Mom Suing Justin Bieber For Ruining Her Hearing

    July 14, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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To the mom suing Justin Bieber: Newflash, lady. Concerts are loud. People are loud. When you toss Justin Bieber into the mix, things are going to get louder. Although I feel bad that her ears have been damaged, at some point you have to blame yourself for the situation. Because, like I said, concerts are loud, and if you’re old enough to file a lawsuit against a musician for something like this, then you should be old enough to know that concerts are loud.

According to the folks at E!, the woman filed the court documents on Wednesday, which state that she experienced damage to her ears after a sound blast (read: screaming girls and music) “exceeded safe decibel levels”. The damage includes hearing loss, severe tinnitus, and hyperacusis, all of which, apparently, amount to roughly $9.2 million. If my admittedly fuzzy math is correct, that would amount to $4.6 million per ear.

Stacey Wilson Betts, who attended the fateful concert in 2010, explained that “[Bieber] climbed into a heart shaped, aluminum/steel gondola and was pulled out over the crowd, [creating a ] wave like effect of screaming [that] enticed the crowd into a frenzy of screams by continuously waving his arms in a quick and upward motion.” She blames this gross negligence on Bieber, the promoters, and the sound engineers.

Additionally, the woman is suing Def Jam, the concert promoter, and the arena for the permanent damage she suffered as a result of the “sound blast” that tore through her cranium. Not surprisingly, no one from Bieber’s camp has responded to the allegations.

For those who don’t understand the concept of earplugs, listen to this guy.

  • Tim H

    Are we serious? I hate Justin Bieber, but come on, I am sure that when you purchase the ticket of someone like this, you are fully aware, if you haven’t been locked in a cave for the past 3 years, that teenaged girls and some young women go nuts over this dude. Meaning you put him in an enclosed area with thousands of screaming girls, not to mention the music and your stupidity, its expected to be loud. Some may say “unsafe” decible levels, but YOU, and only YOU take that chance. Everyone is feeling the effects of unemployment and lack of monies, why must we be sue happy.

    • Ally

      Well said, Man, well said.

      • merci

        I guess, she has no idea what an ear plug is!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gingercubb GingerCubb

    You know. If she does not know how loud a live concert is, then she has lived in a cave. I would love to tak this lady on the runway at O’Hare right next to a 747 Jet Engine about to take off. Gimme a break. Like Beiber has nothing else better to do.. when did people become so SUE Happy? I say the bish go finds herself a better paying job.. Obviously Beiber did.

  • http://www.webpronews.com katie

    she should’ve wore earplugs…. but if the music was that loud she should not have went to the concert knowing that justin bieber is one of the top hit boys that alot of girls like and scream for…

  • Steve Swaggerty

    What a piece of shit loser. Can anyone really be this stupid? Is this the first concert she’s ever been to? Has she ever been to a Major sporting event?

  • Gary

    Get in line lady .Millions of people could have filed a claim but they didn’t want to be too petty (or greedy).Tinitus is about as common as cows eating grass lol.Face it, you just want an excuse to get the green stuff

  • Gary

    Sorry lady but they don’t have any Amish jams to my knowlegdge LMFAO!

  • Bret

    What a freaking IDIOT! I hope the Judge kicks your STUPID ass out of court!

  • Patrick

    The women is a complete moron. newsflash lady Concerts are loud Hell I don’t go to them and I know that. has she never been to one before?

    everybody is Sue happy these’s days.. she just wants money doesn’t matter who the celebrity is actor, Singer, Baseball or football player and so on.. you allways have a bunch of people looking to get money and sue for every little thing.

  • Jessica

    wow….”ways to make a quick buck 101″, lesson #306. take ur kid to a concert of a popstar….. its common sense, u go to ANY concert, it’s gonna be loud. esp of boy bands, girl groups, rock concerts, orchestra concerts…ANY TYPE OF MUSIC, will be loud enough to be heard in the entire arena, building, or football field. DUH.

  • Theresa Dufore

    A Who concert in the 70’s fucked up my hearing… think I’ll get an attorney. WTF, lady?? Get a life, you stupid bitch. Nice thing you’re teaching your kids, make everyone else responsible for your own stupidity.

    • Sylv

      Yep, when The Who were trying to break the decibel record, it was an unbelievable time.
      I lost my hearing for 7 days and lived in fear my parents would never let me go to a concert again. Luckily for me, they were both depressed & self-involved at the time and never noticed.

  • Christine

    I think Biebs is a girlish looking twit but he shouldn’t be liable for this frivolous lawsuit. Lady, it’s called earplugs.

  • http://cannonball@yahoo.com cannonball

    get a life mommie instead of suing jb go out to the nearest bookstore
    and buy yourself a commonsense book for dummies and read it outloud
    to yourself and your child …..

  • only

    My hearing is bad form listeng to loud mouth rap artis on radios in cars riding by. should I sue them orthe car owners. my life is screwed up from obama’s presidencey should I sue him, obama or the fools who elected the idiotic.
    She is just after money. the court should throw her ass in jail and giver her and her lawyer some serious time there

  • TM

    Mom should wear ear plugs. I am a musician and I really care about my hearings. Anything I feel “noisy” or “loud”, I wear earplugs. You can (should) protect your own safety and health.

  • http://www.yahoo.com leonelle rochon

    you f—– b—-, too bad you weren’t at Staples Center during the Kings playoffs, and Stanley Cup win. you would have gone stone deaf. you f—– b—-, you are just jealous because you wish you were a young girl, and could get in bed with this darling young kid.

    • http://yahoo gABRIELE MERCER

      Hey rochon! You SUCK!!! lol lol lol!!!!!

  • Dan

    How stupid is that one you went to the concert on your own of course it is going to be loud there is no basis for a lawsuit If I were the judge I would determine that you need to go see a shrink. I see it as your money hungry and on welfare wanting easy street get a job and buy a set of hearing aids

  • http://ArtbytheLimner Clyde Mikkola

    When this woman loses her case, please make her pay all costs incurred by the court and jb.

  • Nikki

    Geeez’ why didn’t she just leave & get out of the concert?

