maddy

    ‘Welcome to the Family’ was my new favorite show. Could I be the only one who felt that way? It made me laugh.

  • Karen

    I love Ironside it’s a good show I’m wondering if this is racially motivated since the original show had a the black person playing a different role. But they can keep on all of the other stupid shows they have really. what’s the real reason

  • irene jordan

    I did not watch either show…the graying of America who doe’s sit home and doe’s not spend 8 to 10 hrs away from home is watching tv and the result is they do not approve,condone want,need to watchj murder mayhem blood guts gore they lived thru 2 or 3 wars and had enough

  • loyce

    bring back the new normal. was funniest show on tv next to modern family

  • http://yahoo barbara butkus

    i am so sorry that this show will not on nbc dateline bobo.

  • ellen m. o’donnell

    You are cancelling “IRONSIDE”? Don’t you remember “STAR TREK”? This is one of the biggest blunders since that show was cancelled!!!!! Blair Underwood’s character is the only drama with a black in the lead role in a very long time, and an excellent show!!!!! HOW DARE YOU AGAIN!!!! THANKS A LOT!!!!!

    • Iam Mee

      There are enough blacks in shows already. More in TV than in the general population.

  • http://yahoo barbara butkus

    what are you thinking NBC so sorry network

  • Constitution Believer

    I have one word to say……………

  • Bummed

    Can’t believe they are cutting welcome to the family for parks and rec. I thought for sure it was going to be a big hit. The execs at NBC are id10t’s

  • C Bales

    Awww, I really enjoyed Welcome to the Family. I thought it was the best new comedy sitcom this season. Two families brought together and two pregnancies happening. The teenagers were high school graduates who are looking forward to being together with a child… not high school students, drop outs, or a father out of the picture. The teenage boy is intelligent and accepts fatherhood. The parents of the teenage girl find themselves going through pregnancy again when they were headed towards an empty nest. The show was warm, yet light hearted, and fresh humor. I don’t think NBC gave it enough time to gain an audience. NBC, bring it back please!

  • Suzanne

    Ironside is one of the few decent shows on this year. To many stupid Sitcom plague the networks.

    • Barbara

      Ironside is a great show! They always seem to cancel the good shows yet they leave crap on.

  • http://yahoo Yahooer

    How these two shows were added to the NBC line up in the first place needs answering. In addition to axing these two shows, the one responsible for their consideration should get reassigned to another position.

  • ALB

    What do they ever have that would be better that Ironside anyway?

  • DFM

    They’re not very bright at nbc.

  • http://yahoo.com LiLi

    I don’t waste my time with network shows any more. As soon as you get invested, by watching week after week, they pull the plug. I still miss 666 Park Avenue, Boss, V and many others. Also, Blair Underwood is such a wonderful actor, yet his last 2 shows were cancelled way too early. Network shows are not stable, so why waste my time. They don’t even wait until the end of the season to cancel any more. They beg us to watch, but they don’t care about the fans, they cut us off right in the middle without giving us any thought.

  • Iam Mee

    Glad to see the Ironside remake canceled.
    99% of what’s on TV these days should be canceled.

  • bk

    black ironside…what a joke!

  • Shawn

    the show “Chuck” was the last show I watched on NBC prime-time. There were 3 three shows I liked that they canceled and this was before and during the last season of chuck and I said after this series I’m done with NBC. And still stand by my word. So when I go and look at the headlines that NBC has disappointed fans with typical cancellations. I was not surprise by the backlash and this article. They totally lost me as a viewer. There are other stations that are providing better shows. So people don’t worry about not tuning in to NBC.

  • Jan

    Ironside was doomed from the start. One of his main detectives was the guy who held Olivia from Law & Order SVU hostage at last year’s season finale. Couldnt stand looking at the guy and then they put him on as a detective on the show following it. Hey NBC, Hello, is anyone home over there?

  • steve

    I don’t think it helped Ironsides that one of its main actors, Pablo Schreiber, had been on Law & Order SVU the week before the show’s premiere, guest starring as a vicious rapist in a two-episode arc. It killed the continuity of watching NBC programming. Every time I watched Ironsides and saw him on screen I said “There’s Benson’s rapist”. That’s how well he played his character.
    Maybe a different timeslot would have saved it.

