Navy Jet Crash: Rescued Pilot Recovering In Critical Care

    January 15, 2014
    Ashley Olds
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A Navy pilot who crashed into the Atlantic Ocean this afternoon has survived and is now recovering in hospital.

The F-18 fighter pilot’s aircraft went down off the coast of Virginia earlier today during a training run. After ejecting from his aircraft, the pilot was first collected by a passing “good Samaritan”, the Navy says. The fisherman traveling in his vessel nearby showed up within about ten minutes after a second pilot who was also involved in the mission pinpointed his position.

The unidentified pilot was then recovered by a Navy Hawk helicopter and subsequently taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital where he is currently listed as being in critical condition.

Naval Spokesman ,Cmdr. Mike Kafka, indicated that the crash occurred around 2:35 p.m., roughly 50 miles off Virginia Beach. Although Kafka has reported that the pilot was both conscious and in critical condition, he did not offer any additional details regarding the crash or the status of the pilot.

This incident arises just a week after a separate and fatal Navy crash.

On January 8, a Navy MH-53E helicopter that was also on a training run crashed about 18 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. Five crew members were aboard the aircraft as it was performing a routine mine countermeasure training run. While two of those aboard survived the ocean wreck, the event tragically claimed three lives.

The memorial service for the three crew members of last week’s crash has been scheduled for Friday at Naval Station Norfolk.

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  • http://yahoo Gene McManus

    Sounds like maintenance quality problems to me.

    • Devildog

      Sounds like you have your head up your butt me, the best maintenance on earth can’t prevent crashes. A Marine jet engine mechanic.

  • http://yahoo Gene McManus

    Sounds like maintenance quality problems to me.

    Saw something similar back in the late 90s with the Air Force on Okinawa

    • Devildog

      I have some news for you, slick, two events don’t make a trend. The only thing that is truly related here is two dissimilar aircraft went down. Both could he been plot error, fuel contamination, sabotage etc. I was a Marine jet engine mechanic during war when maintenance is compromised. I never saw one plane crash of any type other than a 2n Lt tried to land a fighter during IFR and ended up in a pine tree.

  • Sam Cherwinski

    I think Obama needs to rethink the cutting of Military spending.

    • Tom

      Yeah, just throw more money at it. That must be the problem because more money will fix anything.

      • James Andrews

        Good post Tom!

        • James Andrews

          What’s the cot of an F-18? $300,000,000.00? At least the pilots suvived.