  • AES

    Think about what you just said. If you have to wear earplugs, then it’s TOO LOUD! You also need to add one more word to your sentence; concerts are “unnecessarily” loud. I’m an audio engineer and this “loud” mentality is often the result of ignorance – but more often it’s because it perpetuates itself. The louder you listen, the more your hearing is whittled away — and the louder you continue to need it to get that “rattle” feeling. There is a faction that equates loud with “good.” This is a fallacy. I wish more people *would* sue these acts because there’s no reason, absolutely NONE, for having the audio that hot. These are danger levels. Of what use is it to have the level so high that you can’t hear the nuances of the dynamic range present in the music? What an aesthetic waste, if not the loss that occurs physiologically in damage to your hearing! Your ears can only distinguish between a certain range of loud and quiet sounds (dynamic range). If the level is so hot, and the excursions of your eardrum so great, they cannot detect the lower-level sounds of any frequency…. the strong signals have the effect of masking the music – so you’re missing most of what you pay to hear to begin with! Wake up, people! Get some education. Hearing loss is permanent!

    • Jackie

      ….What exactly is the point in suing though? Let’s go along with all you just said, wouldn’t it be wiser for people to then stop going to said concerts and raise hell over the noise level to force them to do it differently? People can’t just go around suing because they don’t like something. There’s a lot of things/people I don’t like; should I be able to turn around and sue them because they’re ugly or their voice annoys me? What if I decided to sue you because reading your comment gave me a headache? <–(example right there, it really didn't)

      This woman walked into it knowing that it was going to be loud. To say differently is just stupidity. Where does this ridiculousness end???

  • Mike

    It’s a good thing her daughters not a Slayer Fan huh?

  • neet

    What an idiotic lawsuit, this woman really needs to find something better to do then file frivolous lawsuits…tick-tick-tick-your 15 minutes are up!

  • Jackie

    Really? What an idiot! You know that when you go to an event like this, it’s going to be loud…even more so when it’s someone so ‘BIG’, such as Justin (for some awful reason). When do people become responsible for THEIR actions?!?!

    I’m curious to see how far this ridiculous lawsuit goes. I’m amazed that it even got this far. Seriously…sometimes I wonder. I’m about to either move out of this country or shoot myself in the head lol

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Good thing this lady never went to a Beatles concert in 1964.

  • Daniel

    Typical lazy American hoping to get an easy payday. Probably, hoping he will settle out of court. He should take her to court so she can lose and be forced to pay for a lawyer and court fees. Though, the court will likely throw it out before it even reaches that far.

  • http://yahoo Liam Buckley

    NOW there’s an idea I need glasses & I have had terrible nightmares ever since I saw Bill Maher’s face on the internet…

    • Ralph Powers Jr.


    • Lauren

      Yeah, I agree I went to a Justin Bieber concert in 2010(same year she did . But I wore earplugs. My first concert was a Jonas Brothers convert and I didn’t wear earplugs big mistake (of course I didn’t know it was the first one I’ve ever been to) all this lady wants is 15 minutes of fame and appaerntly she’s never been to a concert in her entire life. Wow tick tock 15 minutes are up.

  • http://yahoo Liam Buckley

    CAN she say, Ear plugs?

  • kathy

    really have u ever been to a concert????? if you didnt read your ticket it said Justin Bieber not the Boston Pops. if you cant handle taking your kid to a concert then ask a family member who is willing to take the child and keep your poor little ears at home. also ear plugs have been around for a very long time should have invested in a pair.

  • jimmy

    fuck justin beiber.

  • rufus

    so what if shes money hungry some people need money for family members that could be dying besides celebrities that have a lot of money should be using to improve the world. but no every celebrity thinks that the world wouldnt be able to revolve without them, they think that this is their world and everyone else is just a squirrel trying to get a nut. no one else matters as long as they’re happy those people are the ones who should be thrown in jail

    • mike

      first of all i am not a beiber fan, but rufus you are out of your mind. i think you need help. if she has mnade bad money decisions in her life that is her problem. she shouldnt be trying to fix her money problems with someone elses hard earned money. i hope the judge laughs in her face as he throws the case out of court. she makes me sick.

  • Ralph Powers Jr.

    i take it this woman had never been to a concert before.

  • Devin

    I’m confused, wouldn’t it make sense for her to sue the people running the sound system and not Bieber himself? This lady just wants her 15 minutes…

  • http://yahoo mark

    MOM… Grow up. Get you some ear plugs, you can actually still hear
    all that is going on. You should know that. Planet X.
    He sucks anyway. Have a Great Day Babe.. lmao

  • OliviaA

    would this fall under assumption of the risk? if it is then i dont think she has a real case.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    F*uck that B*itch…Oh yeah and the women too.

    • A*gainst C*ussing

      Okay, if you are going to use f*reaking a*strics a*t l*east b*lock o*ut S*OME o*f t*he b*ad w*ords! K*apeesh?

  • tim

    Pantera would have destroyed this woman’s ears.

  • OSHA

    Other causes of tinnitus include other ear problems, chronic health conditions, and injuries or conditions that affect your auditory nerves or the hearing center in your brain.

    Common causes of tinnitus
    In many people, tinnitus is caused by one of these conditions:
    Age-related hearing loss. For many people, hearing worsens with age, usually starting around age 60. Hearing loss can cause tinnitus. The medical term for this type of hearing loss is presbycusis.
    Exposure to loud noise. Loud noises, such as those from heavy equipment, chain saws and firearms, are common sources of noise-related hearing loss. Portable music devices, such as MP3 players or iPods, also can cause noise-related hearing loss if played loudly for long periods. Tinnitus caused by short-term exposure, such as attending a loud concert, usually goes away; long-term exposure to loud sound can cause permanent damage

    From MAYO Clinic web site,
    Key line is last few in paragraph, Acute symptoms from short term exposure,
    Cronic Long term exposure, usally over an 8 hr work day every day 40 hrs a week , DOn’t think she was at concert for more then 8 hrs. and 1st line of paragraph AGE RELATED HEARING LOSS.
    As I always say if its to loud your to old

  • Justen

    This is whats wrong with America! One Justin Bieber is popular… and two people don’t take responsibility for their own stupidity. I feel bad for her because her hearing is damage, that sucks, but come on exactly what this article says; it’s a concert! its loud bring ear plugs or don’t go if don’t want to get hearing damage.

