Nashville Plane Crash Goes Unnoticed By Airport

    October 30, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A single-engine Cessna crashed at a Nashville airport early on Tuesday and burst into flames, but somehow the crash and wreckage went unnoticed for six hours, when a pilot spotted debris on the edge of a runway.

Not much is known at this time about what caused the crash at Nashville International Airport, but the plane was registered to the Windsor Flying Club in Ontario and was reportedly on its way to Pelee Island Airport, also in Ontario. The pilot, who was alone on board, was killed. Investigators say they are planning to listen to recordings made by air traffic control employees to determine if there was any attempted communication by the pilot, who has not been named yet.

The Windsor Flying Club confirmed that one of its members had rented the plane and said they had “been training pilots and renting airplanes since 1944. We have never experienced an accident of this magnitude in our 69 year history.” Club president David Gillies said he wasn’t sure why the pilot would have been in Nashville.

“To fly from there to Nashville would require not just the flight plan but some very complicated arrangements with the American authorities to cross the border. I’m assuming he may have done that. He may not have,” Gillies said. “He would have had to open a new flight plan before leaving Pelee Island.”

Because the wreck is under investigation, the FAA has declined comment beyond saying there was low visibility and fog the night before.

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  • Tom

    This just underscores how all the NSA spying is not really protecting us from terrorists, but is rather about controlling the American people. Nothing we have done since 9/11 is about terrorists — it is all about us. How can a plane travel 700 miles off course and crash at an airport, yet no one have has any idea about it? This just illustrates just how most things in the US are vulnerable. There are so many different ways we could be attacked from terrorists. If they were really here, we would be having attacks every day. This whole crash just underscores that fact.

    Yep, but apparently the focal point of all our efforts should be to spy on American citizens. Forget the planes just flying at will across international borders — that isn’t important. However, my conversations with my girlfriend are.

  • Mary

    A thirty year old man flying since 1989? He was a pilot at age 6?