Naval Base Shooting: Two Injured At Tennessee Armory

By: Tobias Roth - October 24, 2013

We all remember the shooter that went wild at the Navy yard in Washington in September. Today, another naval base has been attacked by a shooter in Tennessee, causing the naval base to go on a lockdown.

The gun violence in the United States has elevated to an alarming rate in recent years, and something clearly need to be done in order to stop these kinds of attacks.

Officials reported earlier on Thursday that a member of the national guard had opened fire at an armory outside a U.S. Navy base in Tennessee. During the attack, he injured two soldiers, before being subdued and disarmed by other soldiers on site.

Two national guard members were shot, one being injured in the leg, and the other in the foot. The victims were rushed to the hospital to treat their non life-threatening injuries, and are expected to be able to go home soon.

The shooter was a recruiter who had previously been relieved of his duty. His name has not been revealed, but Major General Max Haston of the Tennessee Military Department told reporters that the suspect is a sergeant first-class, who has worked for the National Guard for the past six or seven years.

The Navy base in Millington, Tennessee, was briefly on lockdown during the afternoon on Thursday. While the event involved three members of the National Guard, the incident did not take place on the base, but at the armory, which is located on Navy property.

The Military has stated that this is not a Navy related issue. Thankfully, the suspect was brought into custody shortly after the incident or else much worse things could have happened. Millington Police Chief Rita Stanback said of the situation, “I’m sure there could have been more injury if they hadn’t taken him into custody.”

The Naval base shooting caused great drama earlier today in the small town of Millington. Millington is a town of roughly 10,000 people just 9 miles outside of Memphis.

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  • Meanwhile

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all these military shootings are the result of mind control experiments gone wrong. For years and years, we rarely had shootings, but now that there is a push to ban guns, we have some sort of shooting every week.

    You know. Up until 9/11, this country was going pretty well. We had problems but everything was relatively normal. However, since 9/11, our country has plunged into madness. Literally, we have lost our collective minds.

    I don’t think it is coincidence either.

    • Yes

      You are right. I am in my mid-40s. Up until 9/11, I can remember maybe 2 major incidents. Since 9/11, there have been 20.

      I know you are only joking about mind control just to prove a point. However, I do think you are right about the push to take away guns.

      Problem is that taking away guns is not going to stop the violence. Just look at that teacher who just got killed. A box cutter was used to kill her.

  • Ken

    It was outside the Naval Base, so why does your article say Naval Base Shooting ?