  • jake

    you’re dumb if you think she “seriously” thinks he did it. It’s the best person to sue in the situation to get a large sum of money. That’s the basis behind most lawsuits people. I probably would sue to. I want 4.5 million dollars. Any of you would sue if you thought you could win

  • Mrs.Leatherface

    OH GOOD FUCKING GRIEF!!! BITCH,wear ear plugs!!!!!!!WAHWAHWAH,THE MUSICS TOO LOUD…BOO HOO HOO People like her just make me want to smash their fucking face in!!!!

  • Ms. C

    Grow up get some ear plugs, that is what my husband does at all concerts Dave Matthews we just did that few weeks ago and even I used them! Hope she doesn’t win even though not a Justin Beiber fan seems he’s been in the news a lot and he’s not doing anything wrong. Trying to do the right thing and doing what he does is perform. Get a life lady!!!!

  • prainva

    Perhaps someone who was not a TOTAL IDIOT might have at least put her fingers in her ears, even if she was too ignorant to have brought earplugs.

  • Wanda

    I just bet Justin knocked on this lady’s door the day of the concert, chained her up, and made sure she made the concert. Woman, you cannot be serious. Hell, we’re loud when we fuss. Just imagine 5000 people literally screaming in one room, the music is blasting, and Justin is singing via MICROPHONE….Did you expect to go to the concert and hear a pin drop?

  • Fred Jones

    Sheesh, woman, get a grip on reality. Don’t go to concerts, or if you do, bring earplugs. You can get a pack of 10 pair at Rite Aid for about four bucks. My first concert was David Bowie and afterward, I was weirded out for about two hours, but the strangeness faded and my hearing was fine. She’s money-hungry.

  • nicki

    Wow did Justin put a gun 2 her head and make her go lol. Old women shouldnt go 2 a teenie booper show…. What did she honestly expect??? Its so sad what people will do for money. Concerts are always loud unless maybe if its acoustic. I dont feel sorry for her one bit. Being a grown women she should have known better. What an example she is settinf for her kids………

  • Paul

    I want to know if I can sue him for damage to my ears too? Everytime I hear his voice my ears start to bleed and I get a raging migrane….. should be worth something…..

  • http://www.squidoogeek.com commandrix

    Nuts, lady, you knew you weren’t exactly going to a performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. If you go to a concert from a teen heartthrob like Bieber, you have to expect things to get loud. Next time, take earplugs.

  • LA

    I remember going to an AC/DC concert in 1983 when I was 14 and not hearing much for like a week. If I had been any closer to 1 of the speakers I would have been in it. Best concert experience ever.

  • shawnie


    • Caleb

      Caps lock!
      Improper spelling and grammar!
      Poor sentence structure!
      Definitely a mentally challenged junior high beiber fan

      • Joe

        Is this the caliber of education these kids are getting these days? We’re doomed.

  • Tony

    Mrs. Stacey Alexanda Wilson Betts needs her head to be examined, not her ears.

    • Jennifer

      r u crazy lady lol i mean 4 real when u go 2 any concert its going 2 be loud i mean 4 real if u dont like loud music dont go 2 a concert then try 2 sue cuz u got hurt cuz of someone and there music its ur fault u went and got hurt

  • Meg

    where do you come up with an amount of 9.2 million?!? People are getting so greedy these days like did she think the biebs was a string quartet or something?

  • Kozmo

    Read the back of your ticket. Read the terms of attending the concert. You assume ALL RISKS, including BODILY INJURY or DEATH!! It is on every ticket, and is explained in the TERMS and AGREEMENTS that you check off on before the tickets are printed. I guess I’m more angry that a LAWYER wouldn’t even know this. And why did it take two years for her to file? I hope she has sonic proof, which will be impossible to prove, that the resonance of sound (or decibles) from the prop were the cause. Also, concert promoters, concert venues, bands, sound engineers, do take into account, people with hearing problems, and do their best to keep the dB (decibles) at a safe hearing level (plus, it can improve the overall quality of sound). A normal concert can be over 100 dBs, with a screaming crowd. If she has mowed the lawn with a lawnmower, that is nearly the equivilant to the dBs she would have heard at the concert. If she had no problems with mowing the lawn, then how can she have hearing problems after the concert? Yes, maybe a pre-existing condition was aggravated by the concert, but a problem may have existed BEFORE the concert. Therfore, the concert may NOT be the direct cause of her hearing loss. In otherwords, if you go to a concert, keep in mind that it may be loud. I do advise to bring earplugs next time. I do! And I work for the live entertaiment industry. Common sense, right?

  • http://Yahoo.com John Hughes

    What a dumb broad, like someone said, she needs to have her head examined not her ears. Why would this dummy go to a concert featuring that Idiot Justine he is a toad, I bet he is queer and likes boys and men and I bet that he does good work on men behind closed doors, he should go into business doing that, at least it will keep his tonsils lubricated. What a Putz and stupid too………………..It’s true cause I said it.

  • Lisa

    Justin didn’t twist your arm to go to his concert!!!! What a way to make money!!

  • Courtney

    All the lady wants his money and attention..

    • Why Do My Kids Sing “Boyfriend” All Freaking Day?

      Don’t we all?

  • http://youtube Cara Lee

    What is wrong with this woman, has she never been to a concert before? Concerts are loud and the whole concert is loud not just when Justin was in the heart. This woman should not be allowed at concert because she is just looking for a fast buck.

  • http://yahoo.com taina


    • Why Do My Kids Sing “Boyfriend” All Freaking Day?


  • Jon

    I feel bad that she has hearing problems but 9 million dollars? That’s just taking advantage of Bieber being famous. If it was like $900 then I’d be on her side but really, 9 million? Common lady it’s not like Justin was screaming “Everybody yell as loud as you can so that lady right there can’t hear anymore!”.

    I’m no Beliber but I am on the Bieber side in this case.

  • kristie

    How on earth can this moron sue Justin B???? All he did was perform. He didn’t set the sound system… If she has such sensitive ears then why didn’t she keep her sue happy ass at home? GET A LIFE LADY!!!

    • Why Do My Kids Sing “Boyfriend” All Freaking Day?