  • Angela

    I liked the new “Ironside”–didn’t watch the old one much. The flashbacks were awesome!

  • Mike Melton

    Good. That dude in the wheelchair………..isn’t that the same dude that got canned for drug abuse from the Heat of the Night series? Where does he get off playing a cop?

    • http://yahoo bill

      No ,idiot. That was Howard Rollins. The Ironside guy is Blair Underwood. ONLY NBC would have a black man, reprising the great Raymond Burr’s role. Lefty , p.c. , f..ks.

    • http://yahoo M

      No it isn’t the same. He would be much older anyway.

  • http://yahoo bill

    Who gives a f..k. The only thing worthwhile on that lefty , mouthpiece tool, “network(?)” is L&O SVU, but even that is getting worse. And now on EVERY episode, that vile American hating lefty, Dick(less)Wolfe, interjects his hard core political bile in the show.

  • http://yahoo M

    Everyone, it’s not about changing the channel or knowing what a remote is. It’s about the lack of anything ‘entertaining’ to watch anymore. Everything is the same, even the names of shows are so alike. No creativity at all. The best thing to do is go to TMC or Encore and watch old movies or something old that was truly good Hollywood. All these new show suck wind.

    • http://yahoo bill

      With you 100%.

  • Jeffrey

    NOOOOOO! Keep Ironside on TV. I love this show! Give it some time to develope!!!! Come on NBC!

  • Bill E.

    Jay Leno has fun dumbing down NBC line up. No wonder. They just cancelled one of the 2 shows that we watch. Welcome to the Family is just down right FUNNY! What if CBS had cancelled the Dick Van Dyke Show in the first 3 years? What if NBC had killed Spock off on the 3rd show? STUPID NBC OFFICIALS! Next they’ll kill off Grimm!

  • ha clak

    Loved Ironsides. After only 2 episodes how could NBC cancel the show? It was a great drama. But what can you expect from NBC who fired/canceled Jay Leno, who was at the top of his game? Go figure !!!

  • Chip Hubbard

    Good move on both accounts. Also, as much as I loved his past shows, and as supportive as I am of his work with and for Parkinson’s, The Michael J Fox Show is not going to last, and should go while Michael can retain his dignity.

  • Clarice

    Thursday night is a popular TV night. These two shows never had a chance. I like Welcome to the Family. Try it on a Monday, Wednesday, or even Friday night. You can bet I’m not watching NBC on this night.

  • http://facebook Trenease Graves

    They didn’t give Ironside a chance and they had it against Nashville. Move it to a different night and try it again.

  • Lynn Vickers

    I was just starting to get into Ironside ! I am sorry NBC is not giving it a chance. there are not many shows I like on the major network, so I will have to stick to the cable stations. POOR JUDGEMENT
    for NBC, you made a mistake. please reconsider leaving that fine Blair Underwood and Ironside in place, just change the night or the time its comes on

  • Kathy

    Change of subject————Who agrees – bring back “IN LIVING COLOR”? Now, that is some funny stuff!

  • scamuel

    Why not just cancel NBC (aka No Body Cares) network, since it’s not worth ash** anyway! Nobody would even know if it were canceled, much less that it was gone!

  • mary

    I just can’t understand you finally you get programs people like to watch an boom someone says go away .I guess you will put another reality shows and I will get more disks at the red bow thanks mary

  • Mike

    I watched both shows and must agree with NBC’s decision to cancel them…While I was emotionally rooting for Blair Underwood I was not impressed with the show…and WTTF was never all that funny!

    • Kay Kay

      OPRA, please take this show believe me you will have a large following going with you on this. Thanks

  • I CARE

    I think that Ironside is being cancelled before the show really got into the character’s background. I know it’s set up for todays TV, but I think Ironside should have stayed closed to Raymond Burr’s depiction of the role. The ground work is there for a good show if it would be given a chance.

  • Chris

    It’s interesting that “Welcome to the Family” is being cancelled. I’ve seen 2 episodes of it and thought finally here’s a show that I will like. I marked my calendar to watch each Thursday evening and told others at work of how much I enjoyed the show. The storyline is good and the actors are all likeable. I was also glad that the show does not contain the use of canned laughter which is so obnoxious and makes so many sitcoms or shows difficult to watch because of it. So NBC, YOU HAVE A GOOD SHOW HERE. GIVE IT A CHANCE.

