MySpace, Chief Product Officer May Part Ways

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A high-ranking MySpace executive might be ready to depart, according to a new report.  Rumor has it that Chief Product Officer Jason Hirschhorn, who's been with the company for less than a year, is making his way towards the exit.

This story appears to deserve some heavy disclaimers; since it began to spread, Hirschhorn wrote on his MySpace page, "i love fiction," and classified his mood as "amused."

He also linked to a clip of Philip Seymour Hoffman lecturing about gossip (as Father Flynn in the movie Doubt) from both his MySpace and Twitter accounts.

Still, more than a few people have indicated that the exec is parting ways with MySpace.  Jason Kincaid, who's generally quite reliable, reported last night, "Jason Hirschhorn will soon be leaving the company, we've heard from multiple sources."

Perhaps it's just a later conjecture - "the real problem may have been a lack of chemistry between Hirschhorn and his fellow executives" - to which Hirschhorn objects.

Anyway, there's no word on exactly when Hirschhorn could leave MySpace, or who will replace him as Chief Product Officer (a position reporting to CEO Owen Van Natta) if he does.

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