      She’s a MOM … her kids were MOST LIKELY the ones screaming in her ears …

  • Kyle

    Just like the last person who tried to sue him, he’ll go after this woman until she is dead broke, she’ll get nothing, and she’ll have to live the rest of her life wondering why she wanted to be so greedy.

  • Why Do My Kids Sing “Boyfriend” All Freaking Day?

    I think she just didn’t like it that her kids sang his songs in her car and drover her crazy so she sued him

  • teresa

    I am not a teenager i don’t have kids but I have been to many concerts thay are LOUD!!!!!!! I don’t care who it is anyone who goes to concerts knows before they go that it is going to be that way. If she has hearing loss she had to have it in the first place. i have been to alot of events i can still hear you can lose your hearing by listening to a loud tv or music loud through headphones. look I don’t know the lady or justin bieber and i know he’s not perfect but I am tierd of people trying to sue him for stupid stuff and I’m tierd of him being chased by people taking pictures and not only risking justin bieber’s life but risking other poeples lives also just to get a picture. i’m sure she won’t win but i have to say if you think the music is too loud stay out of concerts thank you.p.s or wear ear plugs that’s what they are made for

  • VGamer49

    It`s not Justin Bieber`s fault!!! Those concerts are loud and if she would`ve asked anyone who has been to a concert,they would say it is very loud! She should not have sued Justin Bieber!!!

  • Perry

    The intensity of sound and the sound waves are very dangerous to the human brain and nervous system. repeated exposure to this type of situation can cause fatalities, not to mention long-term damage not just to the ears, but to the organs, etc. Why would anyone want to listen to loud sounds? You cannot get “high” from the noise, just injured.

  • CC

    Oh please. That’s like trying to get angry at the sun when you go out without sunscreen and get burned.

  • JEAN


    • http://google sophia

      i so get what u r saying

  • http://google sophia

    first of all she shuld of known that biebers fans can be really loud so why doesn’t she purchase ear plugs and second of all why is she going. just a thought she seems pretty old for justin bieber (not that ‘m a fan of him or his music)

  • Jessi

    The lady needs to take some personal responsibility. She wasn’t forced to stay there. She could have taken earplugs. Maybe she had a preexisting condition. Either way, this is just some looney trying to get paid for her own stupidity.

    • Stacie

      I agree there must have been a preexisting condition. If not why were there not more reported injuries?

  • Bobby

    I hope she wins. If the sound “exceeded safe decibel levels” that’s nobody’s fault but the people that created the sound. People have a reasonable expectation of not being physically damaged at a concert.

    • Steven

      agreed! this article is pure bigotry.

  • http://webpronews.com chrystal

    CONCERTS ARE LOUD. Kinda makes me think of the stupid woman that sued McDonald’s because her coffee burned her..because it was HOT. DUH. People are SO stupid.

    • C Hohneke

      Hahahaha. I just commented on this same thing above. Read my comment in response to the “hot coffee” thing. It is ppl like YOU, who believe everything the media says that will cause the end of power to the human public and shift power towards government and big money. So you infact are one of those unintelligent (a.k.a stupid ppl as you would so put it.) persons. DUUUHHHHHHHHH. P.S. Look up and watch the documentary (“HOT COFFEE”). It might change your views on the media a bit. Besides, this article screeeaaammmmsss biased all over it. Never trust a solid biased arguments. The best ones are when the person considers both sides of an argument. Not just one side.

  • Steven

    This article is so biased. No sympathy to that women. I stand on both sides saying that, “yes” the concerts are loud, but there is a legitimate reason that woman is suing Bieber.

  • dafuq

    jutsin beever can payy 9$ mliillion dolarzd. its ecsay.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/IndianWarCry DeAnne

    On the 7th of this month,my mother,my daughter and I went to a Rick Springfield concert,and while we were leaving,my mom said her ears were damaged,but she also said she loved it,and wants to do it again,at a different concert.
    In the early nineties,I went to an AC/DC concert.It was so loud that my nervous system was damaged as well as my ears for an entire week.Paint was crumbling and falling from the ceiling,and that was in the rafter seats that it happened.I’ve never suffered permanent damage at a concert,but I’d imagine it was the screaming girls added with the amplified music that damaged her ears,and I can certainly see where she is coming from.It is uncertain whether it was the sound guy,or JB’s fault,or the fans screaming,so she has a legitimate case.
    I would also like to add that I am indifferent when it comes to JB’s music.

  • J Piscopink

    I’m thinking “Mom” should go to Hell. Concerts are loud. This is not news. (And in case she hasn’t heard, coffee is hot).

    • C Hohneke

      Nice add with the “hot coffee” comment. Unfortunately your comment you said does not rank as intelligence, but instead as a sort of uneducated ignorance. Read more into the lady who spilled coffee on herself. Not just fox news, or where ever you heard it from. She had 3rd degree burns on her leg (required insane amounts of medical attention.) The coffee temp was at 109 degees. Skin gets major burns at less than 107 degrees. She asked them to pay for the medical bill, thats it. They refused, so they sued them. Coffee was way too hot according to health codes. There fault, along with another 700 burn reports from hot coffee. You think the media is so great, Look up tort reforms, and become educated. They pay you the least they can, and make you look like fools after. There may be more to this ear damage thing, though I do doubt it. She should have worn earplugs. Anyways don’t trust douchy media articles, and research stuff before you really bash on it. Remember, it is easier to make an ignorant comment vs an intelligent comment. Because with an intelligent comment, you actually have to know something. 😉

  • Carp

    Of course you lost some of your hearing you didn’t have ear plugs in. Most of the concerts I have ever been to they sell ear plugs because it is LOUD! You go to concerts at your own risk, get a job and a life lady, don’t just go to a concert and sue because it was loud and you didn’t want to be there! Greedy B@#$^!!

  • Jason

    WOW the amount of bands I could have got money from for willingly going to see them play! What a JackA….

  • Jim

    I think this is an opinion article. Of course it is biased, opinions are subjective. A news article supplies the facts, an editorial supplies opinion.

  • Lacey Lane

    Wow, Really? And she is an Adult?? rme


    The worst damage ever occurred when the Beatles stopped touring because all of the screaming blithering idiot girls drowned out the music. If the Beebs didn’t crank out the jams, you wouldn’t hear him either, which, may not be a bad thing.