  • David Thomas

    Again a show that is smart and cancelled, replaced with a reality show I guess.

  • B.R. Wells

    “…whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” — Philippians 4:8

    “I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. …” –Psalm 101:3

    • KimmyA


  • Reagan1984

    Just wondering if they will ever remake “The Jeffersons”,”Good Times”,or “What’s Happening” using white families? Hollywood needs to stop with the remakes (whether tv shows or movies),they are NOT even close to being as good as the originals.

    • Ironsidefan

      Look back and see how many white actors play Native Americans. how about the white actors/actresses that played Cleopatra who was dark skinned in real life. How many white Jesus do we see been cast, geography proves that Jesus could not have been white. You wanted to go there, so we are there.

  • jwyoming

    Ironsides was just plain dumb and very poor acting.

  • Leslie

    So sorry Ironside was cancelled. Maybe it will fare better on a cable channel. Blair Underwood is an excellent actor. I look forward to anything he does.

  • greg

    I watched half an episode of welcome to the family and asked myself how it wasn’t cancelled mid-pilot. terrible cast and writing, even for network tv.

  • Edwin

    one show i’m glad they cancelled is Lucky 7. I hope they cancel Super Fun Night.

  • JM

    “Jennifer holds a bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in health administration where she now spends her time writing fantasy when she is not with her family and friends. ”

    Does Jennifer do a better job of proof reading her fantasy writing than she does with her entertainment articles?

  • Michelle Dollar

    Hey! As long is it wasn’t “The Blacklist” it’s all good here! Heart James Spader :-)

  • buc webb

    because being older, i remember the original ironside…raymond burr was a great actor (as ironside), surrounded himself with other great actors, and it was set in san francisco…this new ironside had none of that and no heart…sorry nbc, just like knightrider and bionic woman…you need more than just the title

  • cookie

    When I saw that IRONSIDES was coming back with a AFRICAN AMERICAN I knew it wouldn’t last. Why do these networks always think that putting a black in place of a white is going to work, the only way it would be a blessing is if a WHITE replaces the BLACK in the WHITE HOUSE.

  • Bailen

    Totally disagree with cancelling Ironside. I normally don’t watch regular television but Ironside and The Voice are the two programs that I can’t wait to watch every week. Cancelling Ironside is very disappointing to me.

  • Michelle

    I’m still not over them cancelling ‘Awake’ in 2012. It was an intelligent and well-written show.

    • Ironsidefan

      Ironside remake with Underwood was an intelligent show. Sad that NBC execs are not intelligent in the decision department.

  • joe

    Yeah, the ratingsd may have been poor, but it would be nice if these companies could give new shows more than like a half a season before they decide to completely cancel it. Let it go a couple seasons. Let it brew. Let people start talking about it over the winter. A little patience would go a long way with happiness of consumers and would lead to more money for the companies I think.

  • Mike Jewell

    Its a shame that Iornside was canceled so soon. This remake made the first one appear to be a boring show whit dull actors…I bragged to my wife that NBC finally got on the band wagon and put on a show that will put them back on having the best shows this season. It appears I was wrong again to believe they would actually put something on that people would watch and not some beefed up ratings poll that account for very little of the TV viewers. X off NBC one more time guess its back to the other stations that have a better sense of what real people like…..

  • http://webpronews denise smith

    can’t believe both Ironside and welcome to the Family both were cancelled. I enjoyed both shows very much. Much better than some of the other drivel on this season, though not all of the drivel is on MBC.

  • Dianne

    I am so disappointed that “Ironside” is going to be cancelled. It was a welcome change from CSI Vegas on CBS. I watched Ironside with Raymond Burr every week and so did my parents. It represents handicaps can be overcome and we need to show that now more than ever since lots of soldiers are coming home with missing appendages!

  • Veritas

    NBC is the Walmart of broadcasters.

  • real

    stoked….these shows looked like shit!

    • real

      s – h – i – t !

  • http://yahoo MCH8545

    My concern is when did Bobert Ironside become black? Don’t screw with history. Raymond Burr IS the ONLY Ironside.

  • lamar

    Raymond burr was a whole lot better ironside!!!!! thanx for pulling the plug on a BAD show!!!!

