Monica Lewinsky: Could She Hinder Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Run?

    January 27, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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The Monica Lewinsky scandal appears to be rearing its ugly head again, this time, as a GOP strategy to inflict damage to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run.

The scandal, which remarkably was more than 15 years ago, involved then President Bill Clinton and White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, in a much-publicized affair. What was most offensive and memorable was that Clinton denied the affair repeatedly before finally owning up to the indiscretion, roughly six months after his fervent declaration of innocence.

When he admitted to the affair, after proof began to surface, he claimed, “I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate,” Clinton said on August 27, 1998. “In fact, it was wrong.”

Although the Clintons worked through the scandal, and it fizzled years ago, obviously Lewinsky’s name will continue to reemerge in an effort to sully Hillary Clinton’s run for president.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Kentucky’s Republican Senator Rand Paul defended his wife’s, Kelly Ashby’s comment to “Vogue” magazine stating that Bill Clinton’s affair as president with then White House intern Monica Lewinsky was “predatory, offensive to women.”

“Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky should complicate his return to the White House, even as first spouse,” Ashby told “Vogue.”

But others seem to think this dirt slinging about an event that occurred over a decade ago is just an attempt at a roadblock to Hillary Clinton’s run for presidency.

Bill Clinton did say, in a recent LA Times article, titled Clinton Calls GOP Ad Campaign a Ploy, that he hopes the public has seen the “inner changes” in him since he acknowledged his affair with Monica S. Lewinsky and charged that Republicans are using the matter as a campaign issue to distract voters from their unpopular positions on key policies from education to HMO reform.

“I hope the American people have seen in me over these last few weeks a real commitment to doing what I told them I would do from the beginning: to try to atone to them for what happened and to try to redouble my efforts to be a good president,” Clinton said.

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  • Frankly

    Frankly, I don't care. We spent twice as much money investigating a woman who sucked a dick than we did on investigating the events of 9/11. 9/11 led to 13 years of war, the financial collapse of this country, 2,000,000 deaths, hundreds of thousands of injuries, many orphaned children, many children with birth defects, and the deaths of our troops; yet, we cared more about finding the truth about a blowjob than we did about the events of 9/11. We did this because the truth about 9/11 leads back to us. We did 9/11. The evidence is overwhelming and that is why over 39% of the American public does not believe the official story and with every day that number grows. You should see the support the truth movement has overseas. Major conferences are being held and all the evidence is pointing back to us. Every other country in the world knows we did 9/11. Our media just won't cover it.

    Who cares what Monica did. Are people this naive? Do they actually believe their politicians are saints? Our government is corrupt to the core. Do you think they really care about marriage? Does anyone out there believe that Hillary Clinton is a loving wife who takes care of her husband? Does anyone out there believe that women do not sleep with people for their own gain? Women do this on a freaking daily basis in this country. In fact, women use sex all the time to get what they want. Does anyone really believe that all the rich people in America made their money by following the rules, paying their taxes, and not screwing over masses of people? Really?

    God this country needs to grow up and focus on the important things. But no. We won't. We are the most phony and fake country in the world. Everything is just a show. But maybe it is me who is crazy. Maybe I am just crazy to think that the worst attack in the history of the country should deserve more investigative dollars than investigating a freaking girl sucking a dick.

    My how we have fallen in this nation.

    • Bill

      There was a time when dignity, honesty and respect meant something. Bill and Hilary are a disgrace to this Country and are scum… period. And if you agree with them and like them, you too are scum!!!

      • George T

        Right on Bill