Muhammad Ali: Home For Sale, To Become Museum?

    August 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Muhammad Ali still captures the interest of millions, his face instantly recognizable around the world even to those who aren’t necessarily boxing fans. His legacy has lasted since the 1960’s, when he began his professional career after a stint at the U.S. Olympics.

Now, his childhood home in Louisville is going up for sale, and because it’s in dire need of repairs, city officials have shown interest in snatching up the property in order to preserve it.

“Anything we can do to preserve and expand his legacy, we want to do that,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “His home serves as an inspiration for people to look at that and say, “If this young guy, why not me?”

The home is listed at $50,000, although the property value has been assessed at around $23,000. It sits in a neighborhood full of modest, neatly-kept homes, but time hasn’t been as kind to the house where Ali got his start in life. However, Fischer says the repairs should be easy to take care of, and although nothing is official, the odds are good that the city will turn it into a historic site. Some neighbors think it should be turned into a museum, which is another likely option.

  • Ron Winders

    I am in my 60’s. When I was 25 in the fall of 1970, I interviewed Muhammad Ali for WPTZ-TV in the Lake Placid, New York area at a kids’ camp. It was on black and white film in what became a national exclusive as he said before the Frazier fight in March of 1971 that it would be “impossible” to beat Joe..even a “miracle” he would win because he was too much out of shape. Of course he lost. I iterviewed Ali in future years but this one was a shocker. I hope the city of Louisville pays a tribute with Muhammad’s home.