Nanny Caught On Camera Slapping, Shaking 5-Month Old

    February 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A nanny in Staten Island has been arrested after a surveillance video captured her hitting and shaking a 5-month old because the child refused to eat.

The woman, 52-year old Mamura Nasirova, had displayed questionable behavior before in front of the child’s parents, so they decided to install a camera inside a carbon monoxide detector, which was on a live feed viewable to them while they were at work.

“I seen her one time, she just dragged them along. I said, ‘Don’t drag them like that.’ She said, ‘They don’t listen, you have to let them know who the boss is,'” neighbor Margaret Meekins said.

Nasirova was also in charge of the baby’s 17-month old brother, who was not harmed at the time, but the baby girl suffered redness and swelling where she was hit. The nanny has been charged with endangering a child and resisting arrest and is in jail on a $1,000 bond.

  • Janice Williams

    OMG That dirty SOB. I wish I was the parent of that child and I had the opportunity to arrive at the location where she was at. I WOULD HAVE SHOWN HER WHAT A SLAP IS LIKE. I’m so pissed off, I would still be there beating her ass. And a $1000,00 bail? What the hell? You bitch, you wait, you will get yours. You made quite a name for yourself didn’t ya. NO ONE WILL FORGET YOU EITHER. You poor dumb ass simpleton. Hope you go to prison and they take real good care of you in there. Like with mop buckets, dinner trays, fists and yes, even the broom handle. You worthless scum.

  • http://yahoo.com Gerry Pong

    IMO, most nannies are women and are unskilled and may have children of their own. They need the money earned from caring for other people children. They rather be home caring for their own but circumstances make them become nannies. This is happening more often than not but many parents trust their nannies and few have cameras installed. I would install a camera today if I had a nanny after seeing this article.

  • Rachel

    Ahhhhh this video makes me sick. How can people hurt children

  • Dejah

    It amazes me that she was punished with as little as she was. Some people can’t see their kids, and to see this makes me sick. Today I go to court to fight a false allegations. With no proof my son was taken from me. They said I WILL get my kid back but all it is, is a waiting game at this point. Yet this woman is getting a slap on the wrist for ABUSING a baby. It is ABUSE plain and simple. With the proof to go with it. My heart goes out to that little kiddo that was treated like that. No child deserves that, for any reason.