  • are

    Dam well she suing him for 9.2 billion damn try to get your ears fixed with the money instead of suing damn.


    This Broad is crazy if she thinks she’s getting any money for that!!! Hello, it’s a Justin F*cking Bieber concert!!! Teenage girls go Nuts over him!!! It would be like me in front of a panel of the Twilight cast with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!!! I would hit notes that Mariah Carey couldn’t!!!!

  • cassiek

    what the hell if its to loud leave. everyone knows how loud concerts are. people do anything for FREE $$$$$.

  • Joshalyn

    this is crazy! Seems like nowadays everyone is sue happy!

  • Kayla

    She just another B*TCh who takes more freedom out of this country over stupid law suits that should not exist. Too many people has nothing better else to do but sit on their butts and come up with fibulas law suits.

    I mean seriously! Common sense tells you, you are taking a risk. Concerts are loud. Thousands of people flock to concerts and concerts are loud for everyone to hear. The closer to the stage you are the more danger you are in to losing your hearing. If you do not take proper precaution to protect your ears (ear plugs) when you go to these kinds of concerts! It is your own fault. Sheesh what happen to the idea of people taking reasonability for yourselves.

    I can see it now. No one is going to be allowed to sit in the first 80 roles at a concert for the fear of law suits. Dumb people like that take the fun out of everything and ruin it for others.

    • aj

      DO YOU like j. biebs

  • Casey

    Apparently she never went to a New Kids on the Block concert, which would have probably been during her generation. If she had, she would have known that boy band concerts are unbelievably loud! Its called personal responsibility!

  • http://www.ajj.com aj


  • aj


  • Dave

    Well lets see. A mother is sueing the Staples Center because “SHE” placed “HER” two year old child on a narrow wall 30 feet above the ground and then let go of the child so she could take a picture and the child fell to it’s death. Another woman is sueing a 13 year old because when he was 11, she was sitting next to the field where he was playing little league baseball and she got hit by a stray ball THROWN BY AN 11 YEAR OLD.

    Does it suprise me that this woman is sueing Justin Beiber for an act that she was fully reponsible for. No.

  • http://NationalShowTickets.com NationalShowTickets.com

    We book a lot of concerts and speak to a lot of moms and never has anyone not known that concerts are a loud environment. Justin Bieber was not singing in a library, it is a concert venue. She could had bought a the CD “Believe” and listened to it over and over with the music turned low.

  • aj


  • Robert L

    Now that is for the books that has to be so ridiculous as far as a law suit is concerned. There should be a FEDERAL LAW that prohibits these types of legal papers from being filed, they create such a large back-up in the legal system. On top of that if they do try to file it anyways they should be hit with a fine that it is high enough to make sure they never try to do it again. This is one suit that is a no brainer.



  • Sandra Silvestri

    She’s just trying to ride him for money. It’s very obvious. What person is so stupid to not know that concerts are loud and can damage your hearing???? You hear it on the news all the time. Did she ever hang around night clubs?? Same thing! It’s ridiculous!!! An adult trying to profit from a young kid who’s only trying to make young girls happy. I say “SHAME ON YOU”!!!!! Take responsibility for your own actions!!!! NO ONE MADE YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    Is the author who wrote this article a retard, or what?

    • C Hohneke

      Thats what im saying man!!! He’s a f*cking biased douche bag. It’s like he didn’t even go to college. He’s prob some mail room guy that got a big shot at an article. Hopefully he gets some crap for this biased piece of sh*t article he wrote.

  • http://www.celebrityhandwritings.blogspot.com Roxanne Perri

    The lady that is suing Justin Bieber for her hearing loss: Solution- leave the concert…Ridiculous, frivolous and typical of our society, she does not take responsibility for going to what is known as loud music and blames others.

  • http://www.celebrityhandwritings.blogspot.com Roxanne Perri

    So leave the concert.

  • Tyler

    Really lady? If you do not like loud music, loud fans, and a loud musician, why did you even bother going to the freaking concert? You just freaking wasted your money. You are an adult who makes really stupid decisions!

  • Tazman

    This lady is an idiot!! Also, I bet that somewhere in all the legal speak written into the performance contracts with the artist and venues,both JB, Def Jam, and the stadium will not be held respondsible. As they SHOULDNT be!!!!!

    • Kenneth King

      This is really stupid, then she should have stayed home all concerts have special music levels for live performances. I’m sure it’s not the first she has attended, get a life woman…..I will be really interesting in with the out come of this case.

  • Steven

    I first thought it was gonna be cuz he’s music is so bad that it affected her hearing. That woulda been funnier

  • jimmy b

    Justin Bieber is queer. Not worth losing hearing over.

    • Mallori

      i agree he is but the mother should no better then bring her daughter a concert that there going be loud. she old enough to understand that.

  • Mallori

    omg really. is she that stupied. she not going to win this she nuts

  • Brandon Lyons

    She shoul have just left the concert! I know it was for her daughter, but seriously, she could have just left. That was stupid. Her dumb choices cost a famous star 9.2 million dollars!

  • Brandon Lyons

    If there was really something that was affecting your ears, why wouldn’t you leave?

  • erin

    she should have read the disclaimer on the back of the ticket.

  • John G

    Is she kidding, granted Bieber’s voice is barely above a whisper, but still it’s a concert. Music is loud, what do you expect? You step out from time to time; put cotton in your ears or whatever. It’s like suing Mickey D’s because you ate too many Big Macs.

  • Rhonda

    OMG!! This is as ridiculous as the person suing McDonalds for spilling coffee in their lap! Get a grip lady, really? Really?? Another sad opportunity to make a buck off of someone elses fortune. Im not a Bieber fan, but he’s a cute kid with talent. Let him be!

  • Jay

    there are just way too many idiots in America.

  • Sara


    • CAD

      Hearing loss is a handicap that traps people into isolated lives.

      Concerts a very loud – Never go to a large event without earplugs to protect your hearing. THE DAMAGE CANNOT BE FIXED

    • Fred

      Yep, doesn’t take a genius to know coffee will be hot or concerts are loud even I figured that out

      • Jeffrey

        “hot” does not include just below boiling and impossible for human consumption at the temperature served. “loud” does not include decibel levels that cause permanent hearing damage when in a designated spectator area of attendance.