  • Dave

    could care less do not watch the Demorat networks

  • Lady P

    I was really getting into Ironside. I would watch on Hulu b/c I could see it when it aired but I haven’t missed a show and I’m sad to see it go. I’m always amazed at how the Network excepts you to just go crazy over a show in a few weeks.

  • Ike Iszany

    Remind me why anyone even tries a new show knowing that it could be cancelled in like 3 weeks? I might as well wait until the end of the season and watch reruns when I have a better idea that a show will stick around.

  • Jim Lachaussie

    Comming from an ubber libberal network like NBC who hasn’t had an orriginal thought in thirty years, I can see why they where canned. I forsee more shows hitting the floor in the next few weeks!!!

  • tina

    I have seen the comments that people are saying and some of you guys are so rude!!!!!!! People are not prudes because they have no desire to watch all the sexual content that is on tv shows, Geesh to the people that keep saying change the chanel umm hello its not just nbc its appears that its the cool thing to have sexual charged shows because the rating will drop if they dont have it. But you know all you rude people I have teens and we dont watch “these” shows. If you are encouraging your kids to watch them then shame on you!

  • lailabruni@ymail.com

    I don’t know WHO makes these decisions but NBC NEEDS TO FIRE SOME PEOPLE.
    Ironsides is a GREAT show…one of the FEW new ones that are worth anything. Between replacing the highest ranking late night show host and these…my household is done with NBC until they get enough intelligent people working for them that have some taste and class.

  • Jake

    I thought both of the shows were lousy. O’neill will always be Al Bundy, no matter what they cast him in. He just does not fit any other role. Trying to revive him in anything is just a waste of time.
    Now for Ironside, what a stupid deal. You can not replace the original character. Also, wih this idiot president we have, not one black picture will ever make it. He has set the black nation back some 50 years. We had learned to tolerate the blacks over that period of time and now no one can stand them.

  • george

    That black feller didn’t look at all like Raymond Burr!

    • Ironsidefan

      If you were a real Raymond Burr fan you would know that he was was put down and excluded during his childhood and would not endorse racism as a fan of his. He probably would have enjoyed the challenge of Blair Underwood playing his fictional role and to see what he would do with it.

  • Akiko

    And who really cares what NBC airs?

  • Jayne Henry

    So sad about Ironsides, my husband is 47 with MS, and rocks a wheelchair. We loved this show!!

  • carolyne

    I really enjoy Ironsides and think it is terrible that you finally get a show to competewith CbSand all you do is cancel it in the first season.

  • Karen

    I am disappointed that NBC is cancelling Ironside. I felt that it was on the right track and there was possible endless storylines that would pull ratings if given a chance. I looked forward to seeing this show since before its debut and still did since these past few weeks. I hope you would change your minds and keep Ironside on the air.

  • P Good

    There hasn’t been much on NBC to bring me in for a long time. Finally they get WTTF & I love it! Now I see they are cancelling it?! And putting Parks & Recreation in it’s place?! I’ll be headed back to the better networks with the better shows thank you very much.
    Ricardo Chavira it was great to see again and Mike O’Malley, I’ve missed so much since Yes, Dear went off. I hope someone somewhere, probably on a different network will bring him back to my tv.

  • http://yahoo Deena

    Amen G Herbert! So did I.

  • Ironsidefan

    I am old enough to remember watching Ironside with Raymond Burr and the remake of Ironside with Blair Underwood. I enjoyed both actors playing the fictional role of Robert T Ironside and am disappointed with NBC cancelling the show.

    Television networks do this all the time cancel a good show before it gets off the ground.

    I read about a few racists that did not recognize that Ironside was a fictional character and that they were upset that the character was being played by Underwood a black man.

    How may white people have played roles of people of color in films. Tons and some of those roles where real life characters.

    NBC needs to treat all their fans equally and take us all into consideration before they cancel a show. Down with NBC!

  • ked

    Bring back Ironside. It was really good drama. Excellent writing !Love Blair Underwood and his Ironside team! Each episode left you wanting more. Couldn’t wait for Wednesday, Ironside night. May another network will pick it up soon. NBC your lost

  • ked

    Bring back Ironside. It was really good drama. Excellent writing !Love Blair Underwood and his Ironside team! Each episode left you wanting more. Couldn’t wait for Wednesday, Ironside night. May
    be another network will pick it up soon. NBC your lost