MySpace Rolling Out New Profile Pages

MySpace goes for clean profiles

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MySpace is gradually introducing users to new profile pages in an effort to reduce the clutter of the old design.

Sean Percival, MySpace’s vice president of online marketing, tweeted his own "clean new" profile today.

"We’re testing a new look and feel of our site among users and the response so far has been positive," a MySpace representative told Mashable.

"As always, we’re interested in hearing feedback from our community as we roll out enhancements to the user experience and look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming weeks."




New profile features include:

A condensed navigation menu on the upper left corner of the page under the profile picture.

A MySpace stream, that is similar to a Facebook news feed. Users can view recent updates, add comments and share with others.

The ability to follow users on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

So far, MySpace user’s feedback about the less cluttered profile has been positive.



MySpace Rolling Out New Profile Pages
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  • Guest

    My Space? What’s that? ;o)

  • Guest

    myspace has become a total cyber-ghetto.. it’s the “south side” of the internet. i don’t know what happened, but apparently just like in real life, all the decent people moved to the burbs, and nothing but low rent tenants hung around. I’m surprised the majority of it’s active members now aren’t bail bonds companies, pawn shops, liquor stores and cash advance outlets.

  • http://www.theexpertseocompany.com andrew

    It’s about time Myspace. Good time for a change.

  • http://www.webdesignkc.co.uk William Wilson

    There can be no denying that the new MySpace profile pages are not all that dissimilar to those of Facebook. Coincidence or something more sinister – you decide!

    Apparently the demand for Facebook is slowing, with the smallest amount of new registrants in June ’10 than in any other month since 2008. If FB is struglling, what chance has MySpace got??

  • http://billock.net Brent Billock

    I wholeheartedly agree that it’s absolutely necessary if they’re going to increase their membership. Most user profiles are ridiculously impossible to navigate. To anyone who is not a MySpace member already, they present a terrible sales pitch for the site.

    That said, I wonder if old-school MySpacers will embrace the change. As off-putting as it is to the uninitiated, the extreme latitude MySpace has given its users for page customization may be a feature they won’t gladly surrender.

  • http://adscendmedia.com Jeremy

    The fall of Myspace has been epic. At this point it’s just trying to copy Facebook which means they’re really only trying to slow the tide of everyone leaving.

  • http://subtxt.us Tosca

    The new profile designs are really nice. Free downloads, videos. Check this one out:

  • Alyssa

    Why are you trying to copy facebook?? That’s lame. I like the old design of Myspace. The new design is terrible, and I don’t like it. So I think we should be able to keep the older design.

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