  • McKenna

    just another money hungry low life…does she really think she will win? like come on its common sense to leave or go sit in the lobby til the concert is over. some people…geez.

    • Vickie Briscoe

      You got that right!

      • bill

        remember the woman who sued mc’donalds and won because her coffee was to hot, anthings possible in court now.

  • http://facebook tabby

    This lady is another example of those people that are ” sue happy” she probably collects welfare! Lazy people like you suck!! So do the judges that award these LAZY people!! Get off your A$$ and get a J O B!!

  • http://yahoo Jen of Lake Charles

    I’m 49 years old and i have never heard of this lame exuse!LOL you just thriving off his God giving talent.Get a Job Or is this your carrer now WAh!!! seuing the famous get a life and go up in your bedroom closet and say your prayers jelousey is a sin I’m a fan such God Givin Talent!!! Don’t take thataway from him … Shame shame!

    • Mitch snyder

      What talent.

  • Fred

    Just when you thought they couldn’t get much dumber along comes this stupid moron

    • http://yahoo Jen of Lake Charles

      Oxy!!!sad thing is people get away with stupid because people are stupid

  • Chris

    Justin Bieber is whinny kid singer with not a lot of talent as far as I am concerned but the reality is this. This woman is a joke. It’s just another case of some loser trying to get their mitts into something they are not entitled to. I think Justin Bieber is a no talent,, much like Shawn Cassidy back when I was young but to try and take this kids money like this is just a joke and this woman needs to be made an example of in court so these bogus lawsuits are stopped once and for all.

  • Jordan

    to the mom suing Justin Bieber, you shoud not sue him because of your ears… you know that justin bieber concerts are going to be loud, you know there are fans who are going to scream, maybe you should have never went to the concert…. next time take fricking ear plugs… i feel bad about your ears but you are stupid to sue him… Grow Up.!

    • Jean

      stupid woman shouldn’t have a case. she went there of her own accord. Justin didn’t buy her the ticket, she bought it, and he
      surely didn’t force her to go. she just sees big bucks at the end of her rainbow. it’s people like her that make things miserable for everyone.

  • Yathatsright59

    For those of you citing the McDonald’s coffee case, I thought it was a BS suit too until I saw the documentary called “Hot Coffee” on HBO. You have NO clue what you are talking about if you think it was frivolous!! Just look it up and research it, that lady needed skin grafts for her 3rd Degree burns, which are the WORST kind, and her Dr. said it was “the worst burn he had EVER seen” All she asked was for her Medical Bills to be paid and McDonald’s said FU. Watch the documentary and I GUARANTEE you will change your mind and feel extremely bad for the poor old lady, who was NEVER the same person after what she went through!

    • Johnny

      With all due respect, documentaries are heavily biased towards one side. They focus on emotions and cleverly present information in a way that makes you sympathetic for them.

    • chicken

      The dumbass shouldn’t have put the coffee between her thighs. It’s her OWN FAULT for spilling it on herself.

      • Jeffrey

        Actually McDonald’s had been on notice of their coffee being VASTLY too hot 700 times prior. When burned, she requested medical expenses only, which McDonald’s refused. It then went to mediation, in which the mediator suggested settling the case. Again, McDonald’s refused. When it went to trial, the multimillion dollar punitive damages was the amount of profit McDonald’s received from their sale of coffee over 1 day of business operation.
        The “dumbass”, as you so eloquently put it, is McDonald’s for not taking action at any of the several hundred opportunities it had to prevent the harm caused.

    • Marina

      I saw that, and I totally agree. Also, the coffee was heated to temperatures way above regulations, as it turned out.

  • Dukes

    She forgot to ask for ticket refunds….if you’re gonna go dumb go all the way

  • DJ

    He should sue her back for wasting his time.

  • Jeffrey

    Good job boosting her case. If they are known to be loud then both Bieber and the venue are on notice of the hazard. As such they are required to take precautions to prevent injury to those in attendance.

  • Sandy T.

    I would be so disappointed in the justicial system, if she got one penny.


    I was at a Jussin BooBoo concert with my then 9 yr old. 5th row dead center and the thing that gave me a headache and ringing ears were the 25k lil girls screaming. If you want to hear a loud show go see Motorhead or Iron Maiden.

  • Catherine Damico

    Are you freaking kidding me? Some people will do anything to not get a job. Lazy, greedy, and stupid.

  • Dee

    OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Lady you need to get a life!

    • Two Pak

      I can already predict the outcome of the suit, $0.oo

  • joe

    Incredible. Does anybody take responsibility for their own choices any more? Next people will be sueing Mother Nature because they went out in the rain with out a rain coat and caught a cold.

  • Tina Opp

    Ok, sometimes shit happens and you learn from it. It needs to be brought to attention so the problem don’t happen to others and if it continues to happen despite complaints THEN they deserve to be sued. Some things I just don’t think are always so easy to predict. The coffee incident at McDonalds is another example. I’m pretty sure Beiber didn’t intentionally say “Hey, let me wave my arms and make them scream louder so I can see how many of these folks will have permanant hearing problems today.” We sue too much now a days. I feel for the lady having problems and yes it should be brought up so that this don’t continue to be a problem but she is suing for so much. Did her medical bills really come up to that much? I don’t think so. Pain and sufferin?. Well, sometimes we trip and fall on a rug and break something but we see it as something untintentional that happened we don’t go finding someone to sue. Oh wait, our sue happy culture does do that don’t they. Accidents happen, its unfortunate but they happen.I don’t know if the sound people involved in this concert should have known better or not.If so then maybe they should be sued but I get the feeling this is a first for them as was the coffee incident at mcdonalds.I really don’t think Beiber deserves to have his name smeared in the mud over this. I think something should be done to prevent future accidents and maybe have thier medical bills paid for but beyond that people are just getting greedy and all to quick to over critize the situation due to having dollar signs in their eyes. I don’t know if this lady truly feels she deserves this much or is just seeing dollar signs. I’m not in her shoes but looking from the outside in, when someone asks for that much money, its sure what it seems.

  • amilkar mayea

    why would that lady file a law suit against justin bieber when she its the on that bought a ticket meaning she has the responsebilities that her ear drumes are bad meaning if you wouln’t bought the ticket you wolnt have a bad hearing so all i am going to say its good luck on that law suit when i know that its going to fail big time.

  • http://yahoo.com Ramona Miller

    Is she serious??? She willingly goes to a rock concert and finds it too loud. How many others were affected out of the thousands in attendance? She knew a rock concert would be very loud and at any level there is a chance of hearing damage. There are exposures to this in the outside world as well. Does she normnally live in a bubble? She simply should have thought this through and decided she was too old for this sort of thing and shouldn’t have gone. As you age your hearing , like every other part of your body is more worn, more fragile. With this looney woman- age has had an affect on her mind and rationale abilities as wellapparantly. This type of things really degrades our justice system. Crazy!!! I hope the judge finds her in contempt of court for filing a frivalous lawsuit or better yet she is countersued by Bieber. This woman needs to get a life, or perhaps counseling.

    • Marcos


      Clearly you are influenced by Beiber… what a shame…

      I saw a worldwide campaign, to collect small amount of money to assassinate Beiber… I took pity of him. He is a victim of his own producer, director and crew who only wants his money….

      By the way, Beiber’s music is not Rock… his music is POP. Pop music is on the medium range, not supposed to be too loud and not too soft, to allow audience interaction and you even hear more screams from the audience. If you come to a POP concert, you expect to hear medium range sound, not loud like rock…

      Perhaps Beiber or his producers don’t want to hear negative shouts from the audience I guess, because Beiber is not so popular these days… so they have to shoot up the volume….shame.

  • David

    Concerts, like football games are very loud. That’s why I ALWAYS take cotton or ear plugs to these events. I love the excitement, but the megadecibels are quite destructive to hearing. Since I buy the ticket and take myself there, it is MY responsibility to take care of my ears. That said, frankly, I think hearing Justin B. sing would be more harmful to my digestive track than my hearing.

  • Jessica

    SO this means if i turn my sensor sink on to the hot position and it burns me i can sue the company? This means if i drop a bag of sugar on the floor and it opens i can sue the company for not having a sturdy bag? Come on lady. I’m so much younger than you, not even old enough to drive and i even know that any concert of any kind is going to be loud…… Today’s people are so stupid. I sometimes look up to older people, like parents, but this time…. This is common sense. You shouldn’t sue ANYBODY for your own actions that you did willingly probably knowing something’s gonna happen. Like, i believe someone said, the mcdonalds incident..? no shit the coffe’s gonna be hot!! I know they didn’t put a lid or something on it but are you serious? Why do you choose to spend your time going back and forth to court, signing papers, getting stressed, and being made fun of instead of just dealing with it? By all means, i’m glad she has a hearing problem. i promise my-self that when i grow up, i won’t be that ignorant and stupid to sue someone for something I did.

    • Marcos


      Clearly you are influenced by Beiber… what a shame…

      I saw a worldwide campaign, to collect small amount of money to assassinate Beiber… I took pity of him. He is a victim of his own producer, director and crew who only wants his money….

  • sherise

    old people got old ears…what was she doing at at concert geared towards young people…i like the beiber and his music doesnt mean i’d go to his cncerts…cant stand crowds nor do i like a lot of screaming people…i’d stick to the cd’s….this way i can listen to him at my own volume…..maybe justin should counter sue….i dont think she’d have an ear to stand on…ha ha…

    • http://yahoo bridet spell

      bill so over the yesterdays.stop and feel the wave

  • Bill

    I agree with Stacey or “the mom”. Concerts obviously can’t always be controlled, but limitations should be put on them. 80+ deciBels is harmful to human ears and concerts should not be allowed to exceed that volume. I understand that the crowd deserves some of the blame, but so do Justin and his “camp” I’m sure she will lose the suit agaist Def Jam because they have all kinds of warnings on their products to protect them from incidents such as this. I understand that she went of her own accord, but if I go to say, a laundromat and use one of their dryers and a zipper on my jacket gets melted from excessive heat it’s still their fault not mine. Although, I enjoy loud music also I still agree with her. And, Ramona, Justin Bieber is a pop “artist”, you have disgraced rock. Shame.

  • Ian Moone


    • http://yahoo bridet spell

      stop it lady leave the bieber alone go on boy get down get even louder love it.ear plugs next time better yet stay home leave the young man alone.

  • Tiffany

    OMG. She needs to get a life. She’s stupid. It’s her fault. She didn’t have to go. Anyways, she should’ve have worn earplugs.

  • Don

    Apparently this woman has never seen a Pink Floyd concert from back in the 90s. 1994s P.U.L.S.E (2 DVD video done in Earls Court in London) makes Justin Bieber seem like a firecracker going off in the middle of an explosion. I’m not a big Bieber fan (most are teenyboppers and I’m 70 and every generation has its own musical hero or heroes). But for some stupid woman to sue because his concert hurt her ears – gimme a break. Apparently she has her head up her a** or she is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame.

  • g

    The woman is a complete idiot. Does she think she can go to a live
    concert and there is volume control. Think she is a brick short of a full load.

    • Bella

      Yeah right – a few fries short of a happy meal. there arent enough words to express how idiotic this is……not from this planet.

  • Butchboy

    The bieb-boy was too loud? Gramma, let’s go see Motorhead and Slayer sometime, mayhaps your ears will bleed…

  • http://sdflkjslkf d

    I hope this lady is deaf. What a bitch.

  • Mr Ostrich

    I am not a fan of Bieber but to see this kind of insane woman who likes to accuse people, just makes me MAD DD……

  • Kaleb

    Let’s all take a moment to realize that this.
    This is actually a thing.

  • Dave

    I’m going to sue her for making me waste my time reading this.

    • Naysayer

      She didn’t make you waste your time any more than Justin Bieber made her expose herself to his excessive decibels. Everybody needs to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    If she win’s, I’ve got 10 bands that I can sue. I’ll be watching this closely because I could be a millionaire pretty soon.

    • Naysayer

      “win’s” ????????


      • http://newbizshop.com Derek

        Thanks for the pep talk. :)

  • Callmenames

    My ears bled when I heard him for the first time. Let the lawsuit lineup begin! I’m first…
    He sucks

    • Bella

      yeah right ..he sucks! but seriously – dont listen to his music! problem solved!

  • Liz

    I always carry earplugs, but I shouldn’t have to.
    These “performers” should be held responsible for the noise levels they produce and decibel levels should be controlled by law before tickets are allowed to be sold.
    (What about people who have never been to one of these noise makers before and don’t know that they alone can protect their hearing?)

  • Alex

    Why is it all the best talent in entertainment comes out of Canada?

  • jess

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! ive never heard of more stupidest stuff in my whole entire life.she must have didnt take her medicine that day cause u have to be mentalfor something stupid like this.

  • Patrick

    These so called “concerts” are nothing more than lots of loud noise
    for the kids. However perhaps some of them will grow up someday and
    learn to appreciate real music.

  • Robyn C.

    The problem with most of you Americans is that you’re greedy, stupid, spoiled, and selfish! Suing him for ruining your ears?? Hahahahaha! That really made me laugh! I mean, SERIOUSLY?! Were you even thinking before going to the concert?? Logically speaking, OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO BE LOUD, IGNORANT! It’s a concert, for heaven’s sake! You Americans will do anything just to get something from someone. That’s what you call GREEDY.

    Reminds me of my job of receiving calls from people who don’t know how to watch their satellite TV, or calling in because they can’t pay the bill but they still wanna watch TV and if you tell ’em ‘no’ they’re also going to sue you. YOU GUYS ARE RIDICULOUS, PATHETIC, AND THE MOST GREEDY PEOPLE I KNOW.

    • T

      That a slightly ignorant comment for you to make, don’t you think?

      • Robyn C.

        What’s ignorant about it, smartass? You don’t even know how to use an apostrophe ‘s’ in a sentence. LMAO

        • Ellie

          Just being one women in America decided to be greedy and stupid doesnt mesan the entire United States of America is the way. Your talking about us being stupid and selfish, look at your language. Your not an angel either and because of that, I do not judge your entire country for your words. Think before you speak.

      • Lonnie

        I don’t know about greedy, but where ever you are from I
        bet you have taken a few dollars from us. We also give more
        than we receive you jerk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Robyn C.

          Of course! We’re in the same world: we trade things, we exchange money, we buy and sell, we earn money from our jobs! Those few dollars are hard earned money, and I deserve it!

          At least I’m not one of those stupid and greedy people who will sue with the most ridiculous and irrational reasons you could ever think of! Just because your government gives you the right to easily sue someone, doesn’t mean you can abuse it! Gives me the impression that you guys don’t use your brain anymore and just talk crap just to get something from someone! Among all of the calls I get, 9 out of 10 people are like that. What a shame!

      • Lonnie

        If you took calls you must be from India. That is why I get
        my computers made here now, because all of the calls are from
        people like you that can’t understand what is being said. You
        think we are greedy? Where are you from????????

        • Robyn C.

          Hahaha! Look at your grammar, American. And I’m absolutely not from India.

          Yeah, you’re prolly one of those people who calls in complaining ‘Hey, my mouse is not working so I want a refund’ when you yourself did something to it for it to stop working. You blame the company when you are the one using it?! Irresponsible being! Then if you ask for a technician, you don’t wanna pay for it. How about working your butt out and not get paid for it? How’s that gonna make you feel??

          Fucking greedy. Not to mention ignorant. :))

        • oneamerican

          no matter what you say, you are wrong. because at the end of the day those 10 calls you get (or more) are your bread and butter. so keep your stupid comments to yourself, ’cause nobody is trying to sue you for your money. and since you take calls for a living, do not pretend like you wouldnt sue someone if you had the chance. you might think you’re a big jb fan but i’m sure he wouldnt like your stupid comments either. quit wasting your time and get back to your phone ’cause my tv is tripping……..

    • Hanna

      If you’re going to bash American’s, at least do it with proper grammar…
      P.S. Not all America’s are like this. It makes you look very ignorant with your one-sided comments.

    • Bre

      Shut the fuck up with that “you Americans” bullshit. You fuckin foreigners always have some shit to say like everyone in your piece of shit country is perfect. Where ever the fuck you’re from, doesn’t matter cause its not the USA(notice I didn’t say America because that refers to north and south america, I’m talking about the united states specifically dumbass) there are people who are just as greedy and stupid as this lady. And get a life you fucking lame.

    • Bella

      A little below the belt with “you americans” but damn, soooo very true! It totally sucks – I agree.

  • T

    With the money JB has, his lawyers will get this thrown out quick.

    • John Nicoletti

      Heck, I was going to sue Buddy Hackett, once. He made me laugh so hard, I peed in my pants. Dumb and dumber.

  • Yasia

    Wooow, that is no ones fault but her’s. -____-

  • Mike

    So, if this lady wins, can I sue Nike for a broken ankle? Or perhaps I could sue Nancy Grace for being a loud, annoying b***h. Maybe a lawsuit against a comedy club for a cartilage tear in my ribs from laughing too hard? I’m just trying to figure out how you can blame a singer…who you PAID FOR TICKETS TO GO SEE…for a damn concert being too loud. Concerts are supposed to be loud…young girls are going to scream at the top of their lungs for Bieber. This is one of the dumbest lawsuits EVER. Even dumber than the person who sued McDonald’s over their own stupidity from spilling coffee on themselves.

  • Saik

    To the writer, please think over your article title next time, it really seemed like you were trying to imply that Justin Bieber’s mom was suing him. In the case of referencing a person in the article, you don’t refer to them as “mom” simply because she has children.

  • Bella

    CRAZY – RIGHT. Anyone that attends a concert should have enough common scences to take earplugs along. Especially at Bieber’s…It’s unexusable that people would actually think that they have a leg to stand on sort of speak in this lawsuit.Get a life….move on….learn from your stupidity next time you go to a concert.

  • http://webpronews marcd

    Anything to make a quick buck,I mean come on Justin Bieber too loud?This woman has no idea what loud music is,if the big four (metallica anthrax, slayer, megadeth)tour again she should go check them out then,they’d make Bieber sound like a sunday school choir.

  • Joker

    Sue him with a 45